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  1. Hello from East Sussex!

    Im really happy to be apart of this site, your all so kind:) cant wait for the season to start for us this year all the shows!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  2. Hello from East Sussex!

    Thank you charlie:)
  3. Hello from East Sussex!

    Its great to be aboard:)
  4. Hello from East Sussex!

    Hello, I'm a new member here and I haven't yet got my own wheel horse but me and my boyfriend are currently looking out for one for me. My boyfriends knocking around here somewhere (Charlie Smith) I love these machines and think they are great. I can't wait to get one of my own I thought I'd join up now and muck in and see all the projects you guys get up too.
  5. UK parts

    Hello, does anyone know if there are any parts dealers still in the United Kingdom?