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    Plowmaster Have you ever checked the RPM at full throttle? I've never seen one of my mufflers get cherry red! Maybe it's a govener issue or just adjusted too high and it's running too fast. I think around 3600 RPM is recommended for mowing, etc. TT You raise a couple of interesting thoughts that I'd like to know a little more about for my own info. 1. How do you check the compression realease and is there any way to check compression on these K motors given that they have a compression release? 2. I've also always wondered about timing these motors with a strobe light, how exactly do you do that?
  2. Deck Repair Help

    I made a temporary repair to mine by adding washers under the heads of the center spindle mounting bolts. Hopefully this will get me through the summer until I can make more permenant repairs. The only problem I ran into was that the extra thickness, created by the washers, allowed the center pulley to hit the tops of the bolts. I had to add a shim washer on top of the spindle bearing to raise the pulley and regain the clearance. Now the center pulley is slightly higher than the others but it seems to work fine, so far. When you guys made these repairs how did you deal with pulley clearance issue? Thanks
  3. 8 spd Oil Quantity

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the input. I'm leaning toward the idea I didn't get all the oil out. I didn't raise the front end when I drained it. So I think I'll just leave it where it is and keep an eye on it.
  4. I just recently changed the transmission oil in my C-100 8 spd. The service manual says it takes 2 qts, the dipstick shows it slightly over full at 1 1/2 qts. Another member thought that I needed to use the tractor a bit and the level would drop requiring the additional 1/2 qt to top it off. I cut grass for an hour last evening, let the tractor sit overnight and then checked it again today. It's still showing the same level, slightly overfull. Is anyone else aware of this discrepency between the service manual and the dipstick reading? Should I put in the extra 1/2 qt and not worry about the dipstick? I'd really hate to run the transmission low on oil and screw up those outer axle needle bearings. Had to rebuild this trans when I got the tractor because of thoses bearings. Thanks in advance.
  5. C-120 8spd rear end fluiid

    Maybe that's it. I added the oil through the dipstick hole too and really haven't used the tractor since. I'll cut the grass as soon as it stops raining and check it again. Thanks!
  6. C-120 8spd rear end fluiid

    Ok, back to the question on how much oil. I just changed the oil in my "75" C-100 and the dipstick shows it slightly over full at 1 1/2 qts. The service manual says 2 qts. Which is right? Has anyone else noticed this? My trans model is 5091.
  7. Did I create a monster?

    The 105" are definately to long. I took 49r Operator's advise and cut one of the three 105" belts I have, looped it around the pulleys and measured. The stock Wheel Horse 103" should fit just fine. Hopefully I can get some paint on the deck before the belt arrives Wednesday. That grass is starting to grow!
  8. 36" RD Mower Deck

    The bumpstop in my photo is a 5/16" coarse threaded rod. The overall length from tip to tip is 3 11/16". It's 3" long to the base of the flange nut and the protrusion above the flange, that would hold the rubber bumper, is 7/16" in length. Hope this helps.
  9. Hello to all on this great disscussion board. It's fantastic to have a place like this to share info and get help with our wonderful Wheel Horse hobby. Looking forward to it!
  10. 36" RD Mower Deck

    Looks like my bumpstop was the same as TT's until it lost the rubber tip.
  11. C-120 8 speed

    Those 8-speeds aren't too difficult to rebuild. I did the one on my C-100. If you can find a copy of the transmission manual with good clear pictures it's pretty foolproof. I don't know if all the gears and other parts are still available, I just picked up a second transaxle and picked the best parts from the two to put back in. I'll second that on the Tecumseh motors, my 1st horse, the 71 Workhorse 800, has the HH80. Ran the last time I used it but smokes and knocks real bad. I only buy Kohlers now.
  12. Did I create a monster?

    Thanks, two really good ideas! I did find out that the A105 belts I have are 105" (makes sense, I guess ) and the stock Wheel Horse belt is 103". Gives me hope. I'll definitly take a measurement before I order anything though. Thanks again.
  13. 36" RD Mower Deck

    I have several of those lift frames. I'll take a look today and get back to you.
  14. I picked up an older 42" SD mower deck (late 60s?) and modified it to fit my "75" C-100 by adding the more modern deck mounting hardware. The deck fits the tractor very nicely but now I'm not sure what mower deck drive belt to use. I have several old Gates A105 belts that I thought sure were for this tractor but they are too long. Should a standard drive belt work for this combination or did I create a monster by mixing these parts? Does anyone know if the Gates A105 belt is a direct replacement for a mower drive belt on a C-100/42" SD? Help!