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  1. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Well we got some snow storms and i got some pics and a couple videos! When it comes to snow the 520’s will do any amount it seems! F318AA56-BA6C-4B4F-8D04-B32F77673884.MOV Little plowing video here ^ 15A58A67-15BB-431A-A4D8-B90965C71FA8.MOV And here ^
  2. Commando 8 Glamour shots

    Looking mint Mike!
  3. STEVEBO is FORTY FIVE (45)!!

    Happy Birthday Steve!
  4. 60" mower deck belt covers

    Looking for some belt covers for my 60" deck. Thanks, Dave
  5. Got the loader mounted today!

    Nice setup! Looks great!
  6. First time in 18 years

    Looks fun! I need some of that white stuff!
  7. Which horse is your favorite

    It would have to be my 518H and my later model 520H.
  8. Where are your winter Horses??

    Im ready. Got the 88 518H with the single stage tall chute. The 89 520H with the dual stage. Then got the 93 520 with the plow. Just need chains on!
  9. Happy birthday muz123

    Thanks guys! Many great people here!
  10. 518H Steering slippage

    I replaced the washers with one thicker one and replaced the cotter pin and seems to work great.
  11. When turning the 518 to the extreme left, the steering wheel doesn't just stop, it will continue to turn and the small gear at the end of the steering column will slip against the larger flat steering gear. It makes a loud "click" noise as the gear teeth pushed the flat gear back slightly then slips against the flat gear teeth. Gear teeth look good on both sides. Turning extreme right is fine and the steering wheel stops. Could it be the flat gear is slightly deformed on one side? Or is there an adjustment Thanks, Dave
  12. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    Thats one sharp looking 200 series!! Love it!
  13. 208-4SB

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. 208-4SB