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  1. Yea, I'm looking for a D parts tractor, frame, axles and some sheet metal, no engine or hydro ... maybe I'll get lucky!!
  2. Well, another year of my life (we measure "years" here in FL by the winter!!) shot to hell layin in bed, more issues. I have however, had plenty of time to think and plan. I have had so many compliments on the Beast, that I just can't bring myself to cut her up. So ... I decided, that if and when I get back on my feet, that I'm going to mothball the flathead, and go forward with restoring the B-145 electric. Once thats done, I will look for another horse for the V8. Hope that's not too disappointing, but I think this is the best way to go.
  3. NO!! The price isn't $2500 LOL .. but I honestly don't know just yet what it's worth. It will NOT be available for several months. Currently it is running fine, and I will post a video soon. Many chrome parts, new starter, coil, wires, internal carb parts, fresh valve job, piston tops and heads cleaner than my dishes!! Engine side tins have been trimmed, so if you are going to use it heavy, you will need to find a set of them. Not needed for light duty. ALL stainless hardware, including head bolts. Looks nice!! Just think about it, I will post more pics and video later. Thanks, bob
  4. Looking for ... NOS engine / pump coupler , AND the rubber mount that goes on the engine. D200 HOOD, guess a 160 would work too, they are the same, I think!! don't care about the latches. THANKS!!
  5. I'm looking for a D200 hood ... ???
  6. Don't know if you found what you wanted, but if not, keep in mind the D series steering is a ROSS system, also used by Cub Cadet and John Deere ... easier to find their parts ... even though they are the same, just painted a diff color!!!
  7. Hey Horse guys .... Sorry I haven't been around lately. Having gut issues, still not resolved but they are working on it. Lost over 40LBS in the last 3 months, would be great if it was MY idea!! Anyway, been doing a lot of thinking while I am layin here. Decided to shelf the B-145 project for now. The BEAST is really just stock, so she isn't REALLY a beast. So ..... I have decided that the next project should be actually making it a REAL beast!!! Probably going to have to do some serious re-design of the front end, and engineer new cooling and charging systems, but hey ... it's only ... well ...yea, it's only!!! This is a 1934 Ford, factory stock is 85 HP, so that should help the Beast be more Beastly!!! Will keep you posted, but be patient, can't start til I feel a little better!!!
  8. keep in mind, batteries go for $75-100 each, x6, so if it has good batteries, it is worth up to $600 more than one without.
  9. Looking fior misc parts, or would consider whole unit. The further south the better, but will travel!!
  10. very nice ... thanks!!!
  11. I don't know if this guy will get his price but ......
  12. Very nice job!!!!!
  13. Used to work for a diesel shop in Pittsburgh .. ceramic coated pistons were one of the main adds to increase performance of diesel engines, but I have not seen or heard of it's advantage in gas engines. This is a good read ....
  14. While I'm new to RS, Bob has been around the block a time or two!! This is the FIRST event of this type I have ever been to, where participants did not pay, at least a small amount, towards the event. I really do apprciate the efforts of the WHCC yo keep this free, but honestly, I would have been glad to pay $5-$10 per day to participate. I felt sorry for the guy with the D250 and his wife who appeared to take care of th eTONS of garbage on their own!!!
  15. Yea, a Fall SOUTHERN show!!!