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  1. 522xi Hydro Problems

    Update: I've spent the last several weeks studying all the great manuals and drawings that were shared. I'm starting to understand how this thing works. Before I when the hydro route I decided to check everything out. New oil, filter, and serviced the PS filter, and then I adjusted the linkage according to the manual. No help. It would still move at half speed max and slow on hills. Getting desperate, I removed the "Smart Steering" linkage and got the full speed back - SUCCESS!!!! I think something is off on my linkage in the back. It was binding up the "Smart Steering" and slowing the tractor. I still have work to do, but I have full speed and a working tractor again. Thanks for all the help. Kurt
  2. 522xi Hydro Problems

    Nice find Sailor. That manual lays out the disassembly/assembly really nice. Make it look do-able. Thanks much. Now I have some studying to do.
  3. 522xi Hydro Problems

    Fantastic Denny - PM Sending
  4. 522xi Hydro Problems

    My biggest concern is the output side of Eaton 1100 transmission (pump). I wish I could find some pictures of the 5xi units. If I remember correctly, the 520H transmission has a splined shaft where it connects into the gear box. I think I could adapt the input side if need be. I just changed the oil and put 15W-40 in it. Cold it seems to work just fine. I just pulled up a steep hill without issue. I need to mow for an hour or two and see what happens.
  5. 522xi Hydro Problems

    Thanks bmsgaffer. I suspect you are right about the input and out put shafts. I'm thinking that the internals may swap with a 520H unit. Might just try that this winter. I suspect this thing is running really hot. Especially since it gets worse with heat. I like that oil cooler idea. Kohler make one for their V-twins that might adapt nicely. I just cleaned the power steering filter, just in case that was the issue. But it was nice and clean. The only short term thing left to do is to try a heaver oil. The manual says I can use 10W-40, but I'm thinking of some 15W-40 Shell Rotella. I have a gallon or two of it.
  6. 522xi Hydro Problems

    Thanks for the comment Sailor. I think you right about the Eaton 1100 being different. Everything points to a badly worn unit. I would try a rebuild if I can locate parts. Anyone know what other tractors used this transmission. That would really help in finding a used transmission.
  7. 1995 520H Loses Power Uphill

    I was thinking the same as Skipper. The tree test will tell a lot. The tires should spin.
  8. The hydro on my 522xi appears to be badly worn. When cold it seems to run fine, but slower than it should. When it warms up, it slows down. Especially when going up hill. On a hot summer day its at a crawl. Its getting progressively worse. My guess is that the Eaton 1100 is shot. What I've done so far. 1. I changed the oil and filter. WH filter and Mobil One 10W30 2. Adjusted the linkage in an attempt to speed things up. No luck. 3. I parked with a front tire against a tree and pushed the motion control pedal forward. The hdyro just slipped. I should spin the tires, but did not. 4. Checked what I could see. No leaks and the hydro is clean. So where do I go from here? Anyone have any experience? My options seem to be. 1. Find a used Eaton 1100, but they are scarce for the 5xi's. I looks just like the 520H hydro, I wonder if they interchange. Lots of 520H hydros out there. Maybe the guts will interchange. So far I can't find parts for it. 2. Find someone to rebuild this one, or if I can get parts, try to do it my self. 3. Swap the one from my 520xi and retire that tractor. 4. Purchase a new Eaton 1100, but at over $2000 that makes little sense. 5. Find a 5xi with a blown engine, purchase it and swap the hydros. 6. Try some heavier oil. I have some 15W40. I'm not sure what to do. I might just swap the 520xi hydro into it. It has a new engine in it and I would probably swap that too. That way I make two tractors into one. BTW, I love this 522xi. The power steering is fantastic on these old arms. Any thoughts anyone?
  9. Happy Birthday Terry!

    Happy Birthday Terry - Enjoy!
  10. HF paint guns

    I've been using this HF HVLP spray gun. 20 oz. HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun with Regulator Central Pneumatic® - item#62381 I got it 6 years ago. It has been flawless for me, but I only paint about twice a year. I bought a second one about 4 years ago when it was on sale and I had a coupon. Its still in the box.
  11. Happy Birthday Kurt!

    Thanks - Another year down.
  12. Happy Birthday WVHillbilly520H

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Enjoy!
  13. Happy Birthday Glenn

    Happy Birthday Glenn. Wishing you a fantastic celebration.
  14. 312-8 fuel pump

    I used an Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump (a low pressure pump). Best price I found was on Amazon. Also, I wired it using a relay. Try to place the pump as low on the tractor as you can, that way it primes easily. The hard part is always finding a place to put the pump. They are bigger than you think and space is limited.
  15. 312-8 fuel pump

    +1 for an Electric Fuel pump. I've switched my 3 over to electric. My 520xi would take forever to start with the stock fp. Now it starts on the first revolution. The improvement is really significant on a cold winter morning with 20 inches of snow in the driveway.