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  1. Totally agree with lots of pics before taking anything apart and also with large clear bags so you can label nuts and bolts...I took so many pics just to remind myself where they went also replaced all my hardware with grade 8 bolts and lock nuts. Tractor supply here sells all there hardware by the pound...cuts cost
  2. Coffee cups

    Great idea , I would be interested in 2 myself
  3. Broken C-120 dip stick

    I would just find another one on e-bay or check with A-Z tractors
  4. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I do the same as Garry mentioned with super kleen reduced with water....works good and cheap,
  5. Throttle cable c160

    I buy mine through arnold universal cables for 7 bucks each and I use a z-bender tool for choke cable as long that the handle assembly is still okay...OEM is very expensive...so far so good...
  6. Rear Bagger system

    I don't own the 310-8 , only the 312-8 but have a 42" SD deck on the 312 tractor...found somebody selling a complete twin bagger from a 310-8 [ non- powered ] .I can't find a bagger system for a 312 .I really don't want to buy another tractor just for a bagger system to work if you know what I mean...Unless you or somebody knows where I can purchase one. Thanks for the reply...
  7. Rear Bagger system

    I;m looking for some info on a rear bagger system , My question is would a twin bagger system from a 310-12 work on a 312-8 tractor without too many modifications understanding that the deck chute maybe different due to the size of the deck?
  8. 312-8 bagger

    I was wondering if the bagger is still for sale
  9. C120 yard work

    Nice Tractor
  10. New Shop

    Led lights for sure , I bought 4 at lowes when they were selling them at 34.00 each.The lights are so much brighter and mentioned with no ballast and bulbs to worry about.I had them up for over a year ,
  11. I also have cans of both and never had a problem with them not working when needed only when its cold out but warming them up...back in action
  12. New Shop

    Very nice..Perfect set up for working on projects
  13. Wallmart for both carb and brakekleen...also sea-foam in liquid and spray,,,I found to be the cheapest to the wallet
  14. 414-8 Won't turn off

    I had the same problem on my 88 312-8 last summer and it was a ground issue from the switch, I was losing ground at the mounting panel where the switch mounted to the chassis...I cleaned all contact points and added die electric grease to all contact points ...i haven' t had a problem since