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    1961 wheel horse not sure what model but has no engine, and a wheel horse commando with a 12 hp briggs and stratton
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    Remus Michigan
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    Handy man at debs faded farmhouse/ little bit of farm wirk
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  1. 1963 603 4 speed make a good puller????

    Post removed (nylyon)
  2. 1963 603 4 speed make a good puller????

  3. 1963 603 4 speed make a good puller????

    Will my 603 with à 14 hp kohler make à good transfer weight puller???
  4. Wheelhorse Vs IH Cub Cadets - Pulling

    Octfst i heard on Facebook you didnt do as well as you thought it would. Nice ride,!
  5. 1963 model 603 pulling project

    My first pulling tractor build
  6. 18 HP Kohler + 61 wheelhorse good combo?

    Im wrong on the tractor year its actually à 63 model 603 and it will actually have à 14 hp kohler
  7. 18 HP Kohler + 61 wheelhorse good combo?

    Hello! I have bought a 18 hp kohler (stock) for my 61 wheelhorse, im going to pull with it and i want to know if the tractor will pull good and the engine, here is what i have on the tractor *18 hp kohler *future welded striaght axle good idea? *original ag's *300 lb tractor with around 140 pound driver with weights * I dont know what rear end is in it THANKS! have a great day and thanks for reading my post!!!
  8. Wheelhorse pullr

    no pictures right now its in my aunts shed it has the original rear end so im not sure what kind it has ags on it with a stock kohler its gonna pull in the twin 950 stock
  9. Wheelhorse Vs IH Cub Cadets - Pulling

    wheelhorses are tough on the local cement pull all tractors were stock weelhorses amd some were stretched out but still stock and only 2 tractors werent wheelhorses but they both lost, 1 was a cub and the other was a massey, this puller said you cant break in trannies in them, he said he's been pulling his for almost 13 years on cement and it hasnt broke yet
  10. Wheelhorse pullr

    Howdy! I Was wondering if my 1961 wheelhorse with a 18 hp kohler will pull great. Thanks
  11. Ready for my 18 hp kohler

  12. 1977 A-90

    My second WheelHoese. It has an 8 hp Briggs-Stratton
  13. 1977 A-90 WheelHorse

    My 2nd wheelhorse. It has an 8 hp Briggs-Stratton