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  1. My C-120

    My 1974 Wheel Horse.
  2. Saw this tread now, but I went to Pacamor-Kubar-Bearings (PKB) on facebook.com, and mentioned our need of the #1533 bearing. We can't give up
  3. Wheel Horse Font

    Sweden and Norway have a relationship like siblings. We love eatch other, but make fun of each other too. Like US vs Canadians.
  4. Wheel Horse Font

    Thank you Terry. I'm not sure when I do it, but will post some images of it when it's done. Thank you very much for the EPS-file. Helps me a lot. By that, the water jet get the path for the cuts.
  5. Wheel Horse Font

    Done. Thanks Martin
  6. Wheel Horse Font

    LOL. Do you think I didn’t tried that out? I’m not Swedish, I’m Norwegian
  7. Is there anybody knowing the name of the font type used on the hood-decals of C-120, 1974? I wonder about getting the letter and frame of the decal cut out in 2 mm steal with a water jet (water cutter), and powder coat them myself after in white, and use the hood-paint as background. SWRomnt is one that has the style, but is far to thin compare to the one used in the logo. Jim
  8. The front-bearing on my el-starter to my C-120 1974, is somehow gone. Else the starter is fine. Is there possible to get a replacement bearing?
  9. Thank you Denny. I'm not so familiar with the imperial system in threads since we use metric in Norway you know
  10. Anybody know the thread-size and/or the size of the two stop screw on the Wheel Horse C-120 Kohler K301S Engine Pulley? Both mine are gone.
  11. My first Wheel Horse 5091 Gearbox renovation

    My 5091 Gearbox painted with 2 layers of Jotun Bengalack Metal Primer (Arcanol) and 2 layers of Jotun Bengalack Ruby-red (RAL-3003) A little bit darker (more blue in the paint) than the signal red paint, Wheel Horse used in Belgium in 1974. But I’m quite satisfied with it, since this is my first Wheel Horse renovation, and I don’t use paint-gun. Too little experience with paint guns so I go safe. My WH is not meant to be a showcase but used as I have done for 5 years: Transportation for us to and from our cabin dragging my trailer. Every bearings are changed, and ready to put together again. Thanks to Michael Biser for helping me with the famous 1533 bearings.
  12. Do you maybe know the RAL-code for IH white for the rims?
  13. I am trying to find the color-code in RAL or NCS (Natural Colour System for Case / International Harvester - MS 3 Gloss Red High Performance Enamel Paint or Regal Red. I need that code to buy the right color in alkyd based paint in Norway. Anyone knows those codes?