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  1. Wheels and Tires

    Thanks for the response sparky I appreciate the info. He really wants the chrome wheels do have any ideas on where I can find chrome ones?
  2. Wheels and Tires

    Hello all I am trying to make a pulling tractor for my son but Im new to this and I have some questions. My son has a 414-8 wheelhorse with 23x8.5x12 tires on it and I want to put some wider tires with chrome wheels on it. Does anyone know what size wheel I would need for a 23x10.5x12 Ag tire and what offset I would need to fit his tractor without rubbing the fenders or gas tank which is under the seat, or if anyone has any suggestions on what size tire we should run on it for the best performance? I am also looking for an adjustable hitch and where to purchase it. Thanks for any help. Dwayne
  3. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    Very nice looking tractor. I am just starting out with this, I got my son a 414-8 as well. Can you tell me what size tire and wheel you are running on the rear. I would like to go ahead and get the chrome wheels and some new ag tires for him. Do you know what the off set is on the wheel. His tractor is stock and I'm just not that familiar with trying to fit the wheels and tires on it that won't rub.
  4. Tire size

    I was also wandering where I can find the adjustable hitch to fit my 414-8
  5. Tire size

    Ok pullers I have checked and I think the 23x10.5x12's are ok to run where we are pulling. I was wandering if anyone could tell me where I can get the chrome wheels and ag tires from and what is the offset or wheel size that I can put on my stock 414-8. I think the wider tire would be better for pulling so I kinda want to go as wide as I can on my stock tractor.
  6. Tire size

    Hello all, I am new to this and I have a few questions. I just got a 414-8 for my son who wants to do some pulling and I wanted to put bigger tires on the back. I am looking at some ag tires and I wanted to go bigger but everything is stock so I was wander if I could put a 23x10.5x12 on it without them rubbing. The tractor has 23x8.5x12 on it now. The gas tank is under the seat so right now I have about 2 inches between the tire and the tank. I also would like to go ahead and put chrome wheels on it. Any suggestions?