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  1. Mower deck lift rod

    Thanks, that is the info I need/
  2. Late last fall I inherited my brothers 314-8 w 42" sd deck. Finally got it out to mow with it and it had no adjustment up or down, looked under and the lift adjustment arm is missing, only thing there is the trunion. The deck is a model 1542SC02. I looked up the manual for it, it is part # 110173. Does anyone have the dimensions for rod to see if I can make one or does anyone have one I could buy from you. Thanks, Greg
  3. Bitter sweet 312-8

    How well I know it is not the best way to get a Horse, I lost my dad and my brother last year. I have both their Horses now, a 312-8 and a 314-8. So with 2 of my own, I am scrambling to find room for them. I sure don`t want to sell any of them
  4. 312- Hydro came home today

  5. Tie rod

    Cleat, what is the proper way of aligning the front tires on a 312H? How much toe in or out? Biggest problem changing these and setting them is going to be all the DOG S#&T all over the front tires, with all the leaves, can`t see it until you have already run over it, LOL
  6. Tie rod

    Thanks Bob, I just ordered 2 complete tie rods from Wheelhorseman 1000, look much better quality than the other ones I found.
  7. Tie rod

    Was mowing up leaves today with my 312H and a tie rod end popped off, found a place online has them for $25. with the adjustable end. Is that a good price or does anyone else know of a better deal? Thanks
  8. Considering a 417-8 (versus a 12 hp)

    2 years ago I had my blower on a 312, last year bought a 417A, what a difference that made, go for the 417, you won`t regret it
  9. Horses bedded down snug and dry

    If I bring home any more tractors, I will need a bigger shed for sure, because that is where the wife will put me, out there with them, LOL.
  10. Found out my good neighbor is moving soon, just joking I asked what he wanted for his shed. Make me an offer he said, well 2 weeks later it is in my yard. 10 x10 x 9, door opening is 50" perfect stable for my horses. Have about $450 in it, new ramp, leveling and wiring, still finishing putting in shelves.
  11. 520H already to plow

    Nice, what horse you got?
  12. Not the way I wanted to gain a horse

    Thank you all from me to my WheelHorse family for your thoughts and prayers, my Dad was 82 and a veteran of the Korean war. He liked my Horse and wanted one, I found his on Craigslist a couple of years ago and got it for a very good price. The picture of his is last spring, I had just picked up the tiller and installed it, that is why it is so dirty, had just finished doing his garden, never dreamed it would be the last and only time that would ever happen. My sister is staying with my Mom and wants to keep Dads garden going, I will gladly be in there and till that garden again.
  13. Sad news, today I inherited my Dads 312-8, he was laid to rest with full military honors this afternoon. I will take good care of the tractor Dad, gonna miss you.
  14. Lawn Ranger

    Lost my Grandad over 25 years ago, still miss him. I have a couple of his things that I treasure and keep my memory of him always in my heart. My Dad is not doing well right now and I might be losing him soon, my brother and I will get everything of his, still will not make up for losing our Dad. If your Grandad wants you to have it, accept it, take very good care of it and cherish it for the rest of your life, who knows, you might pass it on to your grandchildren, sure hope so.
  15. Nice job, I did one 2 years ago, heres mine;