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  1. Well I am moving forward with the 36"......once I get my hands on it I will determine which I want to keep. Stay tuned because I may end up parting or selling the 37 as a whole.
  2. Yeah I would LOVE to go tomorrow and had planned on it but my son is having some issues so I can't make it. Plus an hour and a half drive isn't free! lol Hope I can make the next one!
  3. Yeah my 37 deck is not in the shape but all the housing bearing wheels and such are either new or good shape. Just not sure if the deck is straight although like I said he mentioned he has yet to have a straight cutting 37
  4. Just talked to the guy selling the 36. Seemed to really know his horse! He mentioned he has a 42, 37, and 36. He said the 37's never cut as good as any other deck because they were made for the cheaper "box store" wheel horses and are lighter duty and tended to have many problems. I sure have seen that! He said his 36 is ready to go and needs nothing so it looks like I will be either selling my 37 or parting it out and selling the new parts I just bought. Anyone need anything?!?!?! lol
  5. So do you think $150 is a fair price for a good deck?
  6. Thats strange.......I was always under the impression the 37 was more rare......huh
  7. So you like the 36 better then? I wonder if my blades and what not that I bought for the 37 would fit the 36???
  8. So some of you might know I've been chasing spindle issues with my 37" for my 312-8. Put all new bearings, spindle housing, wheels and blades in an attempt to make it finally cut straight but now I'm dealing with what looks to be a bend spindle shaft. Well a 36" rear discharge came up for sale for $150 and assuming its in good running shape would I be wise to change? Is the 36 more reliable? Is it easier to find parts for? Thoughts???
  9. PTO hitch bearings

    I have downloaded those a while ago.....good info!
  10. PTO hitch bearings

    Thats funny......one of them is flat!
  11. PTO hitch bearings

    Just found another listing on parts tree that supports that.....perfect! Order up! No you are right.....but wrong....lol......same picture but multiple variations. I'm gonna stick with two v's.....never had issues.
  12. PTO hitch bearings

    Thanks Don....... Everyone I asked Don as well.....both of the diagrams he led me to takes a flat and a V pulley......How would I know if mine should remain 2 V's or if I should get a flat one???
  13. PTO hitch bearings

    Yeah mine is a 37" side 6 sided belt. For the price I am seeing I will most likely just get the whole pulley. Mine are a bit rough. So should I go with two 927103's? Would love to find an exploded diagram of this thing!
  14. PTO hitch bearings

    So the 2 pulley should be different? I think mine are the same.......could be another hack job from previous owner?