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  1. 417A Won't move??

    If you need anything besides a pulley and belt I’ve got good extra parts you can have for the cost of shipping, let us know
  2. 518-H

    Very nice I’ve got a 518 that got an 1100 swap and it’s well worth the effort.
  3. What's In Your Mirror?

    True, but at this point I’m very happy with tractor as well. After a carb and pump cleaning and points change it came to life without any blue cloud or unwanted sounds. I also have the deck from this horse, bought it last year when the tractor wasn’t for sale. Ive been hoping he’d list it and made my move the moment I saw it.
  4. C195 plowing the garden

    Looks great
  5. What's In Your Mirror?

    They do look cool, this set will likely go on my 854. This 855 is pretty rough and I would have passed it up had it not been for the lights
  6. What's In Your Mirror?

    I’ll get some more tomorrow Good eye, it’s got the elusive headlight kit
  7. What's In Your Mirror?

    I’m not doing to well downsizing my herd
  8. Fuel Problem

    I had a new replacement fuel pump that was out of spec and wouldn’t touch the cam lobe. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s right
  9. Tecumseh HH100 Crossroads

    sounds good
  10. Happy Easter from Bert and miss Kim, hope y’all have a safe and blessed holiday
  11. Tecumseh HH100 Crossroads

    As stated There are many ways to get the HH100 up and ready for a horse. I currently have 3 and gave my old reliable 1045 with Tecumseh transplant to my brother. All are still running strong. If I were in your spot I’d find a different crank and side cover. The common 70’s era side covers have the same bolt pattern as a 8 hp Kohler and a raider engine mount plate can make it a bolt in swap on a B-80 or C-81 and some others. With using both 1” and 1/18” cranks it wouldn’t matter much what size crank you find as long as it’s to spec. Here’s a pic of one I’m currently putting together, waiting on @jay bee to fill his muffler order and then it’s another horse back to work
  12. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    I purchased one of @jay bee‘s mufflers and really like it.
  13. I did a similar swap with a 16 hp Kohler and recommend a muffler like this. I bought it from one of our venders.
  14. 1055 drive belt guard

    I’m in need of a 1055 drive belt cover in usable condition. Thanks
  15. NOS Tecumseh HH100

    Craftsman engines are great for Power plants