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    1.A 657 with original engine. This was sitting for 20 years under a porch. A +7 to scale.
    2.Work in progress a 1057. This is ready to fire up. That was my goal this year. This will be a 10 + when done.
    3.very nice never been apart 1257 with grease caps on all fittings. I guess it was an option. A 9 +
    4. A dealer stock 607. 3rd owner. Is done. Trailer Queen. A 10 + to scale.

    5.HAVE A NICE DAY:USA::wh: :)
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    any 60 and early 70.

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    Born in St Albans VT. Live in Springfield Mass.
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  1. Junk yard save!

    Chris. I'd rather have one like this than one painted three times lol. Most of here agree with this. If it is a worker who cares what it looks like as long as it gets the job done. I just pick up 3 been out side for a while. Been going them one at a time. They will be fine workers when done. Enjoy the projects.
  2. Wheel horse plethora

    wheel horse plethora. Sorry to hear of your bad luck. There is more of good people in the world than bad. I am sure you will find good things happen here.
  3. Going to new "Stable"

    Thanks for the offer.
  4. Going to new "Stable"

    Thanks Tony for posting. Yes Mike John and Steve. I get board in the winter so this will help out for the next few years. Winter is a tuff time when you are retired but not now. I probably flip at least one keep the rest for parts. I like these B-80 a lot. I have had many.
  5. And now...the Back Stories

    These are all great pictures. I hope we see more.
  6. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Neil it is something to be proud of. . Enjoy it.
  7. What model be this horse?

    I think so also. No running boards.
  8. Which horse is your favorite

    Any model that runs and drives Also that does not have safety switches. They can be a pain.
  9. The latest purchase...

    Well done Mike. Looks great. And who cares where it comes from, it is the tractor that counts. My I have to agree with you on Photobucket. My opinion is this site is the worst. It takes for ever to do anything I took all my picks out of it. Enjoy the tractor. And may be get it dirty?
  10. Finished a small project I started last year

    Lee1977 Great looking set up you have there. A real worker.
  11. loader wh on the mass pike

    Well thank you for letting me know about my misunderstanding of this. I guess you always learning in life that there is always someone with more experience and knowledge than you.
  12. loader wh on the mass pike

    Now that is interesting to know. Must be people that are wanabees.
  13. Happy wheelhorseoween

    Good job.
  14. Halloween Accident!

    Cool stuff with tractors.
  15. 7hp tecumseh won't start

    Bttatro I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions. Dis regard this>>> MVI_0780.MOVMVI_0780.MOVI did not get all the #`s let me know what you would like to see I will redo them.>>>>>MVI_0780.MOVMVI_0780.MOV.