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  1. C141 in Brixham Devon

    Our wheelhorse, used weekly.
  2. Belts for a C141

    Hi everyone, I have fitted the belts and all is good. They fit perfectly, and we are cutting grass again! The belts I got were Spindal/blade belt - 106125. Drive belt - 108834. From beltingonline.co.uk. Thanks Garry, Anglo traction. Nick
  3. Belts for a C141

    Thanks for the help. It is an 8 spd and a single 14hp kohler. I have ordered the belts from beltinoline. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Nick
  4. Belts for a C141

    Hi, I have a 1979 C141. I need some new belts! I have found the manual for it and my mower deck, I think. Firstly the tractor drive belt, There looks like two options, 1st- 7478 or 106496 2rd- 7473 or 106497 Are they the same length? The mower has no numbers on it but is a 42" RD. Mower drive from the pto- 102741. Mower blades belt- 106125. And where is the best place to order these belts and is there much difference in quality's? I have found a place at- http://www.bearingshopuk.co.uk. Thanks for any help Nick.
  5. Hello everyone

    Thanks for the welcomes. Hi Neil, Not sure about the trailer. I have never noticed any name on it. It has sides and a back which can be removed, as you can see in the picture.
  6. Hello everyone

    My name is Nick and I am down in Torbay, Devon. I have a C141, which I have owned for the last 10 years or so. We love our wheelhorse! This is my son and wife.