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    D200 .. bought one in 1978, loved it. Now interested in restoring one. Picked up one that, while in pretty rough shape, appears to be complete. Let the games begin!!

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  1. keep in mind, batteries go for $75-100 each, x6, so if it has good batteries, it is worth up to $600 more than one without.
  2. B-145 Parts or whole!!!

    Looking fior misc parts, or would consider whole unit. The further south the better, but will travel!!
  3. very nice ... thanks!!!
  4. I don't know if this guy will get his price but ......
  5. Very nice job!!!!!
  6. Used to work for a diesel shop in Pittsburgh .. ceramic coated pistons were one of the main adds to increase performance of diesel engines, but I have not seen or heard of it's advantage in gas engines. This is a good read ....
  7. While I'm new to RS, Bob has been around the block a time or two!! This is the FIRST event of this type I have ever been to, where participants did not pay, at least a small amount, towards the event. I really do apprciate the efforts of the WHCC yo keep this free, but honestly, I would have been glad to pay $5-$10 per day to participate. I felt sorry for the guy with the D250 and his wife who appeared to take care of th eTONS of garbage on their own!!!
  8. Yea, a Fall SOUTHERN show!!!
  9. guess I named the file wrong, what do I know, I'm a "D" guy!!!
  10. Here's the video .... my "welcome to Red Square" favor ... which I will probably get yelled at for!! LOL Oh well, just trying to land a new supporter!!! 318.mp4
  11. Email the video to me, and I will add it for you. (Once you are a supporting member you can do this).
  12. Hold on there bucko ... what about the chrome????? Fancy paint??? Geez, let's not get ahead of ourselves with this work crap!! LOL
  13. We should have talked a bit more. All the seats come off the trolley, we could have used my hauler door to load you on the deck, hell I would have put a tank of gas through the Beast haulin you around brother!!!
  14. I'm sorry you didn't visit with me too!! LOL But I have to tell you, there was a ton of guys that did. One was ACMan, who I believe is confined to a wheel chair, and had a real cool track style chair at the show. Why do I mention him?? 'Cause he's the only one I remember!!! LOL!!! If all the guys I met came to my house today, some may look familiar, but would have NO IDEA who they were!! It's so fun being old and dumb!! Thank God for the manuals download page!!!!!!
  15. In case you didn't find it, here's the library of manuals you can download FOR FREE (remember, this is a great reason to become a supporter!!)