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  1. C-120 For sale

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. C-120 For sale

    Nice running and mowing C-120 with the Kohler motor. Has a really nice 42" rear discharge Recycler mowing deck on it. Nice tire, nice seat no rips, tears or weather checking. Motor runs super strong, no knocks, smoke or burning oil. Transmission has no issues as it shifts and runs in all eight gears. All lights and charging gauges work. Battery starts her up, but its going to need replacing once cold weather returns. Just a really strong worker with cast iron wheel weights in very solid shape. Hitch has to stay with me.
  3. 603

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. 603

  5. 603

    310 miles. I live just North of Flint Mi. 6 miles West of I-75.
  6. 603

    It is a 1963.
  7. 603

    I also have a mower deck that will fit this that I can throw in to sweeten the deal.
  8. 58 or 59 RJ

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. 401 Suburban

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. 401 Suburban

  11. 401 Suburban

    Changed Price to 575.00
  12. 58 or 59 RJ

    Changed Price to 450.00
  13. 603

    Changed Price to 550.00
  14. 58 or 59 RJ

    I have a 58 or 59 RJ that I started to restore and have lost interest in. It is completely apart sand blasted and repainted except the gas tank which will require some work on the threaded neck or a replacement. The engine is within specs and tight, however I have not ran it at all. It will need a new ignition as the spark is weak. It may also have weak spark due to week magnets in the flywheel. I have the shroud and flywheel off currently. This is a restoration that I began and just ran out of interest as other interests have crept up. The hood has not yet been painted, but it has been blasted and primed. This is a complete tractor that needs to be finished and reassembled. If there is any interests I would like my asking price and no less. I cannot ship so it must be picked up in mid MI. I have enclosed a picture I took prior to the started restoration project. It is the unit with the painted hood not to be confused with the one beside it that has decals on it. I have already sold the unit with the hood decals. The seat was replaced with the correct solid seat.
  15. 401 Suburban

    nice running Suburban with snow plow smokes slightly older restoration. heat shield included but not shown in pics