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  1. FEL Build for 520

    Boy what a great job ! Better than any factory build would have been.
  2. Black Hood/back-up camera

    this looks like my Chevy Colorado camera.
  3. Hub Puller?

    Love the homemade gear pullers both look great and very good information to have.
  4. Underside mower deck protection

    could be anything I suppose
  5. Underside mower deck protection

    I had been thinking the same thing. Now it's mowing season so I will not be using low range till at least next spring. I been wondering if where the shifter connects to the transmission if maybe it is splined? If so maybe I could remove it and reposition it one tooth to the right.
  6. Underside mower deck protection

    yea I agree I don't understand either these things work well and cost a lot of money to buy,.. in my book that means take care of them. I saw your response and was hoping you may have an answer concerning the Hi / Low transmission issue.
  7. Underside mower deck protection

    Well I finished up the deck this morning sharpened the blades primed and painted the welds and the rest of the deck. I coated the underside in Fluid Film then under coated the small area that in the photo still appears to be dirty ( after I took the photo). I took one picture of a blade while it is in good shape I recorded it's measurements for future reference. This deck does not have a Model or Serial decal on it so I figured knowing what the almost new blade looks like and measurements will be a help someday when I need new. After I finished that I went to the garden and pulled last years cornstalks and tomato vines. Then I came home and hooked up the tiller to the 3-14-8 while I had the deck off. I went back to the garden and gave it a tilling. I do however have a question on the low range selector. This tractor is new to me as of last summer and I have not used Low range before today. The tiller works best I think in low range 1st or 2nd gear. The issue is the low range lever keeps popping out into the neutral position between hi and low. The lever is at the absolute far left in the deck shift pattern cut out and cannot move further to the left like I think it should / needs to. What causes this? I generally never use low but tilling it's a must. I will till the garden maybe once or twice more then I will put the mower deck back on for the rest of the summer..I have a Cub Cadet rear tine tiller for the rest of the tilling as it is needed I am just wondering why it wants to pop out of low , not constantly but every pass in the first few feet it pops out then I put it back and most of the time it stays in till the next pass. The garden is maybe 100' long 40' wide.
  8. Underside mower deck protection

    I use it in the winter inside the blower to keep the snow from sticking. Works very well.
  9. Underside mower deck protection

    I agree, clean often and welI, I was really surprised how much heavier it is compared to my 37" deck on the 3/12/8. I had my son help me get it up onto a big rolling table I have. That way it was at least waist height to work on. Now I have to sharpen the blades and fluid film it up. I am thinking of hooking up the tiller and running it through the garden some before I put the deck on anyway. First I have to see if the boys mower is up to snuff to mow lawns while I have the tiller on. He bought an old yard man I think it is last summer. I rigged the 3/12/8 to keep the tiller on and the mower deck at the same time so maybe I will do the same with this 3/14/8. My original 3/12/8 is rigged for snow blowing with a cab so that one will stay that way.
  10. Underside mower deck protection

    Back after a hard day's work ha ha, I will go with the fluid film I guess.
  11. Underside mower deck protection

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will at least do the Fluid Film if I cannot think of something better.
  12. Just wondering,.. is there a consensus of what to use to protect the underside of your mower deck ? I have a 3-14-8 tractor (new to me last summer) and today just took the deck off today flipped it cleaned it and welded a few cracks up. I cleaned it very well putty knife , wire cup and wheel. Then I painted it with 3 coats of CRC Rust Converter. I have Fluid Film on hand that I can use,.. on my 3-12-8 deck I have used a 3-M Under Coating before that seems to work ok. Is there a better best product out there to try? Thanks for you opinion's,.. Jeff
  13. Modified Snow Plow Lift Link

    very good idea !, I really like to improve the tools I have, as well gives a feeling of accomplishment
  14. Snow-thrower wont stay up

    I always learn something when I read the forum. Mine is a 95 and I have never thought to lube the lift shaft spring mentioned by Jerry in post #4. Thanks
  15. Winter Storm Hunter

    I saw this thread and I do it myself without a tool .Total is (maybe .50 cents ) for a small hose clamp which you probably already have. 1) Disconnect the cable from the Carburetor end so the cable is free from all connections on this end. 2) First I take a piece of some scrap gas line that is large enough to go on over the cable. 3) Then I and Cut off about 6" of this gas line preferably see through. 4) Slide about 1" of this line on over the cable, and Use a small hose clamp to clamp the line tight around the cable. 5) Fill the remaining empty portion of the gas line with Marvel Mystery oil . 6) Now get your compressor air gun and wedge the end of your gun nozzle into the line so it fits tightly, and hit it with compressed air. 7) This will force the oil into the cable, I do this a couple times till oil comes out the other end. This whole procedure takes about 10 min including removal and reinstallation of the affected cable. And It works wonders good luck with whatever you choose to do but this is easy and free.