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    D200 .. bought one in 1978, loved it. Now interested in restoring one. Picked up one that, while in pretty rough shape, appears to be complete. Let the games begin!!

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  1. You should know me by now, I won't turn a wrench without lettin you guys know!! You're worse than a wife ... what are you doin .. where's that go ... why .. why ... GEEZ LOL
  2. Hey sports fans //// Been pretty quiet around here, I had another heart attack, mild one, a couple weeks ago, did angio on one vessel and put stents in 2 others. Big difference now, so I'm looking forward to a good winter in the garage, you know, 60 degrees, sunny, breeze, perfect WH weather!!! Still have not made up my mind if I want to do the electric or the flathead next, but I have enough cleanup work to keep me busy for a bit. The BEAST has a dead battery and a flat steering tire, so I need to tend to that first. Glad to be back, will start a new thread once I figure out which one I want to do!! LOL
  3. Balancing Gears - in or out

    Don't know if you have this, want it, or have a place for it, but it is very well done. ...
  4. How did you make out over there??
  5. Hey gang. Got pwr and cable back THUR. Sorry, should have checked in sooner. We are very lucky here. The Beast lives in a garage at 11FT, my old trailer is at 25FT, but surrounded by 65FT tall FL Long Leaf Pines. NO DAMAGE, NO FLOODING!!! With packing up stuff and getting out, then getting back in, my ticker is workin pretty hard. Nitro patches on top of each other!! LOL Things starting to get back to normal here, I know we have some other guys further south, and a few in Houston as well. Hope they all were at least as fortunate as us!!
  6. 1962 short clip, Pittsburgh PA

    Pulled from home 8mm movie, spring, 1962 wheelhorse.mp4 I can't seen to add comments to answer questions as normal on this thread. So, don't know why it will not play on an ipad, but since there are only 15 or 20 of them in existence, well,.... secondly this is ME, when I was 7, keep in mind I was 6-5 in the 7th grade!! Mom was out raking the yard, and Dad had just got his new fancy 8mm camera, so he was out filming the action!!
  7. Found this on an old 8mm home movie, ME, showing my trim around a tree technique, all be it a bit rough, but not that bad for a 7 year old!! 1962!! wheelhorse.mp4
  8. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    1978 D200
  9. Still makes me sick to the stomach. This is ALL my fault!!! See Hank was a cool enough guy to agree to haul a D skeleton from the show to his house for me, and since it was hogging up the front of his traier, his two beauties were stuck at the rear, and got crunched. No favor for me ... and he has a crunched trailer, with 2 good horses!! Thats what you get for doing a favor!! LOL I hope .. no ... pray that this all works out for the best!!!
  10. Some Pics from Zeek

    Really appreciate the "tour"!! Thanks!!!
  11. 2017 Friday/Saturday pics

    GREAT pics, thanks for the work!!!
  12. Jrblanke's Big Show Pics

    Back in my truckin' days, I was illegal about 90% of the time, either hot freight, over weight, etc ... as such I had to sneak around the country on the back roads. What a great way to see America. So little is available to be seen from the interstate. Take the little blue lines,eat at the local diners, stop at the corner gas stations ... it makes a better trip!!!
  13. Dell's Big Show Pictures

    Thanks for taking the time to take great pics, and to post them. Fantastic!!!
  14. I Love A Parade!

    This may "sound" better with a well placed comma!! Just sayin'!! lol
  15. I Love A Parade!

    Thanks VERY MUCH for taking the effort to do this, I know it detracts from your day, and we really appreciate it!!!!