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    Old guy with a wrench

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    1.A 657 with original engine. This was sitting for 20 years under a porch. A +7 to scale.
    2.Work in progress a 1057. This is ready to fire up. That was my goal this year. This will be a 10 + when done.
    3.very nice never been apart 1257 with grease caps on all fittings. I guess it was an option. A 9 +
    4. A dealer stock 607. 3rd owner. Is done. Trailer Queen. A 10 + to scale.

    5.HAVE A NICE DAY:USA::wh: :)
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    any 60 and early 70.

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    Born in St Albans VT. Live in Springfield Mass.
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  1. Black Hood/back-up camera

    Pretty cool stuff they have today. Does come in handy though.
  2. Spring Clean-up

    Craig They all look great. How is the C160? I have always wanted one of those don`t need it but It was on the list. Hard to find these in good shape. Enjoy the ride.
  3. Another one

    Nice find Tom. Hard to find these 6 speeds. A good cleaning and should be a great worker. Enjoy it.
  4. AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree 2018

    Steve it looked like it was a great show for you and others. Nice line up of tractors. Some you do not see much of any more.
  5. Wheel horse C-175 from grandfather.

    Ripmf666 Nice tractor. Glade you are keeping it in the family. Looks like it should be a great tractor when done.
  6. Bernardston Mass Show

    What time Russ?
  7. C161 right place at the right time

    Craig nice tractor. I really like the old Ford pick up. I am a Ford man.
  8. C161 right place at the right time

    The Gman Looks like a great project. Enjoy.
  9. Wheel horse 8hp 4 speed

    @Dakota These fine little tractors. I had one for years did everything I wanted done with it. Enjoy.
  10. So sexy

    Clean looking 520 you have. Enjoy.
  11. What does anyone here think of this?

    Dave I hope this all works out for you. Enjoy it if you get it. Become a Supporter and you can post all the pictures you would like. Never enough pictures on this site. More is better.
  12. Bernardston Mass Show

    Mike I will be there early if I can make it. Hope to see you John and Russ also.
  13. Todays Haul / Horse Trading Session

    Nice Haul Tony. That will keep you busy for awhile. Enjoy.
  14. Bernardston Mass Show

    Mike This is my second favorite show on the list. A lot to see. Zag`s is my 1st choice. I hope you like it.
  15. Ahhh...the smell of fresh mowed grass!

    Nice pick up Mike. I like the ground shot. Bonding with your tractor.
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