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  1. Very light front end pulling

    My sons pull a C120 and a C160. We use very little weight on the front end. Our rules set the hitch height at 10" and their weight for youth class is 900lbs. On a tacky clay track we shift some weight to the front. What size pulleys are you guys running?
  2. Weight of a C160

    Thanks Maynard, my sons want to pull in the 900# stock class. Just trying to get an idea how much weight I need to add to the tractor.
  3. Weight of a C160

    What is the approximate weight of a C160 8 speed without a mower deck or any other accessories?
  4. New Guy with a C160

    Thanks for the information so far. Not sure we will be pulling with any specific club. Probably the county fairs and the pulls at Garden Chapel. The rules say no Pro Pulling tires or Cut tires but Ag tires are permitted. Not sure how the Vogel would be classified as it does appear similar to the Carlisle Super lug.
  5. New Guy with a C160

    My sons, ages 9 and 11, decided they want to try pulling in the youth class at some of the local pulls. I just purchased a C160 for their first pulling tractor. They will be pulling in the stock 900lb class. They can use up to a 23x10.50x12 tire. Any reccomendations on tires? Can I mount 23x 10.50 Ags on the stock 8.50 wheels? I'm also looking for input on a variable speed pulley. I also believe the C160 has the weaker 4 pinion rear which I wil probably use until it breaks. What is the approximate weight of the C160? Thanks for the advice, I enjoy looking at all the amazing tractors on this forum.