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  1. Weird surging problems with 520H

    Yes, be careful. You don't need much, starting fluid can flash easily.
  2. Weird surging problems with 520H

    A quick check to see if you have an intake leak. Start Engine. Take a propane torch and open the propane but do not light it. Move the torch around the intake and carb. If the engine changes (speeds up or slows down) you have an intake leak. You can try the same thing with a can of carb cleaner, but its not quite as good.
  3. Weird surging problems with 520H

    Another thought, When you cleaned the carb did you remove the main jet? I had one that I cleaned without taking that out. I sprayed carb cleaner though all the passages, ran a copper wire through the passages and used carb cleaner again, then blew all the passages clear with compressed air. Put the carb back on and it still didn't run right. So I took it off again, this time I removed the jet and found a small piece of black rubber under it that was blocking the passage. I got it out and cleaned everything up. Put the carb back on and it ran perfectly. That little black particle was really hard to see, I assume it was a piece of the fuel line. Hope that helps, Kurt
  4. Weird surging problems with 520H

    I've been thinking about this since you posted yesterday. Its been nagging at me. You've done a lot of good work and have nothing to show for it, in fact you made things worse. Time to step back and re-think this. Now you seem to have three problems 1. Surging 2. Hard Starting 3. Lean running. When you pull out the choke and its runs better, the engine is running lean. These three can come from the same source. It could be a dirty carb or poor fuel delivery. Another way to think of this is that gas is not getting into the engine properly. I think I would pull off both filters (at the engine and at the bottom of tank - screen on top of the shut off valve) and replace them. Then replace the fuel line. This modern ethanol gas is really hard on old rubber fuel lines. They deteriorate and small particles break loose and lodge in the carb. See if that helps. Nothing wrong with trying a new electric fuel pump. Small money and it might help. It sure will help the engine start faster. Well worth the investment of about $25 Beyond that, I'm thinking valve clearance (but you checked that) and maybe checking the governor. Best of Luck Kurt
  5. 1946 Ford N2

    Check out the N Tractor Club for a wealth of information. http://www.ntractorclub.com/forums/nboard/index.html
  6. 1946 Ford N2

    I love the old Ford's. The 9N and 2N are real performers even by today standards. I'm running an 8N and 660, fun to work 60 plus year old tractors.
  7. New 520xi

    Welcome to Red Square, I love my two 5xi's. I think you will really like this tractor. The 52 inch deck is really nice. I wish mine had 198.9 hours.
  8. 97 520H starter issue

    Welcome to Red Square! If I'm reading this right, It sounds like the starter drive moves out and engages the gear on the flywheel, but the flywheel doesn't move. Is the starter drive (Bendix) spinning on the starter shaft. Most have a pin in there to stop that, maybe its missing.
  9. Paint Guns on a Budget - Who has what?

    I have had a similar experience with that HF HVLP spray gun. I have the one with the regulator on it, but the same gun. I've used it for 5 years now and its been flawless. Agreed keep it clean. The only issue I have had with it is the screen a the bottom of the cup. It kept getting clogged up, so I took it out.

    Nice dolly. And an ingenious rack for maintenance and storage. I may steal that idea. Thanks

    I hear you on the PO didn't believe in any TLC. My 5xi 52in deck looked that bad too. I took a 5 in one tool to it and followed that with a needle scaler. This is the result. Not the perforation. I welded that up and two others too. Pitting is quite bad. About a half of dozen cracks as well, most from a previous attempt at welding. This deck is a young puppy but suffered from a lot of abuse. I wired brushed it and added a couple of coats of POR-15. I should get a few more years out of it.
  12. Weird surging problems with 520H

    I got the governor apart and everything looked good. The plastic governor ball spacer looked like new. I put it back together and changed nothing.
  13. Weird surging problems with 520H

    That was my post. My 89 520H did some really strange surging. I did the quick carb clean and then removed the carb and soaked in a can of carb cleaner for two days. No help. I removed the governor and inspected it. Everything was fine. So I tried different positions on the governor linkage and that really helped. Never did understand what happened or why. Strange thing is that about a year later, I put the governor linkage back where the manual says it should be and that big Onan ran just fine. Good luck with yours. If it were mine, I would try a really good carb cleaning next.

    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery Glen.
  15. 520H fuel pump

    I tried every place I could find. There aren't many options.
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