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  1. D200 for Sale

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. D200 for Sale

    1977 D200 complete with 3 point hitch and shaft PTO. Also includes 52" tiller, and a 54" dozer blade. The tractor is complete. I did not plant garden last year and did not run the tractor. It currently will not start. I does smoke at start up since I've owned it. Id like to see some one at the red square get I,t and give her the love she needs. I would love to have a complete tiller for C,300,400 series tractor for partial trade. E-mail or call me.
  3. I've been away for a few years and just trying to see if I can still use this great forum. My avatar seams to be missing some items and have yet to figure out how the change or add. Please forgive me for my absence.
  4. I'm kind of partial to the black hoods, and that one looks awesome. Nice restore Iceman.
  5. 266H opinions?

    I have a 264H that I bought this spring. $350 in running condition with deck. It is my primary mowing machine. The tight turning radius and foot pedal hydro seam to make mowing easier. I would have resevations about using it with ground engaging attachments due to the less stout transaxle. The frame and front axle are just as solid as a C series. I will tell you that changing the drive belt is a royal P.I.T.A. Attachments are harder to find.
  6. Smoe recent Mods I made to my 310-8

    That's a nice clean Horse. I like the modifications to make it even more useful. Looking at that invioce, wouldn't it be cool if you could still by a qulity machine for that price. Thanks for sharing.
  7. My local Farm Days Tractor Show

    That's a nice looking line up there Hammerhead. It's nice that your horses make it to showes. I went to a antique truck and tractor show here locally (Tennesse) on Saturday. I met some nice folks, and they invited me to bring a horse or two to their next meet. I may have to knock off the dirt a few and load them up.
  8. Horse Rescue 1968 Raider 12

    It always brings joy to my heart to see and old Horse saved from the scrap yard. I cringe at the thought of it being melted down and remade into 3 box store mowers... oh wait, they use plastic now. Thanks for sharing Steve. I hope you get her running. :thumbs2:
  9. New Toy

    Congradulations on the 312-8. I've got 2 of them and they always seem to be my goto workers. I think you will enjoy your new horse.

    Looks like fun Tom. I'm glad your Horses did ther part for representing the breed. Thanks for sharing. :thumbs2:
  11. Varments Nest

    Not sure if the rent was to high in the Kolher appartment, but for some reason the rodents were gone (thankfully) when I removed the shroud. Thay were likely left at the P.O.s barn and are wandering what happened to thier home. I did handle the nest with care and protection.
  12. Varments Nest

    Amen to that. No stingers on them mice.
  13. Looking forward to winter

    :woohoo: C-145 is a solid tractor. It was common for the rear fenders to be replaced with steel ones since the fiberglass fender often cracked. Have fun with it. If you get a chance I'd like to see some pictures of the foot control.
  14. Carlisle All Trail Tires

    I have those ties on my c-145. They do have noticeably better traction than turf tires and are not as hard on the yard as ags. I live in the South so I don't have any snow experience with them. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showtopic=18218 Pict of my 145 with theses tires.
  15. Varments Nest

    A few weeks ago I went to look at horse parts in my area. In the bundle of goodies I brought home was a Locked up but complete K-161. Earlier this week my main mowing machine, 264H, left me stranded at the far end of yard when It would not start. I had finnished mowing and did some garden chores, when I went to start it to put it up nothing. After some cussing and pushing back to the garage I started trouble shooting. I had about come to the point of new starter after extensive testing and swapping when I pushed her to to a parking spot and started tinkering with the K161. I dismantled it down to the main shroud and low and behold I found the largest nest I've seen in a Kolher. The vermin was obviouly quite comfortable in there. I cleaned out the mess and tinkered with her until she became free spinning. Before I called it a night I desided to try the 264 one more time...varoom, she fired right up. Well I thought, that old K is going to be a keeper even if I don't currently have a rolling chassis for her.