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  1. Wtb d 160 gas tank

    I do indeed have one... however, one of the 4 studs are broke off. It has a few dents and the inside is serviceable. Price will be very reasonable. If you want pics, PM me either your email address or cell number. Regards, Tyson
  2. Wtb d 160 gas tank

    I think I have a nice one, I'll hopefully get a chance to check tomorrow. I'll let you know here. Tyson
  3. Wanted Bagger 79310

    My buddy has a nice one for sale....brand new bags, everything in very good shape. PM me for his contact info. Regards Tyson
  4. 520-H clutch

    If I'm not mistaken, the 520's (and similar age tractors) did not use rivets on their PTO clutch discs. I have a good clutch disc if you are interested. Tyson
  5. Wanted

    I just sent you an email... Tyson
  6. D series 3 point hitch

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Wondering what these are?

    Well, it didn't go as I hoped today. Here are what things sold for. Suburban with Clinton...$450 Suburban with Briggs transplant....$300 Lauson...$27.50 I bought the lauson, but neither of the suburbans. I talked to the guy that bought the one with the Clinton...i felt better after I did. He was the best friend of the guy who's estate was being sold after he died. He had known him for over 60 years. I explained to him what I learned from you guys on here and he was very thankful. Thanks for all the help and hopefully next time I'll come out on top. Tyson
  8. Need help with price...

    I did get it...for a pretty fair price I think. It runs decent but smokes a tad. Everything is in really good shape considering it's over 40 years old. Sears made a good tractor back then. The snow blower looks hardly used. The seat is good, the tires stay up and everything is original. Do you think the sickle bar mower is a Haban? Did they make that for Sears or was it made by someone else?
  9. Wondering what these are?

  10. Wondering what these are?

    Wondering if you guys could inform me a little of these 2 tractors?.... and then a misc engine for fun. Please tell me what you see.... original stuff, modified stuff.... value.... worth getting? Thanks https://www.flickr.com/photos/139605220@N08/shares/4jDy76
  11. d 160 steering brakes

    I have a nice complete turning brake assembly for sale... that way you'd have extra parts
  12. Need help with price...

    Hey guys, I have a question about a tractor package and since I haven't bought a sears for quite a while I haven't followed the prices. I'm looking at a Sears SS/16 twin. Runs good, has the rear 3pt, plastic covered wheel weights and chains. Comes with a snowblower, side sickle mower, one bottom plow, rear blade, rear basket.... and manuals. The condition is very good on everything, I'm picky and it looks like a very nice original. What do you guys feel is a safe and fair price? I'm in Nebraska. Thanks Tyson
  13. Bench firing a Kohler M12

    If in fact the purple is the mag kill, all i need to do is ground it then to shut the motor off?
  14. Bench firing a Kohler M12

    So... 1). Just the flywheel spinning creates the spark and timing? 2). Does it matter which key switch I use? 3). Anything else?
  15. Bench firing a Kohler M12

    I want to start and run my M12 on my work bench. There are currently no wires on the motor other than the 5 pin plug (2 reds, 1 purple, 1 white) Can someone please tell me how to hook it up electrically? Also, which ignition switch do I use? Will the one out of my 520-H work? Thanks!!!