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  1. GT550

    That sure is true. This is a great place.
  2. Surprise with my 244H

    Thanks, just when I think I have the model numbers figured out I learn something new.
  3. Surprise with my 244H

    What engine is in a 244H? I've never heard of that model. Love those easy fixes.
  4. Close Call Yesterday

    Most of my surveying work is done on interstates or state highways and this happens to me all the time. It seems like people don't have common sense or just don't care anymore. Be careful out there.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1817640241805287/?ref=group_header The show is August 17-20 2018, Wheel Horse is always represented along with many other garden tractor brands. All I could find was a link to their Facebook page. The location is 1653 Ridge Road, Vienna Ohio 44473. ( next to the airport).
  6. international historical festival panningen

    Thanks for sharing, it's cool to see stuff you don't see around here.
  7. Please be safe out there!

    That sucks, Prayers.
  8. 1077 99% complete

    Nice job.
  9. Dissington Vintage Rally. Cumbria.

    That looked like a pretty good show, thanks for the pics.
  10. The 875 Of Destruction

    Mine was the same way. I cut two small strips from a 20" inner tube, they look like rubber bands, and put them over the friction plates. I also think some type of rubberized coating might work. Good luck, post if you have another solution.
  11. Great day at the show!!

    Nice, thanks.
  12. Tractor wired by angry beavers

    I have a 875 and the tow valve is a 1/2" bolt, it can be seen looking straight down at the trans. Just loosen it (1/8 turn) don't remove it and just snug it up when you close it. Good luck.
  13. DITCH DIGGER / on Dozer A-frame

    Nice solution.
  14. Nice little diesel....... 512-D

    Is that something Wheel Horse made?
  15. New tractor

    What model is that?