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  1. K301 Compression test?

    i hope i dont have to hone it out.
  2. K301 Compression test?

    it does blow white smoke but i didn't realize that it was a sign of compression loss. I thought it was losing compression because I've gone through the carb several times and its clean but it still pops and sputters but won't stay running. I talked to the Power Equipment teacher at my school and he said it sounded like compression loss. -Nate
  3. Diesel Swap?

    I keep looking but can't seem to find one for cheap enough. -Nate
  4. K301 Compression test?

    Hi everyone! Unfortunately I think the K301 is losing compression. I rented a compression tester from Advanced Auto Parts (I highly recommend doing this! It's one of those things that you don't need all the time unless you're a mechanic. It's $40 to rent and you get it for 3 months or something like that but when you bring it back you get all your money back including tax!) So i tested the compression and I got around 60 PSI so I figured its losing compression. So I called my local dealer to see if he could order me a rebuild kit (I know i can get it on ebay but i just like having an excuse to go down there) and i told him my situation and he said that those engines almost always run when they have low compression they just smoke like crazy and that my reading could be inaccurate because those engines have a compression release. How would I test to see if i'm losing compression? He suggested putting an air fitting in the spark plug hole and put air in there with a compressor with the piston at top-dead-center and where ever it leaks from thats what needs to be fixed. I just wanted to see if you guys had any other suggestions or if you could tell me what places the air could come from so i know what to look for. Thanks in advance, Nate
  5. "The music of my people"

    I'm addicted to them lol
  6. What do you get when you take a '73 Chevy Shortbed, throw in a LS6 engine and a Turbo 400 transmission with a gear vendor? Well, they call it the Muscle Truck. watch to about 11:18 min for the best part but feel free to keep watching! I love these guys. ROADKILL -Nate
  7. Had a little accident

    UGH i had to do OSHA for school a few months back it was horrible!
  8. Paint?

    ok cool thank you! -Nate
  9. Paint?

    Thank you! -Nate
  10. Paint?

    Can you get a protective coating that will harden the paint or make it less easy to scratch if you rattle can it? -Nate
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    I like this version better than the original. I love Nirvana!
  12. Paint?

    Right now she's buried under a bunch of hydraulics (any guesses on my next project?) -Nate
  13. Paint?

    Alright thank you i will definitely do that -Nate
  14. Paint?

    Oh really? Sounds good! I think i'll go grab a $20 harbor freight sprayer. -Nate
  15. Paint?

    She's primed and ready for paint! i think you need to right click on it to open it -Nate