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  1. Rj or suburban

    I have a 401 and a rj58 or59. I would sell either or both.
  2. That's awesome!! Very nice collection my friend.
  3. Snow plow for RJ58 in Chicago area

    I have a snow plow for sale that's currently on my Suburban 401. I am asking $125.00 for it and the mounting frame. You can see pics of it in the classifieds section here under Suburban for sale.
  4. 1961 Suburban 401

    Nice running 401 older restoration that is ready for a re-do or a little touch up. Very nice looking little unit as is, but not a trailer queen. This has been used along with a wagon for mulching flower beds and general yard work by my wife and I for several years, so it's considered a restored worker if you will. Starts on first or second pull almost always, smokes a little, but its not used hard enough to use any oil, Dual spacers, hub caps and front plow attachment do not come with, however if someone wants the front plow and plow attachment it can go with for an additional $100.00, but the caps and dual wheel spacers are for another unit I have. Rear hitch will come with it. All the tires are in great shape and do not loose air. Rear axles do not leak, the trany shifts and operates in all gears. This unit operates very well and as it should. sorry but I will not ship and I would prefer not to hold it for very long since I am only selling it to increase storage space, otherwise I would keep it. The front snow plow is in excellent condition and bolts right up if interested. It was restored with the tractor several years ago. Kohler engine is the K-91t, with the kill push button on the points cover. The tractor is missing the kill switch mounted in the hood, fenders and tool box.
  5. wireless tachometer

    To be honest I have had it so long I really don't remember.
  6. a fine looking original

    I picked this up at an estate sale last week for $170.00. What a steel. I changed the oil and filter, set the RPM's correctly and greased the zerks. I put some good rec gas in it and mowed my lawn. It ran like a top, steering is tight and everything checks out ok. Even I can still get lucky every once in a while
  7. wireless tachometer

    Just used my wireless tachometer to set the RPM's on one of my tractors, unfortunately it was not a red tractor, but a good performer and worker non the less. I know it says for single cylinders, but it works on twins too.
  8. GT 14 for sale or trade

    pm sent
  9. New Website and name change!

    Very nice indeed
  10. welding table

    I not sure what it weighs, maybe 200 lbs if I were to guess. Top slabs are separate and I spaced them so as to be able to clamp down work any place on the table. It also allows me to "pinch mount" items like the vise so I can move it anyplace on the table. I just used square steel stock with a welded nut on bottom and a mounting bolt. Wheels are just solid rubber casters. They all swivel and they all lock. Makes it nice to push it out of the garage and into the driveway if I want to work out there. It is very stable, I'm sure it will hold a minimum of 500 LBS. The top plate is 1/2" thick steel. I plan on welding in a frame opposite of the chop saw to mount a toolbox under table top to store grinder accessories and die grinders and tooling.
  11. welding table

    I thought I would post some pics of a welding table I fabricated a couple years ago. I built it with 4, locking casters, so I could roll it around (outside) if I wanted to and still have air and electrical outlets to run my grinders and die grinders anywhere in the shop or outside if I want. I mounted me chop saw so that it sits flush with the table so I can feed stock into it. I also mounted a vise to it that's pinched on the table and it can be moved around the table. I mounted a pipe vise at one end also that can be moved if desired. The top is 1/2" thick and I left gaps to accommodate moving things around and clamping material down during set up. I have all my clamps and grinders hung on a rail on one end and I have my plasma cutter sitting in the center with a catch pan above that slides out for cleaning off slag, but also serves as a protector above my plasma cutter. I plan on building in a drawer only tool box on the other end to store my die grinders and accessories, along with some common tooling needed when welding and fabricating. Below you can see my pvc 36" tig rod storage containers that fit nicely on the bottom rack. They are all marked for size and filler rod type. Note. I have my HF Minnie tire changer temporarily mounted to the top because I have been mounting and un mounting tires during the RJ restoration project I have been working on. It is mounted using pinch type hold downs between the table top slots.
  12. RJ-58

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. RJ-58

  14. Anything going on with the 58 Thanks Tim

    1. Dhodge


      I have a guy trying to figure out shipping.  He has paid for it but it's not a done deal yet.  I have two others waiting in the wings,

    2. tims tractors

      tims tractors

      Sounds like I got bumped to forth but Thanks Anyway Tim

    3. Dhodge


      Nope your 3rd.  I just went back and looked.  Sorry for the mix up.

  15. lawn tractor lift/work table

    This is good stuff guys. I'm looking for ideas other than my own. Building something like this for me would accomplish several things. Having a lift customized to suit my specific needs Creates a fun project so as to utilize and gain more experience in my skill set. Learn from the project. IE learning new skills and practicing established ones. Keeping my mind sharp and my hands tuned.