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  1. Hydraulic lift issues

    My 522xi easily lifts my 2 stage blower, cold or hot. Its a bit sluggish If I have the rpm's too low. This Eaton 1100 seems to like higher rpm's for some reason. My 520xi is more tolerant to rpm's for some reason. I'm wondering if you hydro is running too hot and thinning the oil. Three things I would do. 1) Make sure the fan is intact. 2) Clean the fins on hydro and 3) Try synthetic 10W-30 in the hydro. Synthetic does not thin out as much as dino oil. Good luck!
  2. What have you done on your WH today?

    My impeller was a wreck. I straightened, welded and balanced as best I could. But the auger was bouncing around more than I liked. I added that center brace and it settled it down nicely. Next summer my 5xi two stage will get this center brace and auger shaft bearings.
  3. I like that approach. I'll get some
  4. I think I got it from the Peerless web site several years ago. Anyway, PM me your email addy and I'll send it to you. Kurt
  5. From the Peerless manual.
  6. I have a 250 ft double wide drive with a turn around. My 520H with a two stage and cab makes quick work of it here in NE Pennsylvania. I also have a backup 520H with a single stage and a 522xi with a double stage. Can't have enough backup. I hate working on tractor during a snow storm. Nice place you have to play in. Sounds like you are close to me.
  7. Noisy 5xi Two Stage Blower

    You will miss it Glenn. That was one gorgeous tractor. Hi Brian, I have checked them. They seem nice and tight and quiet. I plan on replacing them with bearings, but that will wait until warmer weather. I think I feel a full rebuild coming on this blower. At least the paint is good, I won't need to do that. Thanks
  8. Noisy 5xi Two Stage Blower

    Yep the chain is lubed, I even cleaned it in brake cleaner and applied new chain lube. Didn't help. The jack shaft bearing are sealed, but the flanges are greaseable. When I put the new bearings on I lubed up the flanges. But that gives me an idea to try. I'm going to loosen up the flanges just a bit an see if that makes any difference. Thanks Hi Glenn, Yep, I joined the xi club last spring. My 88 520H started having governor problems. I picked up a 1998 520xi for mower service. Turned out it had a bad engine, so I put a new one in it. I fell in love with that thing. A couple of months ago I found a really nice 2000 522xi, wow is that power steering nice. I might swap engines and sell the 520xi. BTW, I did fix the 88 520H. I know you've had a lot going on with the new house. Did you sell that beautiful xi you had. Kurt
  9. Noisy 5xi Two Stage Blower

    I topped it off, Just took about an ounce. So its full. Is it the right lube,? I'm not sure of anything at this point.
  10. Anybody have some experience with a 5xi two stage snow blower? I picked one up this summer for my 522xi. It is in really nice condition. A couple of weeks ago I mounted it for the winter and when I fired it up the chain drive was making a horrible noise, almost screaming, but not like a bearing noise. When I turn it over by hand I can hear a clicking as the chain moves over the sprockets. Using a stethoscope, I isolated it to both idler pulleys. What I've done so far. I checked everything out, no obvious problems. All bearings and sprockets look and feel good. With chain off, this thing is quiet. I replaced the chain, no change. I aligned the spockets, no change. I replaced the two idler sprokets, no change. I replaced the two jack shaft bearings, no change. I replace the drive sprocket, no change. The auger shaft sprocket, bearing, auger gear box, and auger shaft bearing seem to be good. At this point I don't know where to go next. Are these things just normally noisy? My 520H two stage is as quiet as can be compared to this one. Any thought anyone?
  11. Blower Attachment

    The blower in the ad fits the 5xi tractors (520xi, 522xi, 522Lxi, 522Dxi), So no it will not fit a 312-8. BTW I have one mounted on my 522xi ready for winter. Its a beast.
  12. Well mine is pretty obvious too. My name is Kurt and I live in NEPA (northeast Pennsylvania). Some think I live in California and misspelled NAPA.
  13. My absence from here, my new home.

    Looking good Glenn, great to hear from you.
  14. 522xi Hydro Problems

    I thought that is what you were planning. That Honda would be a beast in there, but will be harder to fit up. Especially the muffler. Best of luck!
  15. 522xi Hydro Problems

    Wow Terry. I remember seeing the hub that went with that axle. It was just a bad. All of that from a leaking seal. How could somebody abuse a nice tractor like that? What are you going to do with it? If the axles are the same, they might swap out with those from a 520H. They sure do look the same. If you decide to scrap it, I might want the hydro.