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  1. Modified Snow Plow Lift Link

    very good idea !, I really like to improve the tools I have, as well gives a feeling of accomplishment
  2. Snow-thrower wont stay up

    I always learn something when I read the forum. Mine is a 95 and I have never thought to lube the lift shaft spring mentioned by Jerry in post #4. Thanks
  3. Winter Storm Hunter

    I saw this thread and I do it myself without a tool .Total is (maybe .50 cents ) for a small hose clamp which you probably already have. 1) Disconnect the cable from the Carburetor end so the cable is free from all connections on this end. 2) First I take a piece of some scrap gas line that is large enough to go on over the cable. 3) Then I and Cut off about 6" of this gas line preferably see through. 4) Slide about 1" of this line on over the cable, and Use a small hose clamp to clamp the line tight around the cable. 5) Fill the remaining empty portion of the gas line with Marvel Mystery oil . 6) Now get your compressor air gun and wedge the end of your gun nozzle into the line so it fits tightly, and hit it with compressed air. 7) This will force the oil into the cable, I do this a couple times till oil comes out the other end. This whole procedure takes about 10 min including removal and reinstallation of the affected cable. And It works wonders good luck with whatever you choose to do but this is easy and free.
  4. Winter traction

    I was in the shop today I decided to give the roller chain another go. This time I started by removing 1 link then I put the chain back together. I took the valve core right out of the tire this time and got all the air out I could. Then centered the chain on the tire and re-inflated it. It is much tighter now, maybe it will stay this time.
  5. Winter traction

    I miss spoke about ' cutting the chain" I have replaced many motorcycle chains in the past .I don't use any special tools just a grinder and a punch and of course repair links. I guess the length I had to work with was just a fraction too long. I had no repair links for this chain so I put it back together with a small bolt. I will stop by tractor supply and see what they have sometime. Thank you for the replies I mainly believed mine was too long so I wanted to know how long some of you made yours. As for the guys that bought the different style tires you have what I would need to try my next much easier idea I think. I would take your tires and have them studded. It will last a life time and bite ice like the dickens. My turf tires don't look like the tread is deep enough to stud. But maybe the ones you have cannot be studded.
  6. Winter traction

    I came here today with the same question really. I have turf tires on my WH and last weekend I tried the roller chain around the front tire trick. I used a worn out chain from the snow blower drive on the tractor. Last year I replaced the sprockets and the chain and I saved the chain for this purpose. The chain had broken so about 5 inches of it had been removed from it's normal length. I took off a front wheel and put it on my bench and let the air out. I took the longest portion of the chain and connected it back to itself to form a loop. Then I put the chain on the tire ( I thought it was a snug fit) and re-inflated it back up to 14# of pressure. I tried it out and within 30' the chain fell off so that didn't work. I am guessing that even though the chain was a snug fit on a slack tire it still was not on tight enough? Maybe I did not - over inflate- the tire enough by just adding back the normal 14# Next I closed up / narrowed up an old worn out rear tire chain, I had and made it a custom fit for the same front tire. The fit was super but when I tried it out on the inside portion of the tire the chain rubbed very hard on the tie rod. It rubbed hard enough that it made the steering wheel shake badly as the wheel went around thumping on the tie rod. I took the chain back off immediately. So my questions are; What am I doing wrong on the roller chain plan? I can go buy some no.40 chain but what length do I need? The tractor is a 1995 3-12-8. I can cut it myself or I can have it cut probably at the store but I don't want to cut it too short and ruin it. Do any of you have this down well enough that you can tell me how long to buy it? Or should I measure around the tire then buy a chain a little shorter than that? If this idea is on the right path,... how much shorter? Like if the tire circumference is 28" do I make the chain 27" what are your opinions. Thanks. Jeff
  7. ok thanks all interesting ideas
  8. Thanks, I thought about antifreeze today. I like the heat shrink idea I bet that would work well. I have the rubber cap on one and a homemade cap on the other. But neither one stays In place like it is supposed to ha ha. Its def not rust it is ice I have an experimental cover taped in place from 4" above the cables and it hangs to about 6" below the linkage connection. I am hoping the marvel mystery oil fix will keep me" tinkering free" for the remainder of the winter. My tractors are in a garage but it is not heated. Used the ole Harbor Freight heat gun to thaw them out today so I could do the oil treatment.
  9. Has anyone else ever dealt with moisture getting into then freezing inside the choke and throttle cables? I have and for many years too, usually in the fall I disconnect the carb end of both cables and force with air pressure some marvel mystery oil into the cable housing ,this fall I forgot. Well I did it a couple hours ago but the reason I do it is because moisture gets inside the cable housing then freezes the wire to the housing...what a pain. I figure with all the tractors out there in the winter I must not be the only one. What do you do to keep the moisture out?
  10. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    I just got home I went and bought an Everstart it is on the tender right now $32.00 all in
  11. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    I know what you mean about getting a good one. I have a 95 Kubota that I bought in 2007 the battery in it was old ,..looking when I bought the tractor. I would say it was 2 years old or more in 2007. I cannot remember the make but it will start that tractor in minus 20* weather or plus 90*. Every Fall I say " boy I ought to change that battery" but so far it works flawlessly. As for the WH goes I am leaning toward a Walmart battery just because I do believe I can get at least 5 years using my maintainer. The ones on their web site says $29.00 for the expensive one ha ha.
  12. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    I will go look soon, thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    yes we have a tsc nearby, After a quick google search it seems the Walmart Ever Start or Maxx battery is made either by East Penn / Deka or Johnson Controls made in Saudi Arabia. Looks like the batteries are sourced from a quality manufacturer .
  14. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    Just what I figured lots of choices ha ha . I am not sure what I will do I don't mind the cost I guess but he did tell me that it had a 2 year free replacement. I thought 2 years? I bet Walmart has a 2 year plan for god sakes. I do like the idea of a brand name battery as I am a " do it once do it right" kind of guy. To be honest though $129. for 2 years does not seem all that spectacular to me.
  15. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    He had a few larger cca but they were 8x8x6 I think,.. my battery box is 6 1/2 tall x 7 3/4 long and 5 1/8 wide. Oh and they were top "post" style mine is a "bolt through style"