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  1. Hello from Scotland

    Many thanks guys, Wee Ross has just turned 9 last week, I was also looking at the A-100 but have been looking for the Lawn Ranger style for a while,, the A-100 I notice is back up again on the auction site, I had just took delivery of my new car so was looking forward to the drive, all the mod cons as they say!!! I will keep the site and our own website updated every few weeks with progress,, Many thanks,, Kenny n Ross
  2. New restoration

    Yes Neil, the Uni-horse was a single cylinder BSA engine, fibreglass nose cone, 3 spd with reverse, we won best in show just after the restoration, believe it or not we actually picked that one up in Guildford (another very long drive) and was a none runner, that was our first project, Sadly I have since sold it to a guy not to far away, and still see it at the shows, Im hoping to get it back of him at some point, sold in heat of the moment at a very decent price.. The seat pan is totally shot, needing to get seat for it and also a rear fender as its just as bad!!! do you know of any??
  3. Hello from Scotland

    Hi everyone, would just like to introduce myself from Scotland and my newly acquired WH Lawn Ranger, This is my first WH and have been on the lookout for this style for a while, it was a 15hr round trip for me and my son to collect from south of England and we are pleased with it. We have restored a few other machines and have made up a small website to share with everyone, we will be adding the WH in the near future, but feel free to have a look www.myclassicvehicles.weebly.com Best regards, Kenny and wee ross
  4. New restoration

    Thanks guys for your reply's and advice,, you'se really have me thinking now whether to restore or not,, Neil, my son and I travelled down overnight, 7.5hr drive and same back again, we enjoy restoring old miniature tractors and stuff,, feel free guys to have a look at out website of a few we have already done, the WH will be added soon www.myclassicvehicles.weebly.com If anyone can help I require the seat pan/rear fender, I think most other parts are salvageable Will keep you updated
  5. New restoration

    Thanks guys, garry Ive just downloaded your link, many thanks for that, Tractor is mostly complete and is running, small amount of work to do, ie seat mount and backing plates are well rusted and the bonnet needs some repairs, this is my first WH and have been on the look out for one such as this for ages,,, will update with photo's as I go along!!!!
  6. HI folks, looking for identification please on my recent purchase, model 1 - 1631, serial no. 469653, can anyone tell me anything about it please, ie year of manufacture etc, model type etc, it comes with a mower deck which im told is original