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  1. While pulling an I beam to flaten land I lost power trying to knock down a large-ish pile of dirt. Still has reverse and can lift the front plow. Did I smoke my pump or my motor? Thanks
  2. Lol, after i made this post i did just that, sorry for the waste of time, call it a pop quiz if you will
  3. Tore into my D 160 rear end to replace axle seals. Found axle bearings were bad. Split trans and replaced all bearings. Removed hydro motor from trans case in process and took that partially apart. got everything back together and when I push my motion control lever forward I go backwards and vise versa. I assume the problem in I didnt mark something i should have and have it opposite of what its supposed to be. Any thoughts?
  4. D 180

    How about the part number 93712, axle woodruff key for the wheel hub. Tried locale toro dealer. They say discontinued. Tried Menards in specialty nuts and bolts section, all were to small, i believe it is 2" long 1/4" thick.
  5. D 180

    Thank you pfrederi, i just relized this thread is about a d 180, i have a d 160, same bearings or different? My parts book says 2 ID for bearings 8048.
  6. D 180

    Hi everyone, im looking for bearing 4-14 in the diagram above, part number 8048. Any ideas on were to find them