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  1. Tick Bite Lyme

    Thanks, guys. It was crazy. Lyme is a plague in SW Virginia. I am lucky, the pacemaker is the only lasting issue for me. My buddy has had major memory issues, my boss's daughter can no longer work and almost everyone I meet has a family member that has been affected. I am infection free and also had an angioplasty a year ago, so I feel better than I have in ten years. Funny thing is, that my Lyme test came back negative. The epidemiologist and cardiologist determined it was Lyme because my dogs had ticks, the docs worked with previous cases of Lyme carditis, so my symptoms were consistent with those previous cases. Had I dropped dead, the doctors would have assumed that I was a 50 year old man who had a heart attack, and as an organ donor, I could have infected another dozen people. That part is what disturbs me the most.
  2. Today's Equivalent to a Wheel Horse

    Amen to that. Wheel Horses are real " Moneyball" items. There true value is well below there market value.
  3. Today's Equivalent to a Wheel Horse

    Ok. Thanks. I agree, I just don't see zero turns going away.
  4. Today's Equivalent to a Wheel Horse

    @T Mo Do you really think zero turns are a fad? Not very versatile, but they seem to mow large amounts of grass very fast.
  5. First tomato of the year

    @Dennis Your chickens and my dog....... You wouldn't care but it was the FIRST TOMATO!!
  6. Safety concern or don't fall off your seat

    That steel tabs are probably only an 1/8" thick. You get 230lbs bouncing up and down in 3rd gear, stuff happens. Anyway, here are pictures that I promised. Like Ohio Farmer said, check the seat and seat pan integrity.
  7. Today's Equivalent to a Wheel Horse

    Dennis, It seems to me that the market is $2000 mowers, zero turns and $10000 sub compact tractors. That's my two cents, I am just a regular guy. I hope you can do well.
  8. Safety concern or don't fall off your seat

    This happened to me last month. The seat started feeling wobbly. I checked out this post, disassembled my tractor, and sure enough the bar holding the seat pan ripped off the frame. I got a guy locally to weld it it back together and working well. I agree, bad design. If can find pictures, I'll upload
  9. First tomato of the year

    I have heard of those, they are supposed to be huge. Maybe my dog would just eat one and get filled up!!!
  10. Today's Equivalent to a Wheel Horse

    I seriously looked at the new JD 300 and 500 tractors before I bought my used 310-8. The transmission on the JD 300 is a k46, the same as their home center models. I think it only had 20 inch rear tires. I knew that I wanted something with a big butt. Tough transmission and 23 inch tires. That put me into JD 500s which I think started at $5k and up. For $600 I picked my 310-8. I expect it to last for years.
  11. First tomato of the year

    I finally had my first tomato on my deck turn red. I have been watching it and waiting. It looked great after work today. It disappeared in the last hour. My stupid dog stole it. She picks raspberries too.
  12. Tick Bite Lyme

    Here is my wild story: I got a bite by a tick around May 1, 2014. Never saw the bite, don't remember getting bit. Collapsed twice, spent five days in ICU, with complete heart block, bradycardia with a pulse rate of 35 beats per minute. In the ER they put AED pads on me IV antibotics seemed to fix the heart block, got back to work for four hours, starting having the most intense chills of my life, back to hospital, spent another week in quarantine, diagonosed with lyme, ehrchliosis and the flu. Lost twenty pounds. Returned to work and started having heart block again, I don't think I could walk more than fifty feet at a time, so the doctor put in a pacemaker on July 17, 2014. Feel great now. Pretty wild huh? All from a FN tick. Bath in bug spray, folks. Ciao.
  13. 312-8 starter won't engage

    I just beat the crap outa my starter with rubber mallet until it behaves. Maybe that's why I am never allowed to sit at the cool Wheel Horse table.
  14. Any idea what brand this garden tractor is?

    That's a relief. My day job is Safety. I worry a lot.
  15. Any idea what brand this garden tractor is?

    Is that a pipe covering the driveshaft or is that a spinning OSHA nightmare between the drivers legs?