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  1. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    once i find the correct valve so i can free wheel it ; the next thing is to figure why the shifter will not go all the way in to reverse ;forward works great and after using the pedal it come back to the neutral 'so the question is there a adjustment on the forward and reverse 'this tractor has been posted for a very long time for the 100 bucks and odd at that price no one bought it so i took the change and the good thing is the seller traveled close to 3 hours from the st louis are to here in springfield ;again time and now being retired i have the time to tinker with it ;i wish many times i had kept the other ones i had years back but after time we move on and being a long haul trucker i didn't have the time anymore 'out of the 4 i have now my favorite is the 69 charger 10 automatic'
  2. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    thanks so much for the picture and yes my other automatic does have the type on the top with the small t-handle but this one is so different ;i will check it out and let you know ;all i know is that there is a decal stating where the valve is and to use a screwdriver to turn it even the arrow points to it but odd i can not see any valve 'again i will check the one in the picture 'i will really never understand why some do the things they do to such a fine old piece of history 'the new carb arrived today and hopefully tomorrow as they say it will be in the high 50 so i might be able to install it and hear it run ;as far as the PTO setup that can wait ;oh i still wonder who really got the better deal here for a 100 but the tires are good the seat is very nice and really for the age it is nice shape ;as the old saying goes rome wasn't built in a day ;so i am very hopeful things will work out in time ;again thanks i for sure will let you know ;
  3. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    thanks again
  4. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    thanks for the information but i can not see any valve as you mentioned and yes i know i should release the brake as even going in to forward but as i mentioned going in to forward works great it is the reserves that seems jammed ;again i have look it up and down and even followed the deal to that elevation ;i am sure it has been busted ;so it seems i will have to wait to install the carb and than try it once i get it to run; a picture is worth a 1000 words if anyone would be so kind to send it as again i am at wits end trying to find it but as i mentioned before i think someone busted it off 'again thanks
  5. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    yes at times we do get the shaft as others who want to sell and really do not tell them the whole truth as so many are money hungry and yes pass off a hot dog ;i am sure once the carburetor arrives i can get it to start well i hope so that is and yes after all of the replies i received im sure it is a 1973 as the other pictures i see of this machine;;what always puzzles me is to why others take parts off as really they are not in anyone's way 'than to let little kids ride them around and really do not know what they are doing and destroy them sure years ago when i had 6 in the garage and different models and years plus most of the attachments and yes i did let my kids drive them around but they were careful and did not damage them but again that depends on the owner 'now if i could ask where the heck is the fitting or even the item that you use a screwdriver to turn so it will free wheel as i have looked high and low and even with the decal explaining i still can not find it or again did someone bust it off ;2nd question if i could ask is there an adjustments on the shifter as to yep it goes into the forward than when the brake is pushed the shifter goes back to neutral but i can not get it to go into reverse it wants to but just a little ;and yes still being a horse with no name as they call it i wonder who got the better deal for the 100 ;if the 16 horse starts now that is worth the cash even if it smokes or not 'the oil will need changing plus a few other things but to hear it run is the big thing ;so if anyone can help and really explain or even a picture as where to how to get it to free roll i sure would appreciate it and yes yesterday is go and now another day with better things to come ;if at any time i did offend anyone i am truly sorry as i do try to stay melow at my age but like most certain times we do get temperamental '
  6. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    sorry it seems my eyes are bad as i thought you lived in the show me state area
  7. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    yep as most we learn as we go but heck it has been years i have any horses in the barn and after time we seem to forget certain things plus yes maybe the old age thing comes in to play ;in time it will work out ;as really no one is perfect 'i know i am not but heck i do try ;have a great weekend to everyone '
  8. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    that is alright things do happen ;and yes it is always about the horse wheel horse of course yes that is so true as we all at times need someone elses advice ;im here to stay no problem
  9. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    again no problem 'that was then this is now time to move on yes at time there is always one bad apple in the barrow but we need to let things go and move on 'the thing is really i used to collect these find old tractors years ago but became a long haul trucker for close to 40 years and now i would like to collect again as now being retired but with this certain model it is so different than the others i have had and even being with out certain parts ;so now i just would like to know what is needed to get it back together as it should be ;i went by what the seller told me that his kids drove it around but heck with out the carb being hooked up and other parts missing i question the honesty of some who are always looking for a quick buck but still for a 100 bucks in time it will be back where it should be ;again that was then this is now ;no issues here i will read and check the listings as i have always done '
  10. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    well the thing is i did receive a reply stating that i am kicking a cow down the road and really i have not been on this site for a few days and if i recall the last question i asked was about the carburetor' and that was a few days ago ;again not everyone is a know it all as again we learn as we go' there is a dealer here about 3/4 of an hour away he is a wheel horse guy so it might be best that i just chat with him as he has always been a fair guy and knows what he is doing ;sorry i thought this group was for most questions and if so many do reply that is fine and i really appreciate it but i don't need another member telling me enough if enough and quit kicking the can down the road where i have not been on here for a few days and again only asked one question so the so call member that stated that well he can well i won;t say what i want to to as i say it like i see it always have '
  11. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    heck if i am a pest here it seems i should bow out and find another group that wouldn;t think i am a pest with a few honest questions ;as everyone really isn't the smartest person alive we learn as we go ;see ya
  12. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    yes i did quit with the questions as i know from others here it is a 73 with the 16 horse the only other question i had was the carburetor ;did order a new one and hopefully once it arrives i can get the old girl to fire up ;i did have a few other questions here but seeing how i am a pest i won't ask any more ;i can go it alone but thanks again for the reply ; thanks for the reply and i have found out though other members here that is a 1973 with the 16 horse ;it does have a switch for a electric clutch but that is not hooked to anything the wires are wrapped in tape' i have seen more of the hydro lift types than the electric type ;heck who knows what the other owner did to it ;but in time i will get it up and running ;thanks for the reply i have been off this site for a few days and haven't read the current replies; but again i will back off from any more questions i have ;but in time i will get it up and running
  13. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    i am not really sure if the carb on mine is the correct one as you can see in the one picture this one has 3 screws where most have only 2 ;i d have another carb that came off a 8 horse that might work but i won't know till this darn cold ends 'as far as the clutch assembly the one i have is like one on a charger 10 ;if it work i could save some cash i wish at times i never got away from collecting and restoring these find old things as years ago i had 6 in the garage plus most attachments but being a long haul trucker for close to 40 years i didn't have the time to play with them ;maybe now being retired i just might restore this one ;i have so far a 1993 413-8 with a tiller 16 horse and the deck well 2 that is one is the rear discharge the other is the side which i is on the B-80 ; 1969 charger 10 automatic mid 70-80- B-10 and now the C-160 there is no reason to have a few horses in the barn 'thanks again 'dean
  14. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    i forgot to add the linkage parts he has as well which should work ;i could use my B-80 for reference as i am sure they are about the same hooking up
  15. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    thank you so much again for the input and yes those are the items need for mine ;i am dealing with a guy in the sunshine state which has been helpful and he has the items i need plus the complete PTO set up i have some of the parts here but really not sure if they will fit as i have seen so many different set ups ;in the first picture are the parts i have that i am not sure if they will work ;the 2nd picture is of the ones i have seen on most ;still it is odd why someone would take the off even the carb parts but people do strange things again thank you so much as i really appreciate it the first pictures show the upper part with the clutch which are the parts i have here ;