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  1. Do you have the pictures for your swap? What type of predeter, coupling etc?

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      Please do not contact me again. 

  2. Kohler K532 "Long-Block" D-180,200 Power Plant

    There are no "new" engines that will be a direct swap that didn't already come in that tractor as an option. I did what I did because I didn't have an engine to begin with. Everything I found was needing a rebuild or was so expensive that it would have cost me more then the predator did brand new even after all the extras I stuck on mine.
  3. Kohler K532 "Long-Block" D-180,200 Power Plant

    I used a 22 hp predator twin on my d series with loader. Engine placement with some 2x2" square tubes, couple washers and that was all it took to have the engine at the correct height to line up with the pump. I will say, I had some help with the engine to pump connection with the machine work needed to make them all play nice with each other. It could be done with a factory style connection, although it would be tight to get bolts into the rubber connector. I had an electric pto for engine placement but later decided since it was a loader tractor and entirely too much work to pull the loader on/off to use any other pto attachment to go with a single pulley mounted on the crankshaft.
  4. Project D-220

    I’ll grab a couple once it’s loaded up. It’s not a “polished finished” tractor by any means but it’s a functional working project. It's staying with a forum member, but I’ll let him decide if he wants to continue this project thread or start a new topic of his own.
  5. Project D-220

    Well, it’s sad to say but this is now sold. New owner is picking it up tomorrow. Hopefully someone will see what I’ve done here and be able to improve on what I did.
  6. project pud puller build

    No really, did you use a coupon on that? I’m intrigued how this works out as a pulling machine.
  7. project pud puller build

    Hopefully you used a coupon for that engine. If not, 629 until the end of the month. http://www.hfqpdb.com/best_coupon/22+HP+(670+CC)+V-TWIN+HORIZONTAL+SHAFT+GAS+ENGINE
  8. 520H looking for a new home

    Well if nobody else gets there I’d be interested as well.
  9. Probably easier to convert your raider to an attach-a-matic. Gives you more options for decks/blowers.
  10. Also in for info or products and process to get those results. Looks awesome.
  11. I have an 8 speed as well going into mine. My engine is bolted to the frame in the factory hole locations. Battery fits but is a snug fit and runs into the dipstick on the right side. Battery tray will get relocated back slightly once I get the mower deck installed so I know where the new front end will sit. Many things depend on where where and how this mower deck ends up sitting.
  12. From a few days ago: Added hydraulic lift cylinder to my short frame big block project. Only had to swap out the rockshaft (3 bolts and two clips), trim the clutch pedal and slide it all together. Have a lead on a complete tractor with the mower deck needed to really get cracking on this and help finalize the new front end placement / height. I also need to send the lift arm out our wheelhorseman1000 and have it fixed along with ordering a bunch of other parts from him too
  13. What have you done on your WH today?

    Added hydraulic lift cylinder to my short frame big block project. Only had to swap out the rockshaft (3 bolts and two clips), trim the clutch pedal and slide it all together.
  14. Raider style mower deck

    Looks like I have a few leads on decks locally.
  15. Raider style mower deck

    Hi all, I'm looking for a mower deck of this style. I'd need anything required to mount to a tractor. The one I had lined up turned out to be not as described... It's preventing my short frame big block project from moving forward. Stolen picture from the internet: Anyone have something or know a guy that does? thanks!