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  1. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    I didn't need the spring, so I left it off. Works just fine
  2. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    I'll check that out! Thanks!
  3. 520xi with blower

    Looking good there Cory!
  4. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    So right you are Jim. I use my 522xi for mowing and my 520H for snow blowing. Leave then set up that way all year. The other problem I have is that you cannot buy 30 wt synthetic oil. At least I can't find it. And I like to use synthetic oil for the hot summer mowing.
  5. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    Engine is about 1.7 quarts with a filter change, The hydro usually takes about 3.5-5 quarts. You can't drain all the oil, so its hard to say exactly.
  6. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    Do your hydro a favor and use synthetic, For the engine, it calls for 30 wt., but I run 10W-30 synthetic in mine.
  7. 520xi with blower

    Not a bad price for the package. Especially on a low hour tractor
  8. 520xi with blower

    Nice Tractor, You are going to like it. I agree with Garry 2002 tractor and 1998 blower. Nice 52 inch deck too. A single stage blower is a nice match for our NEPA winters.
  9. 520H Where is the tow release valve

    I'm with lynmor, my 520H's don't like to be towed. You can move them a bit, but they complain. No release for towing.
  10. Well you did say 520’s had electrical issues...

    You could try one of these http://store.wheelhorsestables.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=94
  11. Govener problem with Onan p220g

    This any help?
  12. Govener problem with Onan p220g

    Any chance you could post a picture of what you have?
  13. Govener problem with Onan p220g

    Have you hooked up all the springs? The governor adjusts the carb throttle by balancing the engine speed against spring pressure. Looking at the video, it seems normal to me. BTW, the manual has the procedure to set the starting point for spring positions. Check the manual section.
  14. What Size Lathe to Buy? What do You have?

    A South Bend Heavy 10 is a really nice old school lathe. Well sought after by SBL fans. I wouldn't hesitate to get one. I have a South Bend 9" Model A. Its a bench top lathe and is very similar to 10K lathe. It works very well for home shop use. Either way, I would consider them.
  15. What Size Lathe to Buy? What do You have?

    Or if its three phase, you can run it off a VFD. That is what I am doing on my Clausing. Adds variable speed too. Works well, but you can only run on one machine. I have one on my Powermatic Drill Press.