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    1.A 657 with original engine. This was sitting for 20 years under a porch. A +7 to scale.
    2.Work in progress a 1057. This is ready to fire up. That was my goal this year. This will be a 10 + when done.
    3.very nice never been apart 1257 with grease caps on all fittings. I guess it was an option. A 9 +
    4. A dealer stock 607. 3rd owner. Is done. Trailer Queen. A 10 + to scale.

    5.HAVE A NICE DAY:USA::wh: :)
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    any 60 and early 70.

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    Born in St Albans VT. Live in Springfield Mass.
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  1. Loading Shovel

    Farmer. Well done. It turns like a fork lift. Make sense that way put the load up front. Enjoy the tractor. Or would you call it that?
  2. A Work Horse Project

    rustyoldjunk Looks like a great winter project. I am sure with little effort you find what you need for it. Enjoy the project.
  3. Happiest kids on the block

    Pull start great picks of you and your family . The girls looks they are having fun. Tractors and kids equals or = . Enjoy.
  4. Historic Horse. I hope you can find one or fix your deck. As you can see there is always good help here.

    Where is this Mike?
  6. American made...American proud!

    Glen I think this is a calendar shot. To me it looks better with nature is involved.
  7. Wheel-Horse Tractor Covers

    80 tractors. Sounds you like you do need a bigger barn.
  8. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!

    Sorry Mike I only have one tractor now. All extra parts that I had are gone.
  9. Best mower for 10 acres?

    Mark how about some pictures of the are you are mowing to help us out. Just my
  10. Anything Goes Sunday

    Steve I think next year you should throw one of your tractors in the back of the truck. I have to say it but those are heavy duty tractors by J/D.
  11. Anything Goes Sunday

    I for got one. I try to nature in the shots. a 1075 and a 1257 that I had.
  12. Anything Goes Sunday

    The first is a early craftsman that was restored I saw at a show one time. My father bought this back in the early 60`s. The other is ???? I saw this Zagrays one year.
  13. Anything Goes Sunday

    Good one Steve.
  14. New to Wheel Horse

    The only thing I can say about belts is the original [NOS] ones last for decades. I seen it time and time again.
  15. Side Shot Saturday !!

    I thought the 14`s came out in the 70`s.