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  1. I’m still in search of a set of wheel horse metal wheel weights. Text me at 804-678-8771. Thank you
  2. 520H

    I agree with you. I have not done any of that. It always starts and runs so well I hate to mess with it.
  3. 520H

    This weekend after I finished mowing my yard I noticed my 1995 520H that I purchased new rolled over 1000 hours. Besides routine maintenance which includes oil and filters, spark plugs and air filters, belts and a new set of tires it runs like new. Sometimes I think the Onan motors get a bad rap. How many hours on your 520?
  4. This is the dozer blade and required axle bracket for the C-160 tractor.  This also fits the 300 400 and 500 series and others from the early 70s to the end of time.  

    DOZ 42.jpg

    1. dkg520


      Thank you very much

  5. 42” snow blade

    Thank you for your help.
  6. Can anyone tell me if this will fit a 1975 C160? Thank you for any help.
  7. 416-8 tractor

    By chance are you coming to the show later this month?
  8. 1960 Suburban

  9. Will bring to the big show if need be. Thanks for looking. $250.00. Comes with a gas tank, foot rest, and gas/ choke levers. SOLD
  10. 1960 Suburban

    I’m in Powhatan VA just west of Richmond
  11. Wheel Horse wheel weights

    I’m looking to purchase a complete set of metal wheel weights for my 1975 C160 restore. I can pick them up at the show. Thank You
  12. If your deal doesn’t work out I am interested in buying your implements also

    1. btrrg1969


      I have people interested but they can't pick the items up in a timely manner. I want a red square member to have them but don't want to wait on someone over two weeks to get them, so what is your status on picking them up? you can shoot me a text 615-878-5732 Brandon

  13. 1960 Suburban

    Looking to sell this Suburban. Frame, hood, rear fenders are all in great shape. Steering wheel and rims are all solid. It’s a great tractor for a restoration. Willing to bring to the show if need be. Thank you
  14. Wheel Horse sickle bar

    I thought it was also. I’m suppose to pick it up in the morning so if everything works out I will post some pictures.
  15. Wheel Horse sickle bar

    Thank You for the help. I’m looking at one that appears to be complete and in good condition. Is $150.00 a fair price to pay?