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  1. Siezed transmission filler plug

    Combination of hammer, heat and a lot of determination. However has not resolved why it is loosing power at the transmission end! Thanks for your help.
  2. Siezed transmission filler plug

    Success. Thanks to all for assistance.
  3. Siezed transmission filler plug

    Sorry, as you say this is the thread size should have indicated imperial key required. All mine are metric!
  4. Siezed transmission filler plug

    Downloaded the hydraulics manual from Toro which indicates SAE #6 which I do not have as mine are all metric, however may be able to borrow one in a few days time so lets hope it works. Thanks for the thought.
  5. Siezed transmission filler plug

    Thanks for the thought. Tried this but approx 2/3 of the plug is in a recess hence cannot get a good grip.
  6. Siezed transmission filler plug

    Hi all. Probably a basic query really but I am having issues with a not so old Toro transmission filler plug. The machine is a 16/38 which has clearly had a short but very hard life and is now very slow which to me suggests either insufficient transmission fluid or air in the system. Looks like the fluid levels have not been checked for some time. The plug is a hex socket but it appears to be alloy hence when any pressure is put on the key to turn it the metal socket starts to deform. Have tried release fluid but no luck. Thought about heating the plug but as the transmission housing and plug are both alloy I am worried that I may fracture or distort the casing. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello, this is newbie Chris from South Hampshire

    Thanks for this info this could be a long search!
  8. Hello, this is newbie Chris from South Hampshire

    Here are the before and after cosmetic preservation.
  9. Just acquired a barn find B-115. Unexpected hence will be a future project. In the meantime I have given it a general service and carried out some preservation to the rusted body. Colour not quite correct Wheelhorse but it will do for now. Engine started first time although the silencer is straight through. Only thing missing is a mower deck, if anyone knows where one may be resting unwanted please contact me. Will post pics asap.