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    Wheel Horse’s I Own A RJ59,A 1968 500 Speical & A Late 1989 312-8 But I Own Others Brands Also Like I Got A 1964 Jacobsen Chief 800 & A NoS 1978 Allis Chalmers 808gt & A Allis Chalmers 1973 416H
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    Rj59 & 500 Special

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    Cloverdale IN
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    Buisness Owner Of Land Works Lawn Care Services & Snow & Ice Removel
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    Old Tractors, RC Vehices & Video Games

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  1. RJ Wheel Horse 8 inch Garden Plow

    Find One Yet Lane??? I Think I Saw On CL Eariler But Idk If It A RJ One Or Not & Text Me If You Want Me To Send The Link To You For It
  2. RJ Topspeed

    My RJ59 Topspeed Is 6.6mph In 3rd Only Things I Did Was Change The Oil To High Mileage 10W30 Engine Oil & A New Spark Plug & I Got New A Carb Coming In For It In The Next Few Days Since The Old Carb Keep Flooding It Self After It Been Running For A Few Mins
  3. My 3 Horse’s

    It A lot Of Shows This Year & A Plowed Day Also Lol
  4. My 3 Horse’s

    8hp Honda Since The Orignal Engine Throw The Rod Gonna Rebuild It This Winter & The 500 Speical Got A Brand New 7hp Kohler On It
  5. My 3 Horse’s

    My Ideal For A 1970’s Tractor Would Be Between A GT14 Or A D Series Tractor
  6. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    All 3 Of My Horse’s In One Pic Lol
  7. My 3 Horse’s

    Happy SVS I Had My Only 3 Horse’s Out Today A RJ59 A 1968 500 Speical & My 1989 312-8 For My Lawn Care Services & Snow Removel Buisness & Of Couse Dirt Work Also Lol The RJ Will Be Plowing My Driveway In The Winter Times Only
  8. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Here A Pic For It My RJ59
  9. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Here My 1968 Wheel Horse 500 Special Plowing At A Plowday Today With A 10inch Brinly Plow You Got 3 Pics Of It You Can Pick From
  10. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    When Does This Ends??