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    1.A 657 with original engine. This was sitting for 20 years under a porch. A +7 to scale.
    2.Work in progress a 1057. This is ready to fire up. That was my goal this year. This will be a 10 + when done.
    3.very nice never been apart 1257 with grease caps on all fittings. I guess it was an option. A 9 +
    4. A dealer stock 607. 3rd owner. Is done. Trailer Queen. A 10 + to scale.

    5.HAVE A NICE DAY:USA::wh: :)
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    any 60 and early 70.

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    Born in St Albans VT. Live in Springfield Mass.
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  1. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    Jack did you get any flooding like my brother in Swanton did? How are things in Morrisville? It has been a while since I have been threw there.
  2. Lots of snow

    Wheelie horse You are definitely ready for winter. Nice tractor. Enjoy your seat time.
  3. Winter Storm Hunter

    Mike you will like it. I have had mine 15 years now. I used to race snowmobiles. Still works fine. Like I said if the outer housing is chewed up clean the sharps parts of and run some 1/4' shrink tubing over it to seal in the lube. You will be happy.
  4. Greetings from Spain

    Carlos: El juez de salida puede no ser malo. En estos motores Kohler Magum encontré que el Bendix (parte delantera del motor de arranque) con los dientes tiende a pegarse y podría usar algo de lubricación. Quitar el arranque es algo difícil en este motor. Pero no es necesario que quite el motor de arranque del motor. Dos pernos están en el lado derecho cerca de la protección de la correa que sostiene el arrancador en su lugar. También podría tener un solenoide defectuoso si no funciona la lubricación y el movimiento de liberación del cabezal del estator. Espero que esto ayude. Thanks Richard I never saw that product before. Looks like it can work very well. I have been using silicone.
  5. wh

    wha Enjoy the site. And Enjoy the ride.
  6. Winter Storm Hunter

    Mike have you ever tried a cable lubricator? Like this? these work great. Never had a sticky cable using these. I some times cover the hosing with 1/4" shrink tubing to seal it. Enjoy.
  7. Those proud moments!

    Chris you know the saying go GREEN. But I think not in this case. Enjoy the ride.
  8. Snow is not always about blades and blowers!

    If that makes you happy. Enjoy the ride.
  9. Snow is not always about blades and blowers!

    Gary Nice tractor is that a no name 12? nice pin striping. Adds definition. Do you use dry gas in your fuel? May be look into a wheel horse 4 wheel cart = more wood less trips. Just my.
  10. CL something different

    edgro . I am with you on this. I always tried different accents with paint. A little color here and there goes a long way. I never like factory red blob= no separation. Just my .
  11. impressed neighbor

    I always new there were good people in Westfield. Good job.
  12. Adios

    Once you go RED. You never go green or yellow or orange.
  13. L-107 still working

    pfrederi Nice Tractor. Those Tecky`s love the cold. I have a 2.7hp Ariens blower and that is my favorite of two that I have. Is it all original? Have fun. Terry nice job . That would make a great decal.
  14. ccr powerlite

    Garry you are the Man. Thanks. Saved it.
  15. ccr powerlite

    Hi I have a 2 stroke Toro ccr powerlite paddle snow blower that I use for the deck. It has a 3hp tecky engine. Is there any info here for that engine like carb settings. mod# 38170 ser # 6901627. Thanks in advance.