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    Wheel Horse’s I Own A RJ59, A 500 Speical & A B100 Auto But I Own Others Brands Also Like I Got A 1964 Jacobsen Chief 800, 1966-67 Allis Chalmers B12 Old State Highway Dept/Town Owned Tractor With A Snow Plow & A Sickle Bar Mower For It, I Got A 1973 Allis Chalmers 416H & A NOS 1978 Allis Chalmers 808GT
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    Rj59&500 Special

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    Cloverdale IN
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    Buisness Owner Of Land Works Lawn Care Services & Snow & Ice Removel
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    Old Tractors, RC Vehices & Video Games

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  1. 50th Year Of The 500 Speicals

    I Will Take Tons Of Pics For Here
  2. 50th Year Of The 500 Speicals

    If All Of You Didnt See This Or Heard About It Here You Go I Know I Gonna Bring My 500 Speical To It Because That Baiscally Right In My Backyard Lol
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Had My Wheel Horse RJ59 Out Plowing My Barn Driveway Today I Didnt Have Time Till Today To Plow It It Did A Amazing Job On It You Can See My Newest Tractor Photo Bomb My First Pic It A Massey 35 Lol & Look At Them Plies Of Snow From The RJ59 Lol
  4. RJ Wheel Horse 8 inch Garden Plow

    Find One Yet Lane??? I Think I Saw On CL Eariler But Idk If It A RJ One Or Not & Text Me If You Want Me To Send The Link To You For It
  5. RJ Topspeed

    My RJ59 Topspeed Is 6.6mph In 3rd Only Things I Did Was Change The Oil To High Mileage 10W30 Engine Oil & A New Spark Plug & I Got New A Carb Coming In For It In The Next Few Days Since The Old Carb Keep Flooding It Self After It Been Running For A Few Mins
  6. My 3 Horse’s

    It A lot Of Shows This Year & A Plowed Day Also Lol
  7. My 3 Horse’s

    8hp Honda Since The Orignal Engine Throw The Rod Gonna Rebuild It This Winter & The 500 Speical Got A Brand New 7hp Kohler On It
  8. My 3 Horse’s

    My Ideal For A 1970’s Tractor Would Be Between A GT14 Or A D Series Tractor
  9. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    All 3 Of My Horse’s In One Pic Lol
  10. My 3 Horse’s

    Happy SVS I Had My Only 3 Horse’s Out Today A RJ59 A 1968 500 Speical & My 1989 312-8 For My Lawn Care Services & Snow Removel Buisness & Of Couse Dirt Work Also Lol The RJ Will Be Plowing My Driveway In The Winter Times Only
  11. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Here A Pic For It My RJ59
  12. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Here My 1968 Wheel Horse 500 Special Plowing At A Plowday Today With A 10inch Brinly Plow You Got 3 Pics Of It You Can Pick From
  13. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    When Does This Ends??