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  1. Custom 2" receiver hitch for XI tractor

    Is mine on it's way soon? Jack
  2. snowblower, short chute oldie but goody

    PM sent
  3. 40" Mid Mount ( belly ) Blade

    Mine came off a 300 series, but goes on tractors with front tackamatic bracket.
  4. 40" Mid Mount ( belly ) Blade

    Cost me $35 to UPS mine.
  5. Custom 2" Heave Duty Hitch

    Just in case, my PM was followed by an email that I'll take it!
  6. Custom 2" Heave Duty Hitch

  7. 1991 Wheel Horse 312-8

    Your email address would not work, requesting pictures.
  8. Wheel horse tiller

    OK, Thanks
  9. Wheel horse tiller

    Could you post a picture of the tines? Also model number? Thanks
  10. Deck Spindles

    Thanks, new to rebuilding and wanted to get an idea of what it cost to put a marginal deck back into good working condition. Jack
  11. Deck Spindles

    Just wondering what the cost is for replacement deck spindles and are they readily available? Also, can the bearings be replaced or do you just replace the whole spindle? Thanks, Jack
  12. 32" square deck

    Not sure of the guys name, but saw the beautiful work of art. He shares a tent with Bob Maynard at the big show.
  13. scraper bar replacement

    Rubber mat was not my idea, but another member that posted it last year and I plan to try. He buys 3/4" thick mat from tractor supply and cuts to like 1 1/2" width and bolts between plow and blade leaving 3/4" exposed. Says it doesn't tear up driveway and wears well. $40 mat supposed to make 15+ edges.
  14. Want to ask for opinions as to what you would do "next time" if you would get a trailer. I'm tired of renting and missing great deals, just because I don't have a trailer sitting in the yard. What would you buy if knowing what you know now. How big is just right and is enclosed really worth the investment? Jack