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  1. Guess I should add the two youtube videos I made with my new snow blower here also... Part 1 Part 2 RJMcEachern
  2. it is a great feeling now I find myself going out every couple of hours and starting it to see if it stills works
  3. yea, the cooling fins are clean, the debris and slight oil mix are a combination from oil changes, i am going to pressure wash it this sprint and use some simple green to clean some of this off... started again with no issues RJMcEachern
  4. so I went out this evening after work and disconnected the battery, working one connection at a time I disconnected the connection, cleaned it with either a wire brush or emery cloth, rubbed dielectric grease on it and reconnected. I also ohm check for continuity on each wire using the DVOM, all wires had continuity. I did this on the starter relay solenoid and on the starter solenoid, I also checked and cleaned battery ground on the frame, and the connections at the ignition switch. after wards I came in and had a beer then went back out and it started! I swear it started faster, ran better and stronger (more power). I then left it outside in the freezing cold intentionally, it has always been very hard to start when left out in the cold overnight, and it started immediately. It would usually turn over real slow and finally "catch" and fire, this time it just turned over like it had never cooled off. I did wait about an hour for it to cool off in -2 degree ambient temperature. I can't thank everyone enough for thier patience and help with this issue, electrical is not my strong suit and I muddle through, if it wasn't for the assistance of you folks I would still be starting my Wheel Horse with a screwdriver. Thanks, RJMcEachern
  5. if your referring to them white wire on the left of the pic, it is a fabric type insulator sheath on the wire, it goes to a male type spade connector on the left top most corner of the starter relay solenoid that is pictured, I will add that check, it is snowing now and has not stopped yet so I am waiting on that to stop. RJMcEachern
  6. as posted earlier I will get out here in a few and do that next, I had hoped to get to it after work last night but that did not happen RJMcEachern
  7. 12.4 with key on, using the far post on starter relay solenoid, using the DVOM with key on no voltage to near post, with key in start position, no voltage to near post, near post has the blue wire that goes to starter solenoid small connection, this is referencing the second picture in my post
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses, I did check using a DVOM and the exact number was 12.48v. I have the same conclusions as most of the connections in that area look to be redone if you will, they do look like they are factory original, not that I would know what factory original looks like I did not get to cleaning the connections after work last night so hope to get to it first thing today... RJMcEachern
  9. your doing fine, I only know them because I found the name in the service manual. If I hadn't found it there it would be called the thingamabob and doohicky... I am not great at electrical but I muddle though... Thanks Kai for the help, I will try this next, I am leaning to a corroded or loose contact, I will check them all tonight after work. I will also be cleaning them all with a wire brush and some emery cloth, then put some dielectric grease on them so they don't corrode again. RJMcEachern
  10. just for clarity the service manual calls the item in the first photo the starter solenoid, the item in the second photo the service manual calls this starter relay solenoid. you are correct in that the small wire closest to us is going to the starter solenoid, if I jump that at the starter it works everytime, I have not tried jumping from the relay solenoid. So if I jump the small blue wire to the other side of the post in the second photo it should start also? if this works this means the relay solenoid is bad? RJMcEachern
  11. not a dumb question at all, no the first photo is the starter itself and the second is the starter relay solenoid mounted next to engine on frame. RJMcEachern
  12. So I was able to go out and test some things just now.. I am starting with the relay solenoid, here are my results in picture form so while performing this test it started by key for the first time in two weeks, next I am going to go out and check the grounds, and all the connections, clean them up with a wire brush and will post results later tonight after work, thanks everyone for the replies RJMcEachern
  13. Cool, as stated previously I will go out after it warms up a bit, still too cold to stay out longer than I want this morning. I am ok chasing electrical problems just time consuming is all. I will report back with my findings later this morning and hopefully updated photo with electrical connections cleaned and dielectric grease on them. RJMcEachern
  14. Thanks for the replies. I am jumping the small wire on the starter to the big post, I have circled both of them in the photo below, this is with key on, it fires right up everytime. When I try with the key just clicks. after it warms up a little I will go out and try the electrical tests mentioned by flyovrcntry Thanks for the replies and direction RJMcEachern
  15. Snowblower Rebuild Model 96-42ST01

    I'll be watching this, as this is the same model I have.... RJMcEachern