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  1. Not running, but turns over with a shot of ether, not used in three summers, stored covered, decent tires, new drive belt 2014 [$300+], no leaks seen, 42"[?] deck [three blades], Any ideas what I might ask "as is" ?? [Mods: plz move if inappropriate placement]
  2. 520H with a loader

    Thanks to all of you for your good counsel and good advice. I deeply appreciate it. The 520 bucket loader has gone to a good home where will be more appreciated, and the buyer was kind enough to help me make sure that the 264 was in good running order... Couldn't ask for more from people I've never met.
  3. 520H with a loader

    Here she is... Fired right up once I remembered to put gas in the tank. A little fusty, a little musty, a little dusty, but still pretty trusty... TOROTOROTORO! [edit-- I AM looking to get rid of her... I'll probably start on Craigslist here locally]
  4. CHZ uploader

  5. 520H with a loader

    Oh, and I finally remembered about the trailer... It's by Polaris, the folks to make the snow scoots. It's either a 4 foot or 5 foot bed, and it's probably 3 feet wide, with 16 inch sidewalls and a slide-in tailgate. It tows quite easily, but it's a bahstid to back it up.
  6. 520H with a loader

    Thank you all for the rapid response to my questions. I'm seriously considering letting my '92 520 go. It does have a Kwikway loader, although I never found anything that quick about actually dismounting it. I went ahead and bought a a second Toro, a '96 Wheelhorse 264[something] with a mower deck, to take care of the grass cutting. Pristine?... meh... I probably wouldn't go that far, but it will start right up and is always ready to rock'n roll. It definitely could use some to TLC like a can of paste wax and a bottle of ArmorAll. But it has been stored inside every winter for the 10 years I've had it. I have a bunch of other gear to go with the '92. There's a set of rear yard wheels and tires that have never been mounted, a weight bucket for the rear end, together with 200+ pounds of 10 pound steel bricks. It has its own mower deck that is probably a 40" or 42". I bought the deck used and then discovered how difficult it was going to be to get the loader off and on every time I wanted to mow the lawn. There's a set of chains, and a small plow blade that I never figured out where was supposed to attach. I also have a nice four-wheel, articulated front-end cart. It was made to be towed behind an ATV to get your meat out of the woods. All four tires on that need new tubes [maybe just stems], but the trailer itself hasn't been used probably more than eight or 10 hours. The treads are nearly pristine. I want to unload everything, together with the 264 mower. I am aging out and I need to re-grade to something like a decent, brand-new John Deere yard tractor with something like a 48 inch deck. All I really need to do anymore is take care of a couple of acres of yard and meadow mowing. Once a year I'll tow an old bedspring with a few cinderblocks tied on top up and down the driveway to level out the spring and winter damage. That's about all these days. You give me a reasonable hope that I could indeed unload the package of both tractors and the gear for somewhere around that $2500 level that I need/want, even if I have to sell the tractors separately and also separately sell the trailer. [and thank you rexman, Maine it is indeed the home of high taxes and higher costs, but I'll be selling these cash on the barrelhead.... Might or might not mention it to the governor]
  7. 520H with a loader

    If it's not in violation of policies here on the forum, can anyone give me an idea of the going prices for a 1992 Wheelhorse 520H with a front end loader? I am up in Maine, so if prices vary around the country I'd be interested in what they're going here in New England...