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  1. New Owner in Berkshire UK

    yes I know them.. I go to countrywide for my poultry feed. It would be nice to see a d200 in the flesh at some point 😊.
  2. New Owner in Berkshire UK

    Hi i live in Hurst near Twyford your tractor looks lovely if you ever need help with getting it going again . I dont mind helping. I show mine at Great dorset steam fair each year.
  3. New Owner in Berkshire UK

    Hi I am From Berkshire and I've got a few horses . Get in touch anytime. Here's a picture of my restored B111 complete with cutting deck
  4. Hi I am from reading Berkshire. I own a fully restored B111 with a new 36in deck. I show each year at great Dorset steam fair.

  5. HI am a wheelhorse collector from Reading Berkshire. I have 3 wheelhorses . A fully restored B111 completely with new deck. If I can be of help in anyway just drop me a line.

  6. Wheel horse B165 twin . I am looking at one at the mo . Is tractor worth buying ??? Please help
  7. Hi its been done heres a picture
  8. Hi there does any 1 have info on fitting a 36 inch rear discharge deck to a wheel horse B111. Any help would be greatfull thanks
  9. Hi there, Any1 know how much a wheel horse B111 was when it was first put on the market?? Any help would be great .
  10. Insurance

    Hi ive just got insurance from the NFU fully comp £53 a year . Great people . See you at Great dorset steam fair
  11. Insurance

    Ive just had a quote for liability insurance for my B111 at £60 a year, Is this about right??
  12. Insurance

    james you can get insurance for your horse at 16 years old .
  13. Insurance

    Hi Neil thanks for the info most shows ask for it now as you know. I am just filling a form out now for the Great dorset steam fair and they are asking for my insurance docs . I have will some insurance by mid week as this is my dream place to show at. Thanks once again.
  14. Insurance

    Hi there i would like to show my restored B111 wheel horse at shows. What type of insurance do i need to have to do this . Please Help. Thanks
  15. Hello from Scotland

    Welcome Kenny . I was looking at this on ebay last week . Great little tractor.