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  1. Pictures that My Dad and I took!

    Thanks for the pics....hopefully I can attend someday!!!!
  2. Guy rolls his Wheel Horse 20ft. down a hill!

    I had my grass catcher full of grass driving up a hill to empty it and the tractor road a wheely across the top of the hill before I could stop it.......needless to say it was time to change my undershorts and drink several beers and finish mowing the next day.lol
  3. Wheel horse 416H tires (need Help)

    I asked the same question and here is the post with some real good advice www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/46574-tire-style-questions/ I hope this helps!!!
  4. striped out allen on drain plug

    Good Job !!!!!!
  5. New to tractors

    Welcome to red square !!!!!
  6. New Member From Michigan

    Welcome to red square !!!!!!!
  7. striped out allen on drain plug

    Maybe try hammering a metric Allen wrench in or at work I have a set of socket outs they are tapered Allen type tool used for stripped Allen head bolts.
  8. Selling stuff

    I have been there too!!! Placed a add to do some trading got a reply from a guy with a tractor I was interested in, loaded it all up drove an hour to meet him, We got ready to shake on the deal his wife came out and asked me to leave ,told me he wasnt trading anything and started chewing his butt telling him he needed to talk to her before he made any deals.......I loaded up and got the heck out of dodge,dang she scared me and Sad thing is he was getting a heck of a deal. A week went buy and I made a better deal with another guy!!!
  9. Found a 73

    Nice looking tractor !!!!
  10. Very nice and delivered too!!!!!
  11. Cutting grass today

    I also like the square look of the 416, not a fan of the round look of the tractors or automobiles of today's times.Must be the old school in me.
  12. Got that free toro WH!!!!!

    Sweet can't beat the price!!!!
  13. id tag for a plow

    Maybe I should be more specific its a dozer blade/plow.I haven't found an Id tag on it at all. Thanks Joe