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    Straight edge and utility knife. Cuts pretty easy.
  2. Replacing Hardware

    I bought all my stainless steel hardware on Ebay and Amazon, usually cheaper than anywhere else you might be able to find it. They have everything you need and you don't have to run around trying to find those hard to get items!
  3. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    Bid is at $355 right now with no reserve. I'm close enough and a firefighter, but my wife would probably kill me!
  4. C120 or c121

    The seat had been recovered when I bought the tractor. Pretty sure the seat mount is original.
  5. C120 or c121

    Of course it is!
  6. C120 or c121

    I personally like the looks of the C-120 over the 121. Here's mine.
  7. Camping at the Big Show

    How many electric sites are there and how quickly do they get taken? We probably won't be there until late on Friday. The whole reason for using the generator is for using the A/C at night.
  8. Might be making a last minute trip to the show on Friday and have never been there before. Are generators allowed in the camping areas and is there room for a 25' bumper pull trailer?
  9. Amazon replacement carbs

    I purchased mine on Amazon also, but do not remember the brand. Only problem I had was the choke was not oriented correctly and I had to remove and reinstall it. Not a big problem though, considering the price. I think I only paid around $50 for it a couple of years ago.
  10. I want to see everyone's horses

    Thanks! I used Rustoleum Regal Red paint. A lot was done by myself with spray cans, but I had the larger parts done by a friend who does body work. The decals came from VinylGuy on here. He gives a hefty discount to members. Good luck on your project!
  11. I want to see everyone's horses

    "Before and after" of my first and only restoration, a 1976 C-120.
  12. 2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    When can we expect the calendars to be shipped?
  13. 2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    Wow! I'm honored to have my first project make it into your calendar. Can't wait to order one!
  14. 2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    My first restoration, finished last fall. It's a 1976 C-120 and it's only job is plowing snow and looking good, of course.

    I used this from Home Depot. It's just vinyl runner and really cheap. Depends on what look you are going for.