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  1. 32R?

    Thank you fabricator, now I learned something.
  2. 32R?

    Thanks Casual, that had what I needed for the foot rest, now if I can get a carb and muffler.
  3. 32R?

    It was tough but the winched managed in the end! Thanks for the welcome
  4. 32R?

    Hello everyone, I finally got an older Lawn Ranger to restore, it is missing a few things like the right side foot peg, carb. and the muffler needs replaced as well as tires and such. If anyone can help me find the parts I need it will be appreciated. Anyway, the serial number is 62-2089 last number was unreadable but may be a 0 or a 6, I think I have a 32R but not totally sure. Anything anyone can tell me about it will be very helpful.
  5. Mini Dozer

    Well, I came here looking for inspiration to build a mini dozer myself and found it! Awesome!