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  1. 854 fenders

    Thanks to A-Z tractor fenders were delivered over the weekend. Thread closed.
  2. 854 fenders

    I'm in need of a pair of fenders for an 854. I have a good tool box and seat spring so only need the fenders.
  3. Tecumseh C-160, Opinion

    That's one of my bucket list tractors. Am I the only member that likes the horizontal cast iron 10-16 horse power Tecumseh?
  4. Tiller Rockshaft

    It's tough to find originals, I suggest you look in the vender section. One of our members makes them, I've bought some parts from him and am very happy with the quality of his work
  5. Are they for the the outside upper edges? Also wanna say that I've looked at your pics a few times and I think the one hood is fixable, not for a show tractor but worth saving for a worker
  6. Nice work, and that's a good looking you have there
  7. My latest build

    It runs great, starts easy and has loads of torque. It does smoke a bit on startup but clears up fast.
  8. My latest build

    Thanks all for the likes and positive comments. I still need to sort out a few issues with this but I'd like to use this one for my first backyard restoration thread.
  9. My latest build

    Yep it's got a cast iron 10 hp Tecumseh under the hood. It's got parts from 65-68, the dash tag says 1055. So it's a mut, Edit....... dash and throttle / choke levers are from a 70's era
  10. My latest build

  11. My latest build

    I recently saw a post of a short frame with a HH100 and it motivated me to take some pics of my recent project. Its still a work in progress but after mowing twice with it it's a keeper
  12. I'll look into a thermal camera, I'd also like to see the results of the mods on my other 520.
  13. Commando 6

    I like your setup, I've got one similar that I need to get some pics of to share.
  14. Prayer for JPWH

    Sent here as well
  15. The belt guard is in the stock location. Unfortunately the tractor is at the family farm right now. However I have a pic of my 520 HC with 518 hood that may put a better perspective on the location of the parts in question. The belt cover was damaged so I just cut it off. Follow the belt and you can see it doesn't overlap the valves at all, in my opinion the belt guard bracket is more of an obstruction then the guard.