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  1. V-belt

    need a v-belt for a 308-8. part # 110265
  2. Tractor won't start

    Brand new battery...forgot to add that part.
  3. Tractor won't start

    Yes. It will crank off the jump box, but only after charging for several hours.
  4. Tractor won't start

    308-8 will only start when jumped from a car. Won't crank from a charging pack. I am thinking it's the solenoid. Any thoughts? I last replaced about 10 years ago.
  5. Single Stage Snowthrower

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Single Stage Snowthrower

    Single Stage snow thrower for 300 series. New belt, new chain, new bearings. Includes lift bar and flag stem.
  7. Belt Size Snow Thrower 300 series

    Found it. pretty sure it's 9750.
  8. Belt Size Snow Thrower 300 series

    Would you happen to know a part #?
  9. Belt Size Snow Thrower 300 series

    Thank you! Original owner installed second pulley to give belt more tension.
  10. Belt Size Snow Thrower 300 series

    What size belt does this snow thrower need? Belt that it came with is too big. Tractor is 308-8
  11. 1978-79 C-81-for sale or trade for snow blower

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Single stage snowblower for sale

    Interested in a trade for the blower?
  13. Runs, but some trouble starting. Will trade for snow blower that fits 300 series.
  14. Mower Deck Belt

    Need some help identifying the model # on my mower deck. I have a 1987 308-8 model #17213. I replaced the original rear discharge with a side discharge deck after the original rusted out. I need a new belt and the power equipment places I've been to need the deck model # to order the belt, which seems strange. I thought they could just match the old belt...guess not. Any help out there?
  15. Wheel Weights/Snow Blower

    Still available? What model did it come off? I have a 308-8.