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  1. 1973 no name 16 horse wiring issues

    thanks so much for the advise from everyone; the thing is i was able to get it to run but only adding a wire from the plus side of the coil to the plus side of the battery and after a little bit of gas in the carb the old girl took off but due to linkage not being adjusted correctly boy did the motor race so i had to be fast and shut it down as i would had a motor in pieces but heck at least it ran even for a short term 'and then i did figure out the wiring that the previous owner did with that extension cord ' 'but due to all of the negative replies from other groups stating this horse is not a no name and others said it was ; or have a smart mouth from this group' state the problem then why didn't he explain it other then to be a smart ass know it all of nothing;so i sold it for double plus then what i gave ;so i will take the lost of a 100 bucks and find another one yes i will say i am not the best when it comes to electrical even though years have passed when i did this for a hobby but after time and age we seem to forget simple things .my worst mistake was selling the herd i had and going over the road for close to 40 years as i had a family that depended on me to have a roof over there heads and meals on the table where the 6 horses i had couldn't do it ;so now after retiring and at the age of 68 i would so much like to get back in to it 'as it is now really my favorite is my charger 10 automatic and the b-80 'again if i did sound rude that was not my intent ;and i am truly sorry as i did get quite upset of the one person from this group and a few other groups who had a smart remark 'again i am deeply sorry' i will continue to read the posts but will never again ask any questions
  2. wheel horse B-80

    thanks again and no little ones here as the 4 has wings of there own and flew away 'i will try that ;i wonder if it could be the safety switch on the pedal if so i have another one to try if that isn't the issue the next step is the PTO safety switch 'again thanks and i will let you know but again the weather is changing and not for the good ;as i am ready to mow with my other horse ;always something but heck you can't beat a horse or even 4 hehe
  3. wheel horse B-80

    thanks for the input on the problem .yes i did check the pto i moved it back and forth ;i as well cleaned the wires and battery posts ;i do have a test light and as with your thoughts the pto safety switch is bad ;always something and i would like to by pass the switch if i knew how ;they are a pain ;thanks again
  4. wheel horse B-80

    well here i am again after my last post a few months back pertaining to a 1973 16 horse automatic ;as i have so many reply and stated it is not what you think it is ;it seems everyone has to get there 2 cents in and think they know so much about so little ;but really it doesn't matter as i sold it for a lot more then what i paided for it ;so now i ask about an issue i am having with my B-80- 8 horse ;when i first unloaded it started every time;for at least a week, but once i decided to add the mower deck and each time i shut it off to adjust the rod for the PTO it did start up again , but then it was like the battery was dead nothing when i turned the key switch ;the battery is charged ;the starter was rebuilt ;i have changed the condenser and the solenoid 'i even tried to jump it with a pair of pliers from both posts off the solenoid the motor would spin but that was all ;i even tried the jumper from the plus side of the coil to the plus side of the battery boy did it fry that wire ;so where do i go from here as it is a hair puller and at my age i don;t have much hair to pull anymore 'any help sure would be appreciated ;and yes i have the wiring diagram and every wire is in place 'at least i think
  5. WTB Parts tractor in florida

    i was wondering if you were able to find the pats you need again there i a guy in the sunshine state that has so many tractors for parts and i have bought from him so many parts and he is fair ;check out Jmsuncoasttreasures 'again i hope this helps
  6. headlight lens for 953

    check out jmsuncoasttreasures on e-bay he is in the sunshine state he is very fair and i have bought several items from him he has so many wheel horse tractors and parts
  7. 1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    thank you for the pictures as they helpful ;i will always wonder why the previous owner used an extension cord that really doesn't go anywhere ;would you know if the electric clutch is all there as i could use that as well ;we are still waiting on our tax return you know the government ;do stay in touch as i will ;again thank you
  8. 1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    i was wondering if you still have the tractor as i have replied a few times and you were suppose to send a few pictures ;yes i know the weather is not the greatest with the snow and the cold so if you would please contact me as i am very interested as i have mentioned ;as i have the same tractor that could use some parts ; thanks and i look forward to your reply ; it seems the previous owner used a extent cord from the coil which really goes no wheres and the other wire goes to the key switch ;so really the one wire from the coil doesn't go anywhere 'so i would like to know how the wires go so i can start this tractor and yes the weather here sucks as well 'again i am willing to take the trip there as a retired trucker for close to 40 years and have been in your area 'out tax returns should be here soon 'again please let me know
  9. 1973 no name 16 horse wiring issues

    it didn't mean anything and thanks for the diagram ;i just wanted to ask one question about the switch as again the seller used an extension cord and the 2 wires that are tied in one comes for the plus side of the coil and the other goes to the key switch ;as you can see in the picture i thought if i had the pedal switch thinking that maybe one of those wires were for the switch as i have checked the evil bay and one seller told me the one he has will not work on the automatic so i did searching and found out it will work on either so to make sure yes i did post the question here to see if the seller was right or wrong ;really that is all i asked ;but again if some think i am rude sorry as i am not ;
  10. 1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    it seems you don't have the time to send the few pictures you mentioned ;i sure could use them 'again once you get the time could you ;thanks
  11. i want to thank everyone that did reply to my question about the wiring and the picture i sent ;thanks so much sorry the one word was a type error 'it happens when we don't wear our glasses old age you know
  12. well guys here i am again ;i was wondering if the safety pedal switch are the same on either a standard or automatic as i am rewiring this horse as it seems someone spliced an extension cord from the plus side of the coil than to the key switch ;than to the back where the seat switch is which there is no switch there ;what a mess really ;so during the rewiring i think having the switch working it might help to start this oldie 'it has been darn cold here and freezing rain so i can't get outside to work on it ;boy i wish for spring as the walls keep getting closer ; as you can see in the picture how is this going to start the motor or am i missing something here ; sad news as yesterday i hit the 68 mark but heck that is just a number in life ;have a great day everyone enjoy your toys as i do
  13. 1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    i see that you have been quite busy there even with the cold and snow ;same here as the cold and now freezing rain 'boy i can't wait for spring as after time the walls seem to get closer ;anyways if you would get a few pictures ;and yes i am still very interested even the electric clutch and the PTO setup and the mule drive ;thanks and i look forward to your reply
  14. 1973 No Name 12HP Auto

    that is fine as i know most get busy in there life and more important things than the group ;yes i would like to see the picture of the wiring off the coil to the solenoid ;i did buy a switch that came off a B-80 but i really don't think it is the same as no way once you put the pedal down all the way it will not even come close to the small button in the center ;boy the person who had this before really messed up with the wiring and the carb linkage ;do you know if the clutch assembly works and everything is there ;again i sure would be interested in it for parts the deck i am not to worry about as i do have one that will fit ;boy i want to start this thing so bad but even the carb linkage is messed up ;i am not sure if you saw the pictures i posted some time back ;though i could send a few so you can see how bad it is messed up but heck i thought for a 100 bucks i couldn't go wrong ;again i would be interested as of now like most we are waiting on our tax refunds ;i would be willing to take the ride to get it ;even the safety switch for the PTO oh the things people do to these fine old tractors ' do stay in touch for some reason they used a electrical cord from the coil to the solenoid back to the seat safety switch but that is gone and doesn't work anyways ;i sure could use a lot of parts off yours ;
  15. 1973 no name wheel horse

    thanks everyone for the feedback and yep once it gets a little warmer outside i will run a jumper from the plus side of the coil to the battery 'the points are clean and open as they should plus the gap is correct 'and thanks for the wiring diagram that sure will help '