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  1. 79301 Wheel Horse Bagger

    My buddy has a nice one for sale, has new bags and is in good working order (it used to be mine) He's in California until Friday. I'll talk to him this weekend and see what he wants for it, only down side is it would have to be shipped from Nebraska. If you don't have any bites by this weekend I'll be in touch. Tyson
  2. WTB wheel hub C-120

    I have one if you still need one.
  3. Large shaft hubs

    Are you still looking for a pair of hubs?
  4. 953 wiring help

    My newly acquired 953 is in need of rewiring and the original switch is not there. It obviously has a starter/generator on it. I was wondering if it is possible to use a newer style switch (points switch like out of a C-120) AND if so, could someone explain to me how to hook it all up. I'm not very familiar with the s/g and it's wiring needs. Thanks in advance! Tyson
  5. Mega 300+ Tractors to be sold at auction 9/16

    Yup...... I haven't had a chance to mess with it yet, doesn't seem to have any compression.... maybe (hopefully) just a stuck valve...idk. I'll tear into it sooner or later.
  6. Mega 300+ Tractors to be sold at auction 9/16

    If I lived closer (within an hour or so I would have bought probably 15-20 tractors) I thought there were some steals there, but as other people have mentioned, there were some high prices as well. Here are a few of the notes I took while i was there. The green painted D-160...Plastic wheel weights, 3 pt, no rear PTO...$245 D-160 Kohler...3 pt, no rear PTO, cast weights (not WH) electric winch on front, decent seat, tire chains...$380 John Deere 318 with deck....nice.....$800 John Deere 420 repowered...$900 520-H (had 520-8 hood)...$750 GT-14...3 pt, nice condition....$500 D-250 with really nice deck...$900 C-195...partial 3pt setup...$725 D-200...original K-532, 3pt, rear PTO, no turning brakes, deck, and it strangely enough had an electric PTO...$400 (SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THIS ONE) C-141 with sickle bar....had GT-14 decal on hood....cast wheel weights (not WH)....$900 D-160 with Kohler and Back hoe...backhoe was rough, but there....$2100 No tractors from the auctions ended up in Nebraska .....but the trip did have a happy ending. In central Ohio I picked up a great running D-200 with rear 3pt 60" deck and 54" front blade, turning brakes, 3pt, rear PTO...but has a bad hydro pump. I also picked up a 953 right north of Indianapolis. So, it wasn't a complete waste. Got to meet some really nice people, see some BEAUTIFUL country, and got to see a great collection of tractors
  7. Big Lawn and Garden Tractor Auction

    Nebraska was represented down there.......
  8. Stuff...cross country trip!!!

    Planter is SOLD...pending payment
  9. Stuff...cross country trip!!!

    There is a good chance I'll be heading east from Nebraska on September 12th along I-80/I-90 for work in Detroit, then September 14th/15th down to Virginia through northern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, eastern West Virginia to Virginia. I am already bringing some goodies for some people and could add to the load if someone wants anything I have for sale. I could meet you along this route and exchange the goods for cash. I will not charge shipping since I am traveling that way anyway. Some of the things I have for sale is...I have tons of parts too, so just let me know what you need. Complete 520 rear end with pump and hubs...$125 Complete C-175 Auto rear end with pump and hubs... Complete 16HP Onan from a D-160...runs great but smokes a tad 14HP Kohler K321 with solid state ignition. Ran but lost spark, no starter 14HP Kohler K321, runs great but smokes a tad. 18HP Kohler K482 from a D-180...motor is in pieces but everything is in great shape. Complete lawn vacuum NOS 48" doer blade, never assembled, still in box 2 piece cultivator set, very nice condition 1 row planter with metering plates Wheel Horse Harrow One bottom plow Low 2 wheel cart 32" gear drive deck. If any of this stuff interests you, please send me a message and I'll get you pics and prices.
  10. Battery exploded

    Had that happen to me while I was snow blowing years ago....and this was right after I just restored the tractor. I gave it a good bath with the hose in 15 degree weather, left it outside so it wouldn't drip in the garage...ONE BIG ICE CUBE in the morning.
  11. 48"-520 Deck and Dozer Blade

    I have a NOS 48" dozer blade still in the box, and a VERY nice used 48" deck if you're interested. They would both need shipped from Nebraska. PM me if you are interested. Regards, Tyson
  12. Crafstman lawn mower

    My dad has a mid 90's (i think) Craftsman lawn mower model number 917.257631 that he uses to just pull the sprayer and fertilizer around with. Has a 13HP Briggs on it. He'll be using it for a bit and when it gets warmed up, it'll all of a sudden die. He'll let it set for a couple minutes and then it will fire right up. I told him I think it might be the magneto armature (ignition coil). Does this sound like a correct diagnosis? I just wanted to double check before I go ordering stuff I won't need. Thanks in advance!!! Tyson
  13. Lawn Vacuum

    Lets try this again, Didn't realize Photobucket was being jerks!!! Try the links from shutterfly, if they still don't work please let me know. Here is a complete, at least I'm fairly sure it's complete lawn vacuum. You'll need to buy a belt and a rear axle bracket (I have a rear axle bracket for a reasonable price if you need one) I also have the chute and the hose, I just don't have pics of them yet. You'll get two covers for the trailer, the original canvas one is still in pretty decent shape, the red one is like new. I can ship this through Fastenal if you are interested in that, guessing it would be anywhere from $75-$125, or I could meet you within about 3 hours from Lincoln Nebraska for gas money. https://pix.sfly.com/N1RYP6 https://pix.sfly.com/VwAYfM https://pix.sfly.com/HR3YaK https://pix.sfly.com/6C_AU_ https://pix.sfly.com/iJQGA0 https://pix.sfly.com/7XsoF4 https://pix.sfly.com/e2UK53 https://pix.sfly.com/rgrXR5
  14. Lawn vacuum

    I'll try and remedy tonight.... I can also text or email you pics if you PM me your info.
  15. Lawn vacuum

    You may have to click on each photobucket icon.... try that, if that doesn't work please let me know. Thanks