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  1. Ignition problem

    Thanks! I will find it on the diagram. Much appreciated!
  2. Ignition problem

    Thanks again to this forum. I will follow the diagram and chase these down and clean them as a start. Another question; is the ignition somehow connected to the brake or clutch on this tractor that won't allow it to start unless brake or clutch is depressed?
  3. Ignition problem

    I have a 1996 Wheel Horse 314-8 that has a Kohler motor on it. My issue is starting it. It does nothing for several tries at turning the key but finally starts. Seems to be getting worse. Makes no noise during tries to start; nothing till it finally kicks over. I've looked all over this thing to see if it is brake/safety switch related but find nothing. Help?
  4. Springs

    That's it! Thanks!
  5. Springs

    I purchased a lift assist spring for my tiller attachment from a guy on here last year. Can't remember who it was. Any help?
  6. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Thanks for the great help everyone! Starter works fine now without removing it. I bought this tractor from an estate and am slowly getting it back in shape. The wife of the individual who owned it threw a lot of stuff away.
  7. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Okay, got the stater sprayed down with carb cleaner, broke little plastic sleeve over shaft that I assume keeps dirt off shaft. Oh well. Put it back together and it kicked right off. Very good. I'm hoping it stays that way. Thanks for the help everyone!
  8. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Can I tell if spring is broken without removing starter?
  9. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Thanks! I pulled the cover loose and the flywheel and starter gears are easily accessed. Question; just pull the gear forward and spray carb cleaner into starter?
  10. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Oh boy! Take off dipstick assembly, hopefully don't ruin gasket, little tiny screws, all tools out on floor, old eyes. Gonna be fun. Last question; can this cleaning be done without removing starter?
  11. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Here is dipstick detail. Does adapter tube just twist out? I can't find a set screw anywhere and detail doesn't show one.
  12. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    So, take dipstick tube out, remove 2 long bolts that hold starter to the housing, clean with carb cleaner, put a little graphite on the bendix? Which is the bendix according to this photo?
  13. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Here are a couple photos of the starter and the bolts in the bracket.
  14. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Crap, Sorry about that, it is a 14 hp.
  15. 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    Hello again, It is a Kohler 8hp. The starter sets on a bracket that is bolted to the block (I think) with 2 bolts. Does the starter come out bracket and all? I will get a photo if this doesn't help. Thanks for all the replies! Terry