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  1. D series turning brakes COMPLETE...NICE!!!

    This should fit any D-160, D-180, D-200, or 18 automatic. If I'm wrong guys, please step in. Tyson
  2. D series 3 point hitch

    Here is a complete 3 point hitch assembly for your D series tractor. The rock shaft has been re-welded (see picture). All the joints move freely. If you need a lift cylinder, I have one available for sale. If the picture link doesn't work, I can either email or text you pics. Let me know if you need closer pics of something. Thanks, Tyson https://pix.sfly.com/erpnze https://pix.sfly.com/A2MsMd
  3. Here is a NICE complete turning brake assembly for your D series. Comes with everything you need (other than nuts, bolts and a couple cotter keys) Everything is in VERY good condition. I also have a nice set of used hubs available for sale if you don't think you can get yours off without ruining them. $300 plus actual shipping. If the picture link doesn't work I can either email or text you a pic. Let me know if you desire a closer picture of something. Thanks, Tyson https://pix.sfly.com/e_14jm
  4. Dip Stick for C-120

    I have one.... message me for the details. Regards, Tyson
  5. Wheel Horse D-200 fuel tank

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. D-250 Gas tank

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. D-250 front axle bearing

    PM sent
  8. Wheel Horse D-200 fuel tank

    Changed Status to Pending
  9. Wheel Horse D-200 fuel tank

    Sorry, I forgot to update this....the tank is sold to a local collector pending payment and pickup.
  10. I'm so freaking jealous right now!!!.... Idaho is on the short list....VERY VERY short list of places my wife and I want to move to after the kids are out of school. Who knows, anywhere from 5-10 years from now we may be "neighbors" Good luck with the move, you'll probably triple the wheel horse population in Idaho when you move
  11. Wheel Horse D-200 fuel tank

    Here is an excellent used fuel tank for a D-200. Will also work on the D-160's and D-180's to give you more capacity. The outside of the tank is very straight with no big dents. It could obviously use a coat of paint. The inside is in excellent condition with no rust. The 4 mounting bolts on the bottom are in great condition, the provided nuts go on easily with your fingers. The fuel cap is not the best but serviceable. Don't miss this one. $150 plus actual shipping. I can text or email pics if the links don't work. Regards, Tyson https://pix.sfly.com/CyjAQO https://pix.sfly.com/OyKTCz https://pix.sfly.com/tf7w4s https://pix.sfly.com/Fdzm5H
  12. Here is a nice used set of mufflers for a D-160 (onan) D-180 or D-200. Price is $125 plus actual shipping. I can either text or email pics if the link doesn't work. Regards, Tyson https://pix.sfly.com/q5AWVe
  13. Paint carburator or no paint?

    I have used a fine wire wheel on my grinder to clean them up, makes the aluminum shine pretty good and the brass adjustment needles almost look polished.
  14. Dirt / Snow plow, D200

    I have a nice straight one, but it's here in Nebraska. Tyson
  15. 79301 Wheel Horse Bagger

    My buddy has a nice one for sale, has new bags and is in good working order (it used to be mine) He's in California until Friday. I'll talk to him this weekend and see what he wants for it, only down side is it would have to be shipped from Nebraska. If you don't have any bites by this weekend I'll be in touch. Tyson