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    1965 856 bought new by my grandpa in August 1966. Snow plow, mower deck. 1941 Ford 9N.
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  1. '72 Bronco 14 snowblower...

  2. My brother-in-law would like a snow blower for his Bronco 14. Any particular model I should be looking for?
  3. 1972 Bronco 14

    Just picked up a really nice Bronco for my sister and brother-in-law. It has a nice deck with good blades and a rear mount tiller. My question is how far from the ground should the tiller be at full height? It seems low to me at about 3 inches. I can add pics when I get home to the garage to work on it.
  4. New 856 for the collection

    I have mine torn down for a paint job currently. Yours just gave me motivation to get it done!!!
  5. My 656

    Nice! I just started stripping my 856 for a quick resto. They're fairly easy to work with so putting a plow on it won't be tough. Just took mine off last night!
  6. "Is this as fast as it will go?"

    My oldest daughter (12 now) loves to drive my 856. When she asks....I'll let her have it.
  7. So it begins...

    After some discussion with my co-worker Big Mike (he's had quite a few old Wheel Horse tractors) tonight I'm gonna disassemble sheet metal and start sanding. BTW....the paint is straight outta the can Rustoleum Regal Red. I've been a rattle-can master since my model car days. After it's painted and re-assembled, I'll order a decal 'kit' and make it look right.
  8. So it begins...

    So I got bored Sat afternoon and decided to re-do the hood on grandpa's 856. Started sanding and it was looking good. All those layers of brush strokes helped preserve it. Anyways....on with the pics. Guess I'll have to do the rest now.
  9. 856 Saves the day

    It's up and going now. Starter switch crapped out about 11:30 PM. Easy fix.
  10. 856 Saves the day

    My Ford 9N broke down late in the night hauling logs. Towed it back to my garage the next morning with my 856. Let's see if this works...
  11. Time for some snow pictures

    If you want snow, head to the top of Michigan's U.P. in mid-January. -20* air temp w/-40* wind chills and snow drifted taller than I stand when we were in Paradise in 2015. I'm going back really soon!
  12. But is it a good deal? And will it fit my 856? I mean.....if not, I'll make it fit!
  13. Old wheel horse dealer still open

    My grandfather bought my 856 new at Atherton Rd. Sales and Service in Burton, MI. They're still there and still stock many parts for our old steeds. The manager was thrilled when I brought the original purchase receipt from Aug 1966.
  14. Who got it (SE Michigan CL)?

    Wonder if the buyer wants to double his $$$?
  15. It's the 856's turn to play!

    My girls love that old tractor....and the old cars.