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  1. Carburetor adjustments for SK-486/ Kohler K341AS

    Thanks for your help guys! I got it to work! I cleaned the needle valve by letting it soak in some gasoline for a few hours. I then pooked a wire through the holes to make sure they were clear. I then turned in the needles till they lightly bottomed out like the manual says. I turned them out the right number of turns and started it up. I fiddled with the screws a little and got it to work just the way I wanted. I have a link to the manual in previous posts. Thanks guys!
  2. Carburetor adjustments for SK-486/ Kohler K341AS

    Just wondering, would a bad seal on the bowl cause it to be tempermental?
  3. Carburetor adjustments for SK-486/ Kohler K341AS

    Okay thanks I think we might have cleaned the needle but that might have been the gas leaf blower I cna't remember. I'll talk to my dad, but I believe we checked that and we were able to pray something through it. Thanks though.
  4. I have some prolems with the throttle and the choke on my Sk-486 (which you can see ). My dad and I redid the seal on the carburetor last fall and tried to readjust it so it would start after being messed with. I have a link for the manuel in the quote. The carb seems very picky and very tempermental. I have to run with the choke up and if I put it down it dies. I also can't put the throttle down very low or up very high either or it will die. Here is some more info from my first topic about my Sk.
  5. Calling all loader tractors.

    Yeah I should get a truck first. Then I'll keep my eye out.
  6. Brinley 10" earth plow questions

    I couldn't get the picture to load but i got an idea from the other's on here. Thanks.
  7. Calling all loader tractors.

    YIKES! I think I will go for a truck first. The loader is now something for after I get a real job.
  8. Have restoring it! Its always nice to have the WH that your grandpa had. I know that first hand with my Sk-486. And yes my pictures got flipped as well when taking them from my ipod.
  9. Calling all loader tractors.

    I am drooling over all these loaders. How much do these usually cost? $500-$1000? I would like to get a D250 with a back hoe and feet as well. How much would that be?
  10. Free is always nice. Seems like you got a lot of good attachments.
  11. Brinley 10" earth plow questions

    Please post pictures. I am sure more members will be interested once they see some pictures.
  12. Grandad's Sk-486 needs help.

    @whc160: Thanks! I am on the other side. It is a good machine indeed. It puts up with all the abuse. I am trying to take better care of it now and fix it up though. The Sk's and the C160's have a lot in common. I looked at the mounting mechanism of a C160 and found out how to mount it on my Sk. The Sk was a model that used up extra pieces from the other models. You seem to have a lot of C160's. I don't know much about those.
  13. @Sparky: I love the look of the rims! I might steal that idea if I get another tractor. The black also looks good. Any decals or WH stickers?
  14. 42" Mulching Deck Installation

    Glad to hear the it works fine. I had to fight with mine to get in on my Sk-486. I have a 42 incher as well. Mine is a side discharge though. Since my tractor is an Sk it uses leftover pieces from C series and so on. There should be two rubber stops that hit or come close to hitting the bottom of the floor plates. One side may be heavier than the other which would cause the tilt. if you sharpen your blades make sure to balance them. Here is a drawing that explains the lift arm linkage. It is for a C160 but I believe it is the same for a lot of WH's, it was for my Sk at least. Here. I hope this helps. @Oldlineman: Mine doesn't have a cotter pin either. Nor does it seem to have a hole for one.
  15. Grandad's Sk-486 needs help.

    Okay so I have a problem with the start up and run. My usual starting procedure goes like this. From a cold start. 1. Open gas valve 2. Push in clutch 3. Put choke at the top (Choke flap is closed all the way in carburetor) 4. Put throttle up about 3/4 of the way 5. Turn key and let the engine turn over a few times 6. Engine almost starts but not quite (strong cranking and almost firing) 7. Left off the key and do it again 8. As I am turning the key I move the throttle down to the lowest point till it fires then quickly up to the middle 9. It usually starts about now If I turn the choke down to off or even half it looses power and dies. If I put the throttle all the way it dies. My dad and I tried to adjust the carb according to this manual. Kohler K341. Pages 10-13 I think. We fiddled with it for awhile then finally gave up and put it where we could at least start it. I know that the gasket seal on the bowl underneath the carb is bad and I found out where to get a new one. Here. We also redid the main seal on the carb with some stuff in a tube. I haven't had any problem with it so far. The spark plug gives a good shock. My dad can attest to that. The fuel also pumps strong. The air filter is dirty though and one day I took it off the look at it and it was wet and some gas poured out of the carb. I don't think that is good. Could someone share some knowledge in the subject?