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  1. Bearing advice

    I’m going to change seals and gasket on a 8 speed at the same time to combine shipping, I’m not going to change the bearings as they seem ok. I thought shipping to uk was reasonable for $10.
  2. Bearing advice

    Thanks for the reply. I have found 0.4 or 0.5mm gasket paper for sale on eBay would that be suitable? I assume the thickness of gasket affects the endfliat on the shafts in the transmission?
  3. Bearing advice

    I am replacing the needle bearing in the axle of my c160 auto. I have found the B-1816 bearings on motion industries. There are two listed, the B-1816 and B-1816OH (Oil hole). Am I correct in thinking the normal one is correct? Also what thickness of gasket paper is best for making the gaskets for the transmission case and motor to case? Thanks in advance. Thomas
  4. Seal sizes

    Thanks for the help, hopefully the c125 will be up and going again soon as it's gone from back up mower to the main one after the hassle with the newer mower! It's had a k341 and a 48" deck which I've fabricated a new shell for, but the gearbox was leaking like a seive which didn't help.
  5. Seal sizes

    The pdf doesn't have dimensions listed, I suppose the supplier could cross reference the parts. What model would I have? Thanks
  6. Seal sizes

    Hi I need seals for the 8 speed uni drive on my c125 which has 1 1/8 axles, I would like to get them from my local supplier but I need the sizes. What are the measurements for the axle seals, input seal and brake shaft seal? Thanks
  7. C160 bearings

    Thank you for the replys when the restoration is complete I will post all the photos I have taken as I have gone along. Thomas
  8. C160 bearings

    Here is the id plate. I do not know the history of the c160 because I got it out of a bramble patch! As you can see it was a bit worse for wear when I got it. I am slowly pulling it in to shape now but it's taking awhile.
  9. C160 bearings

    Hello does anyone know the measurements for the bearings im the sundstrand 90-1136 in my 1974 c160? I would like to be able to get them from my local bearing supplier. It's the ones in the side of the transaxle case the with the closed ends. I understand some are longer than others? Thanks for your help.
  10. Is my K301 block okay?

    Has k301 cast into it and it came out of a Wheelhorse C125.
  11. K301 block bore

  12. K301 block bore

    Thanks, please could you tell me the crankshaft size as we'll
  13. K301 block bore

    Please could you tell me what is the original bore of a Kohler K301AS block? Thanks Thomas
  14. Is my K301 block okay?

    I have stripped my K301AS for a rebuild because the rod broke. I have noticed a notch at the bottom of the cylinder( half way between the cam and where the bearing plate should be)It looks to have factory paint on it so it's not new. It it okay? The engine ran fine for years until the rod broke. Thomas.
  15. Wheelhorse C160

    Thanks for the replies I will try to repair what I have as the us-uk shipping is so expensive. Thomas