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    Ive got about every hobby in the book, from woodworking to working on these tractors and other power equip, home theater building, car audio(sound quality no boom boom), even cooking, and an occasional trip to the mall that involves leaving Sears. I guess
  1. I finshed my 1999 314-8

    Got the parts back from the body shop huh! Looks good, they do nice work out there. Still think your crazy to spend $200 to get a lawnmower painted, but way betther than that faded factory paint :thumbs2:
  2. Bad day revised

    Im going to be selling a bunch of raider 14 parts as soon ass my dad and brother use what they need from them. It does have a good hood(perfectly straight but needs stripped and painted) and seatpan(about the same shape as the hood) theirs also more stuff, just not sure what yet. IDK if that will fit for sure or not for what you need.
  3. C 141

    Very nice work! Im at about the same spot on restoring my 520-H. Seems like the more i get done the more i cant wait to do. Just waiting on parts now :thumbs2:
  4. front wheel grease caps

    I just ordered a set for my 520 from mowpart, cost about $7 ea i believe.
  5. New Horse Owner

    :thumbs2: And be careful these little machines are addictive! :thumbs:
  6. Question about mowparts.com

    Ive ordered several things from mowpart. Always takes 2-3 weeks to get my stuff, and ive had an oilfilter on backorder for 6 weeks now, but it is easy to find what you need on their site. Just dont be in any hurry for your stuff. :thumbs2:
  7. Throttle setting while mowing

    Thats exactly why I bought my 520. It was a junker, but its almost back to life, i ordered the last of the parts last night so i guess in about 3 weeks(seems to be the norm turn around from mowpart ) ill be using the auto for mowing. Ill definately run that one at full throttle to take care of the pump.
  8. Anyone know if this fits the 20 hp onan?

    Ill try that, thanks Duff. Oh, and i did copy your black wheels on the 520. theirs no body panels on it yet, just the engine, frame, and the new wheels and tires, but it looks awesome! Im gonna try to get more of it together this week and post some pics.
  9. This screen on my 520 is cracked and it is the final piece i need for the restore. I keep seeing them for everything but the 520, and am wondering if their the same. Heres the link. http://cgi.ebay.com/wheel-horse-GT-1642-on...%3A2%7C294%3A50 :thumbs2:
  10. Throttle setting while mowing

    I honestly run mine at 3/4 while mowing mostly because its alot smoother taking off and shifting while turning around at the end of my passes. My dad runs his the same way, and hes got well over 3000hrs on his motor. Again, we may both be wrong, but we also use the best of synthetics, and maintain these things as if they were the finest of european sportscars. If i get 3000hrs before a rebuild as he did, ill be happy. Especially considering his didnt even need it, hes just anal and wants it perfect.
  11. my big toy...for now

    Where do you pulling guys find those sexy wheels? Ive scoured the web and never found any! Im not a puller, but they sure would look good while im mowing :thumbs2:
  12. 48" DECK ON A 310-8

    My dad mows at 3/4 throttle too, has been since 86 when he bought his 310-8. Its been mowing a hilly 4 acres once a week 8 months out of the year for 23 years now, best i can figure with no hr meter thats about 3000hrs on that engine from just mowing, not to mention the tilling, and other things its been used for. It was just rebuilt for the first time this season, and only because it puffed a little smoke on some of the steep hills, and hes extremely anal. It is also turning a 48" deck. IMO more rpms = more heat, and the flywheel/fan is always spinning at the same ratio to the firing of the motor reguardless of engine rpm's. It worked for him, and thats the way i run all 3 of mine. Maybe were both wrong, but ill be happy with 3000hrs out of mine before spending $100 on rebuilding it.
  13. 48" DECK ON A 310-8

    I run a 48 on my 310 on about 4 acres with plenty of hills. i mow in 2nd gear at about 3/4 throtttle and it dosent lug down at all. I keep the blades sharp and I mow about every 5-6 days unless it rains alot. Never any issues. These things are tough and torqey, not like the junk mowers sold nowadays (with the exception of commercial mowers) I was watching a guy repetedly kill his Husqrvarna ztr in some thick but not tall grass a few weeks ago. that thing had a 21.5hp vert shaft and a 37" deck on it, probably never sharpened the blades etc. It just made me laugh because my little 310 with a 4' deck would have rolled right through it and never even grunted. :thumbs2:
  14. confession of a wheel horse owner

    I mowed with my dads wheelhorse when i was a kid (if i could talk him into it). When i bought my own house i had a crappy MTD which i used 1 season, it had some problems and i bought a cub from lowes (cheaper than a new horse and still easy to take the deck off) i sold the cub to my uncle after 2 seasons, sold the house and lived in a condo for 2 yrs after that. 2 yrs ago i moved where i am now, about 4 rough acres to mow, and ended up with a 1 yr old Husqrvarna(basically the same as the cub) i could mow in 2 hrs easy, this thing was fast and hydrostatic, but it would hit dirt, rocks, a little 1" root etc. and break something weekly, not to mention scalp spots everywhere. My dad said lets find you a wheelhorse so we got my 1973 8 and thats what i started using. Its slow, has the turning radius of a semi, and loud, but it rolled over all the stuff that broke the Husqrvarna, and the cut was beautiful. I have since ended up with a 310-8 and a 520-H and even have my old cub since my uncle sold his house. I use the 310 everytime with a 42sd and it takes me 4-5 hrs, but i love every minute of it. i wouldnt use that cub if all 3 horses broke down. These arent the fastest or most convenient mowers at all, but start using one, and youll never want to sit on anything else. Putting along in 2nd gear and thinking about nothing but keeping my lines straight is what keeps me sane. :thumbs2:
  15. WoW! you stole that thing! Mine for 500 didnt even start, and looked like it had been put out to pasture and forgotten! Ill have around 1500 in it by the time it looks as good as yours. Beautiful machine youve got there :thumbs2: