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  1. The gloves are off, fighting Toby

    Wow Glenn!. Looks like you got about 20 inches. Not bad for a spring storm. I'm less than a 100 miles WNW of you and we got nothing. Strange. Good to see that old horse getting the job done.
  2. 44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    Wow!, better get busy, You'll need it tomorrow.
  3. 44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    My idler sprocket if you decide to got that way. You need that aluminum colored extension to clear the frame. You will need a slightly longer chain. Also, a new chain is cheap. TSC had #40 chain for about $20. Enough for two chains. Good Luck with the Nor'easter. We are only expected to get an inch or two. No fun in that.
  4. 44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    I'm thinking the chain is loose too. Possibly a badly worn tensioner block. Its really hard to see the block. If the chain is really that loose, I would replace the tension block. I had trouble with mine and replaced the block with a an idler sprocket.
  5. 520 xi

    Sounds like a nice low hour 520xi you've found. They are really nice tractors. Really hard to compare with a 314. You will find it to be a much larger and heavier tractor. It can handle a 48" deck with ease. You will also find it more complicated with the cruise control, smart steer (slows the tractor in a turn) and the two speed rear that Jeff mentioned. I moved from a 520H to 520xi. As much as I liked my 520H, I loved the 520xi. So much so, that I got a 522xi. I feel that the 5xi series are the best tractors Toro/Wheel Horse built, but I guess I'm biased. You will love the tight turning radius and the foot pedal control. For me, I don't like the smart steer feature, so I disconnected it. And the cruise control is a bit of a gimmick. As far as performance, mine are flawless. They are as easy to work on as the 3-4-500 series classics. However, the wiring is as complicated as a 520H or maybe a bit worse. One downside is that used parts and attachments are hard to find and expensive when you do find them. However, the V-twin Kohler is very common, parts are plentiful. If you are looking for a tractor for everyday use, its hard to beat a 520xi.
  6. 44in 2 Stage Blower parts questions

    What parts do you need? The bearings, sprockets, and chain are generic. Look into McMaster-Carr. The tensioner is a little different, it can be replaced with an idler sprocket with a little improvisation.
  7. 2 stage snow blower question

    I have my two stage mounted on a 95 520H. It has a Pix (TSC) 5/8" X 65" belt on it that fits well. Not sure about your 417A, but its worth checking the belt length. The tensioner on this beast has a lot of travel, so I would take all the tension off it first. I know mine is a tight fit. I'm a fan of ballast weights too. When I first set mine up, I used 70 lbs wheel weights in addition to chains and my 265 lbs. It was not enough if I had to back up hill with the blower raised. I would just spin. I added about 150 lbs of ballast weights and does just fine now. I've even been able to use rubber chains. My ballast weight.
  8. 522xi with 60” deck

    Brian, I tried the broke ankle routine about 20 years ago. Not fun. Slow to get things working again. Wishing you the best. Don't push it too much.
  9. 522xi with 60” deck

    Brian, its good to hear you are on the mend.
  10. 522xi with 60” deck

    A new 522xi at $7619 - if it comes with a deck, I'm in. The 522xi's have power steering, the 520xi does not. Also the 522xi is 22 hp and the 520xi is 20 hp.
  11. 522xi with 60” deck

  12. 522xi with 60” deck

    I used my three 520H for mowing and snow blowing duties for the last 8 years. I loved them all. Then I got a 520xi and fell in love with it. So much so that I picked up a 522xi. That 522xi is the finest tractor I've ever used. Don't get me wrong, I love the 520H, but the 5xi's are one step above. Power steering is to die for, but I hate the smart steering. All that said, I worry about the Kohler V-Twins. I had to replace one because of oil burning at 800 hrs. But my other V-Twin has 900 hrs on it and is running just fine. I would go for another 5xi in a heart beat.
  13. 2 stage blower knocking

    From my notes. Auger Shaft is 1" For my bearing modification I used Cam Lock Bearings no. SA205-16. 1" ID. Spherical OD from US Bearing and Belt - TSC has them as 1195167 Flanges are T52MSTRZP-1 TSC has them as 1198717. I got them from Ebay as 52MSTR. They are 52 mm ID flanges for 7/8 and 1" bearings. The ones I ordered were Fafnir 52MSTR ZR I had to fabricate a 1/4" spacer to move the auger shaft bearing inboard. Without the spacer, the bearing came out past the end of the shaft. Hope that helps. I think Jeff used the same bearings, but with a round flange Maybe this helps too, This is the drawing for 1/4" spacer. I think the round flange used the same bolt pattern.
  14. 2 stage blower knocking

    Or my version. There are round and triangular versions.
  15. 2 stage blower knocking

    Those outboard bushings on the auger shaft are prone to wear. As wallfish said, just pull up on the auger shaft and see how much play is there. I would replace them with cam lock bearings. Requires a 1/4" spacer. Several posts on here about that.