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  1. 1973 8hp?

    My dad has a 8 4speed that’s had a few changes made over the years. It’s a family favorite. I’d already have that one home if I found it first. They’re just as good as the popular B 80 but are a bit shorter and use smaller wheels. Pops has a 8 pinion 8 speed and larger tires swapped over because the original trans was loud and it already had 8 inch rims when he got it.
  2. Deck fitment

    Yep it should fit.
  3. Two new tractors

    Progress like the the 16 hp Kohler I’m planning to swap into the raider?
  4. Dont know what I have...?

    That’s an Eaton hydro As far as the plastic fenders not many left for obvious reasons, most people use the 300 400 or 500 serious fender pan. Yours looks to have the C-81 or c-161 type which isn’t a bad thing.
  5. Dont know what I have...?

    I’d say it’s likely an 80 through 84 C-145. As far as the hydro, I believe the early black hoods used the sunstrand and the later models used the Eaton. A pic of where the transmission oil filter is mounted can clear up what one you have.
  6. Two new tractors

    Thanks I added the seat and the NOS front mule drive mount. Both prices were lucky finds
  7. Two new tractors

    As mentioned I have two more. A C-81 that that was given to me by a friend of the family and a Raider 12 that I picked up near the NC SC line. The C-81 runs and drives good but needs major wiring work and the raider came with a rebuilt 14 hp Kohler that broke the cam when the PO tried to start it. I swapped in my trusty HH 100 and it works great.
  8. Lawn Ranger build

    there are a few things that give away it not being original but it’s all
  9. Lawn Ranger build

    I’ve got to put up some of my other new as well. I’ll take some tomorrow
  10. Hello folks, it’s been awhile sense I shared with the group so figured I’d throw this out there. I’ve been piecing together a mut Ranger. Used a 68 frame, 64 fender, deck and tool box, 633 dash stand and hood and a 701 gas tank. The engine is from an 856 and I used one of Glens 701 dash boards Most of the ranger specific parts came from my 64 that couldn’t fit the starter generater under the hood. So I came up with this. When I get some extra cash I want to change it over to the newer style wider rear wheels and load them so it’s not so tipsy.
  11. 1100 Special

    Looking forward to following your project
  12. 854 fenders

    Thanks to A-Z tractor fenders were delivered over the weekend. Thread closed.
  13. 854 fenders

    I'm in need of a pair of fenders for an 854. I have a good tool box and seat spring so only need the fenders.
  14. Tecumseh C-160, Opinion

    That's one of my bucket list tractors. Am I the only member that likes the horizontal cast iron 10-16 horse power Tecumseh?