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    You can see the mounting hinges here, of course all the seat stuff unpins and comes off, but these hinges pin to the rear of the hauler, then the winch, w2hich is mounted under the floor in the center of the Trolley, lifts it's self up onto the hauler.

    Changed Price to 2500
  4. OK .. I guess I'm full of crap when it comes to putting a value on things. Silly me, I figured if I priced something at HALF what it cost that there would be some interest, but obviously I was wrong. So, lets try 1/3rd of that!! The Beast, and the Trolley, for $2500. Geez, there's $400 worth of hub caps!! lol
  5. Happy Birthday Gulftane

    Thanks guys. "Defying the odds" as my cardiologist puts it!! Still no luck giving the Beast away. About ready to scrap it out, should bring what I'm looking for .. or more!!

    Little things I forgot to add, there is a chrome "air" horn, very loud, and it works off the horn button center of the custom steering wheel, all the electrical stuff is protected by a auto style fuse panel. Gonna guess, and say there is between $300 and $500 worth of chrome and stainless fasteners on here. The local Ace Hardware store used to laugh when I came in with my bags of dirty bolts to replace. ... for a lawn mower that doesn't cut grass!!
  7. REPOST to freshen those who may not have followed price!! The trailer, or "Trolley" is worth the asking price alone. ALL seats and roof are easily removed, tires and axles can easily haul 500 LBS each which is 3000 LBS for this trailer, and it turns on a dime, with front AND rear axle tie rod style steering. The Beast is a 1978 D200, stock power train, 18" frame stretch, 2500 LB winch w remote that mounts front or rear w plug in power, and it's own LED lights. The tractor has nearly 100 LED lights, a back-up camera, GPS, USB driven stereo, USB phone charger and aux power port, full car size battery, a TACH, which is tough to find for a 2 cyl engine, full gauges, new rear tires, like new fronts, a huge rear ball assy with hook, again, a full 2" reese style receiver front and back to attach whatever you want. ps .. ONLY after the Beast and trailer are sold, I will also sell the hauler, a 12' (14" including V nose), complete custom trailer, diamond plate all over, cabinets inside, lg tool box w tools, extra high, the rear door opening is nearly 7 foot tall, I'm 6-5 and can walk in and out without ducking. All LED lights including interior. Alum wheels, new tires. The price for the hauler is $3000, but that will sell local here within hours, the motorcycle guys fight over these!!!
  8. Price at $3000, funny, there's over $2000 worth of aluminum in this thing!! lol
  9. Had to put a price in the Classified ad, so I threw a number in there. Since I had zero interest, I figure that must have been too high, so how about half of that. 3750.00
  10. D160 roller

    D160, NO ENGINE or PTO equip. Bought from AtoZ last summer, but unable to do the project. Come get it before the scrap guy does!!
  11. Figured I would start here, with the guys who followed the build, then I will do a classified. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Things are stable, but to keep it that way, I have to limit myself to watching tv, period. I have a girl to shop and clean for me, so I'll just sit here and watch the calander!!
  13. Health forces sale. If anyone is interested, make me an offer.
  14. You should know me by now, I won't turn a wrench without lettin you guys know!! You're worse than a wife ... what are you doin .. where's that go ... why .. why ... GEEZ LOL