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  1. What size pulleys

    Sweet we are gonna try the stock ones when we get it done but I'm gonna get a adjustable one to just in case that'll give me some room to play
  2. What size pulleys

    Starting to build just a stock 8hp to pull locally? what size pulleys you guys start out with? its a stock motor with a header and 23x10.50 Cheng shin tractors on the back. Building a adjustable hitch and some wheelie bars and weight hangers. You guys got any other tips?
  3. Suburban 401 decal placement

    Okay thanks guys I had never seen one on a suburban but wasn't sure
  4. Suburban 401 decal placement

    It came with the decal set from redouyourwheelhorse it's just a white rectangle with black lettering that says depress clutch when starting
  5. Does anyone know where the depress clutch decal goes on a 401 suburban just relied I never put mine on cause wasn't sure of where it went...
  6. Finished the suburban

    Thanks guys, I'm already looking for another wheel horse close as possible to northern kentucky which is not a hot spot to find wheelhorses, but every now and then one pops up. Would like to redo a rj 58 or 59 but almost Impossible to find around here.
  7. Finished the suburban

    Here is one of the other side don't knock me for having the wrong belt guard couldn't find a 61 belt guard yet
  8. Finished the suburban

    I started it back in the winter around November, in my free time. I had to hunt a lot of parts down for it. the hood took me the longest had lots of work to do on the hood alone but somehow saved it haha. I also had a john deere 110 I restored for my dad while doing this one. I will post some more pictures here in a bit.
  9. Finally got it done just need to finish the mower deck and I will be looking for another project again
  10. belt guards/exhaust shields

    Sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through hope all works out okay. eBay is probably the best for selling parts and you can make good money off of those parts as well. If you got a belt guard you don't need shoot me a message and picture I will pay a fair price for it. will also keep a eye on the one you have on eBay I'm in need of two of them. Thanks
  11. belt guards/exhaust shields

    I seen it on there. already got a bid on it prolly alot of people after It may not be worth bidding on cause everyone will run the price through the roof
  12. belt guards/exhaust shields

    I guess that would work on a 401 they look about the same idk. I never saw it listed on eBay unless it sold already
  13. belt guards/exhaust shields

    Okay I will check them out. I paid more for your fenders than I paid for the hole tractor lol they was in good shape though and only set I could find anywhere
  14. belt guards/exhaust shields

    Any idea what prices run? Just wondering before I email
  15. 1960 or 1961???

    Bottom is flat no body line I bet someone cut the hole in it