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  1. B-80 snow removal

    guys just wanted to add to my last post about the B-80..there were no photos of the storm..we just had another major snowfall and she performed like a champ..
  2. Did the job

    Earlier this fall i finished the B-80 added the blower and there was dicussion about the 80 doing the job in heavier snow...well all the questions were answered, she performed like a dream..the advice on smaller bites, and lubrication was the answer. We got whacked with 18" in the blizzard and when all was said and done, i never lifted a shovel...one draw back was the chute clogging..but a dose of silicone cured the problem. a true "red square" effort.
  3. a-80-r

    starter was junk..got a rebuilt one about to put it back together..will keep ya posted...thanks
  4. a-80-r

    chuck...thanks for sending me down the right road...dont know much about the electrical end of these, but im learning, when i hooked up the jump starter, it sparked but nothing, started taking things aprart to get to the starter, gas tank etc, and noticed the starter drive gear jammed against the flywheel, got it free, took it off and put it in a vise, and put the electric to it again, it dos'nt throw the drive...bad starter?...taking it to be tested....thanks rick
  5. a-80-r

    dead end, changed the selinoid, checked all the grounds,not even a grunt,,back to the drawing board...
  6. a-80-r

    thanks buzz..going to replace the selinoid...an wait to see if anyone has one
  7. a-80-r

    I picked up a a-80-r is there any wiring diagrams available? this one looks like the engine has been changed, its a briggs rather than a techy.. There is a push, pull switch on the dash, no idea what its for, no lights on the tractor, battery charged, power to the ignition switch, power to the starter, power to this switch on the dash not even a growl...any ideas..thanks ..rick
  8. a new find

    Think your right hank..another engine, its all set up with a key start, selinoid etc, it does have a pull start also, and a duel gas tank set up, kinda unique, but its certianly not original, from i can find out its supposed to have a teccumseh engine for the 1975, the deck is in excellent shape, as well as the sheet metal... i may just part this one out, the price was right ,so i grabbed it...we will see, got nothing but time...like i need another project..finally got the 876 done, that was a wild ride, will keep ya posted...rick
  9. a new find

    Picked this one up today...one more horse in the stable..not in bad shape, even got the deck...a project for the winter..rick
  10. 1966-876

    well we have good news to report today...the vet says the horse will live....the gen/starter was rebuilt..installed and its all a go.. it seems the lack of a .50 cent bracket that mounts the regulator on the starter was the cause of the burn out This was a learning process for me ( you really need that bracket on these models, with a generator/starter) as far as the tranny i put the 71" belt back on the drive, and it appears im headed in the right direction. i drove this tractor today for the first time without the belt blowing off. rick
  11. 1966-876

    no good news... im told the bottom terminal on the regulator that was on the engine( NOT ORIGINAL) shorted out against the starter housing and cooked the starter...we have a guy here locally that rebuilds them, he said the fields have to be replaced so he is going right through it, along with a new regulator, the one that is supposed to be on it, will have it back in a day or two...so the 876 is a lame horse for now..what to do they do with a lame horse? they take it a vet....rick
  12. 1966-876

    just to let you know that i was driving the tractor around the yard everthing seemed to be fine, stop , go, backup, all was good, drove it back into the garage and and the starter generator was hot as a pistol, i actually thought it was going to catch fire (almost wishing it had) i let it cool down, it started ok and ran, but i shut it down. NOW WHAT? what i know about electrical you can put in a thimble. It always started and ran, but not for any long periods because of the tranny. I bought a starter gen for it off of e-bay a while back and thought everything was ok. i think i've had it with this thing, and you guys are going to sick of hearing from me. maybe some gasoline and a match will fix it,,,lol rick
  13. 1966-876

    guys thanks for sticking with me on this..."if the pulley is correct," i lowered the belt guide to hug the belt, that worked..to keep it on the engine pulley, but it would still slip off the tran pulley, there is an adjustment on the idler pulley(you loosen it to free up or tighten it to apply more tension, i messed with that moving it in and out, and don't ask me how. but the belt seems to staying on, and tranny works great foward and reverse maybe that idler pulley is the culprit dennis..that was my first thought, the belt i;ve been told is 72" i tried the 71" and it seemed to work but i guess i had other issues, because it still slipped off, now that it appears to be staying on, I will try the 71" again and leave everything else ALONE....film at 11...lol i will keep ya posted rick
  14. 1966-876

    still looking around for side belt covers, was thinking of replacing the engine pulley, dont know what else to do..im stuck on this one....rick
  15. 1966-876

    terry i measured them this morning....the pto pullies are 2.5 and the belt drive is 3.5 like you said..you think thats the right pulley?...rick