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  1. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    yes we will let you all know but I have my doubts as far as getting the base off. We have had all manner of pry bars in there and beat on the back side of the cover but no go yet. We have hit the crank I say hit because the normal "tap" just aint doing it for us ...but neither is the hit ha ha. We will tackle her again next Sunday. I think either a different tractor or engine is next. His wife ( my sister) likes this one because for whatever reason she can run it easily. I am suggesting a new Intek engine just because hopefully it would just bolt right back on. But I am guessing that the new engine would be between $500-$700.00 if that is true maybe he can find a used tractor instead.
  2. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    Well we had our first work afternoon . The engine is out on my bench but we cannot get the" base or short block cover" (in his little owners manual it was called one of these names?) off. I have to believe that the cover is designed to come off over the crank shaft. but I swear it acts like the cover and shaft are all one unit. We got the bolts all out and the cover separated about 3/8 or a 1/2 inch but it will not come off the engine. We just wanted to look inside to see what broke. How does this cover come off ? With the cover / base/ short block cover opened up a little,.... the pieces of steel, C-Clip, the spring and the pieces of steel fell out on the white paper towel, the seal we took out.
  3. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    We had a apple cider pressing get together out to cam today and I got to see my bil. For now he wants to get the engine off the tractor and see if we can figure out why the engine will not turn over. He is hoping it is a broken connecting rod , something we can try to get parts and fix. Time will tell probably I will keep you informed as we go. He was asking though , how do you get the crank out if we need to I guess this engine is horizontal - east /west piston travel. I told him I had no idea but if we need to,.. we have a good place to ask about it. Edit, the first thing he wants to do is remove the engine and we would be doing that outside. The weather today is not cooperating so we will wait till another day to get started. I wanted to make this post because I do value all the help I am sure we will get from you all. But if anyone has been following this thread they might have expected a post on todays progress,.. and there will not be any progress today.
  4. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    I agree there are good points to be made in some of these videos. He mentioned fuel pump electric clutch and a few other things in the first few minutes ,oh yea muffler too. After I got to thinking about just those issues I began to see the end before we even got started ha ha. I am glad you are not offended, I am a hard working guy a very no nonsense sort of person I guess. I was in the woods at 6:30am and just came home now 4pm. I just don't like to listen to someone acting so silly I really have no patience for it I guess ha ha. I bet he is clever but I just cant go him ( "go" ) is a phrase a friend of mine and I use to describe spending time listing to or visiting with someone. Thanks for the Predator advice I really figured that would be plan "B." I know bil has almost zero time to work on this unit so I thought I would try to help him. His mom is 95 and is quite ill he goes to see her on Sundays in the mornings for a few hours to give his sister the "caregiver" a break,.. so all he has for time really is the later half of Sunday afternoons.
  5. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    Thanks time will tell I guess. If it were me I think I would just park this beside the road and ask $50.00 for it. I had thought some of suggesting a Predator engine swap but I have never done anything like that before either. I can just imagine all the hassles involved in that type of swap. I really don't know if the tractor is worth putting the money and time into an engine swap? I figure if this were up and running and ready for mowing it might bring $ 400.00 up here. I bet a new engine would be more than that all by itself. He has this plus a couple " newer" models of John Deer tractors. I think each has it's own problems as well. I told them to put them all 3 out next to the road and ask $ 500 for them the lot,... then take the $500 and put a few with it and just buy a different used mower. The issue is I know they just don't have the extra cash to do that. Thanks for the link and trying to help that is why I came here I knew there would be someone that knew a lot more than I ! Edit, please don't take offence to this but I cannot watch this dude ,by fast forwarding ahead several times I made it to the 5 minute mark but I could not stand him any longer. I have see him in the you tube world before and I think he does do some interesting stuff,.. but he is just too silly for me.
  6. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    If I can remember how I will post a few photos of the tractor I took today. The pics just show the tractor, the flywheel cover text, a under hood label, a speed? gauge thing... and the trans shift pattern . There was a question as to weather it was a hydro or not and I hoped this info would help. Sister says yes it is a hydro. I don't really have anything to add as stated before I do not even have the tractor here yet. This may sound stupid but I came back to this thread trying to plan a way to copy and paste this into the "correct forum"( " Other brands") but it looks to me like some very good soul has already moved it here for me? if so thanks,.. if not I will try to figure out how to get it moved but looks to me like it is now in the right place. Jeff
  7. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    Ok so I went over after work and looked it over. It is a Craftsman DYT 4000. It is Hydro my sister thinks. I still have not talked to my brother in law. It has an18.5 hp Intek Plus engine. Model 917.273640. According to my sister it had been burning oil a long time and smoked a little (rings maybe?) she has MS and it is very hard for her to get around and he works all night delivering freight between ME and NH . So they had the grand daughter mowing for them. The girl said she was mowing and it just quit,.. the starter when engaged will not turn the engine over. I am guessing that maybe the ring or rings broke and is binding up the works. I guess that is what I can think of. Like I said the tractor is not here and may not be till Sunday but this is what I know for now. The engine is filthy it had the crank case breather hose come off at one point and covered the motor in a fine mist of oil then you mow with it and viola you have a very nasty mess under the hood.
  8. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    Ok guys I will remember that. I am assuming he will want to bring it to me this weekend but I am not sure. So of it is a hydro and has this tow valve and I am able to find it....will it harm it to tow it 3-4mph for about 500 yards?
  9. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    I will have to ask about the hydro part. Yes I assume it has oil but of course I will check. My bil is a very long term truck driver many years on the road I am pretty sure it has oil ..but I will check.
  10. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    Well I may be a lost cause already ha ha..... I did not know we had a " other brands" forum I will go look for it now. But I know what you mean about being ready with pictures and model numbers. Thanks a bunch I will go look for it now, But I will wait till I have more information before I make any posts. Thanks again Jeff
  11. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    My sister and her husband have 2 old John Deer riding mowers I guess both have their issues so they only use them as a last resort. The other mower ( the go to mower) yep they have 3 is a newer? Red Craftsman I don't yet know the model or the year but I will soon I think. This past spring for some reason the engine " seized / will not turn over all of a sudden". At least I think that is what she had told me. I know they don't have much money to take it to a shop so I offered to try to help? God only knows what I think I can do,.. but she is my sister and has been good to me over the years now she has MS and they really need some good fortune. I guess they will tow the mower over to my home (1/4 mile away) maybe this weekend then we will try to figure out what to do to get it going again if we can. Here is where the advice portion of my post comes in. Do any of you know of a good forum where I can ask advice as I delve into this engine. I really like Red Square but I think the management really wants only wheel horse talk here so that is why I am asking for advice. I think this is a Craftsman engine but I guess it might be a Kohler, but I really doubt it is but who knows. Thanks for any input I really appreciate it, Jeff
  12. 3-14-8 shift slot wire

    yes this is supposedly a 03 model I will have to take the shift plate off some day and look under to see what's what.
  13. 3-14-8 shift slot wire

    I will but I think I want a new belt in hand before I tear into it that way when I am done it will also have a new belt. Thanks for the advice.
  14. 3-14-8 shift slot wire

    Well I wanted to say brain fart but didn't want to offend any purists ha ha. I know on my 3-12 the movement between Lo and Hi is about 6 inches but on the 3-14 the movement is about 1 inch. Also on another note does anyone know why my tractor drive belt is so grabby? The other day I was mowing and really trying to be careful but 2 times when I let out the clutch she leaped into the air and took off. I can tell you that on the 3-12 if you do that too often it will throw the drive belt. My 3-14 did throw the belt about 2 weeks ago while I just mowing along. It had not jerked or leaped at all,.... just straight ahead level mowing and it came off. I happened to be about 300 yards from my shop mowing the road edge between my son and I. It is such a PIA to put it back on ya know. When I got so I could see it, it ( the drive belt) appeared to be torn up something awful like it had jumped off 20 times . I really need a new belt and I will try to find one on the web but first I would like to know why it is so damn grabby. Maybe it is that way because it is in such rough condition?
  15. On my tractor there are some heavy gauge wire / spring ? things in the gear shift slots ( the "H" pattern). They interfere with the shifter lever staying in the appropriate or /chosen gear. What are they ? and what pray tell is their purpose? they look to me like some engineers nightmare. Several times I move from reverse to 2nd and let out the clutch and no movement.... I look down and these " wire things?" have pushed the shifter rod back out of the 2nd gear position back in to the neutral position.