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  1. Electric Lift isseu

    Worked!!! Thanks Don1977. Perfect fit other than having to bend the cross buss a little, and being a little shorter than the stocker. Just glad it is back in action.
  2. Electric Lift isseu

    Just ordered Del City Electric switch #7300057. Ill report back and let you guys know how it works. I have a 1987 417-8 with intermittent issues. No lift or lower without fiddling the switch. Traced it down to the switch. Actually took the switch apart and found extensive signs of arcing. This resulted in bad, burnt contacts. I cleaned them, and this helped for a while, but Its back. I am not sure, but I think the instructions say to have the tractor running at "pto" speed when using the lift and lower to prevent this. If you look at what is happening with a meter, the voltage drops to 8 or 9 volts when you try to use the lift without the tractor running. Voltage is inversely proportional to current. This results in a higher current draw.(proved this with the meter) So the moral of the story is for all the electric lift guys is to only use it with your tractor running at a good clip to prevent higher than normal current draw. Also, as a side note, I removed the lift motor and actuator and cleaned the brushes, and re cut the commutator with a hack saw. Also repacked the gear assembly with light weight grease. Has a nice purr now.
  3. 44" Snowthrower two stage model 79361

    Hello, Interested in the snowblower. I recently moved to town, and have a wheel horse as well. It sound like you are looking to just sell the blower, but I was not sure if you would entertain any trades? I have the single stage version, and a 48" plow i would be willing to swap that would fit your machine. I also have a 8' backhoe/loader/box blade. If you were interested, I could do some work around your property you need done as a trade for the snow blower. I can grade gravel driveways, remove stumps, and install sprinkler/electrical lines with minimal damage. Also a master electrician. Typically get around $800 a day for the tractor and operator.
  4. Do you still  have 520 plow Ext. for 100.00 i want to buy it.  I been looking for one. My name is Rick.

    let me know. soon. my phone # is 315-562-2008 or give me your phone #

  5. 420LSE Loader

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. 420LSE Loader

  7. 420LSE Loader

    I am regretfully selling my loader tractor. It is a 1986 420 LSE, and a Quick Way loader. The tractor is not a show stopper by any stretch, but is truely a lse tractor. I had hopes of restoring the entire machine, but with 2 little ones in my life now, I no longer have time to give the tractor the attention it deserves. Some upgrades I have added are the 520H front end swap with gear reduction steering, larger AG tires in the rear (not filled yet, which I would recommend), Gusseted lip on bucket, hydro filter for loader, and all basic maintenance items attended to. The tractor does have 1500 hours on the clock, and I really dont know the story behind it, but it does not smoke, and is a great tractor. I also have some spare parts included: eaton 1100 transmission, Terrys 420 LSE Decals, Louvered Hood, and cleaner rear fender. My hope is that someone in the community is willing to take this on and make it into a nice looking machine. Also, the wheel weights are not included. Rexymouse already called Dibs. I have a set of plastic ones if wanted.
  8. Will someone please start convincing Rexymouse to order the plans from PF engineering for the backhoe. I am working on him, but I think a little peer pressure from the red square might help. Just a matter of time really. I know Wallfish has a PF backhoe. Perhaps he could provide a first hand opinion on the backhoe design and usefulness??
  9. Power flow/48" deck Rock Guard

    The only downside to 5200 is removing it. When the tube say "permanent", it means it. The only pieces I still need to complete the job is the correct belt(ordered one for a 42" deck if anyone needs one) and the rubber latch that secured the chute to the blower. I did notice the blower had a little bounce to it. It may be from the worn belt. Gonna see if there is any way to get rid of that. The blower is a huge difference. Sucked mulch (from a bed) from the left side of the deck right into the bag. Very impressed so far. Anyway, thanks for the responses, and happy mowing season to all. Never even thought to extend it up. I will probably see how long I can nurse this one, and extend it if I blow more hole. It is impressive how much suction is generated, stood the grass right up! Do you have any pictures of the guard you made MalMac? Curious to see. Made mine out of 16ga on the round part, and 1/4" on the flat gusset.
  10. Whining Sound when mowing

    Haha. Thanks you.
  11. Power flow/48" deck Rock Guard

    Thanks! The nuts that came off were ground down from dragging, so I thought the acorns might help. Here it a installed. Just cut the grass, and I have to say, it give a very nice cut.
  12. Whining Sound when mowing

    I would take a look at the pto clutch adjustment. The pto is right under the exhaust, so this is best to do when the engine is cool to prevent burns. There is a threaded section on the engagement rod, jut give it one turn at a time until the pto lever has a nice snap upon engagement. Have had the same issue, and it is a high pitch squeal from the clutch on the pto slipping. Gluck! (Sorry it's upside down, but u can see the adjustment if you do a handstand)
  13. So this all started with a 2nd hand 48" deck and power flow set up. The deck is a 1997, and is in very nice condition. I have read most of the posts about the power flow, and found a member that added a rock guard, and decided to try my hand. With the help of rexymouse, we fabbed a nice guard that served two purposes. It sealed the giant crack in the blower housing, and provides future protection against impacts. We used 3m 5200 to seal the whole deal up. I also por15 coated the underside, with fresh belts and blades. Going to give it a try tonight!! Anyway, I thought this was a half decent fix for anyone with the broken blower bringin them down. I'll post some more pics tonight of everything mounted. Thanks again to all the great members on this site for another fix.
  14. 50" Grader Blade

    I am in search of a 50" grader blade somewhere local to Mass. I would prefer the model compatible with the 3-4-500 series attach-a-matic tractors, But please pm me with what ever you have. Thanks sean
  15. 520 H Plow Extension Kit

    Hello, I have a factory 520 plow extension kit collecting dust, and am interested to see if there is anyone in the area in need of one, willing to trade. It is missing the z shape lever for changing the angle of the blade, but all of the bolts/brackets are conplete for extending the plow frame. I am seeking a brinly or wheelhorse plough for a sleeve hitch set up, cast iron wheel weights, or anything wheel horse related. Feel free to pm me what you have if you are interested or want pictures. Thanks Sean