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  1. 36 in deck belt length

    Ok thanks ill try that!
  2. 36 in deck belt length

  3. 36 in deck belt length

    I have a 36 in deck off a 310-8 neither tractor or deck have model numbers I need to know the dimensions for belt on the deck.I will post a picturein a few minutes
  4. Windolph in the snow

    I would love to have a look at that manual. I never knew that there was something like that out there.
  5. Windolph in the snow

    Yeah i was figuring they were not the right ones but i thought i would try. mine is all together right now and I cant get to it for accurate measurements at the moment. I guess when I had the clutches worked on they didn't replace those bearings
  6. Windolph in the snow

    Here are all the old bearings I have. Only two have part numbers.
  7. Windolph in the snow

    eb look closely at picture #3 in this album. It shows the stops like yours i think. http://public.fotki.com/deanvp/tractors/windolph/crawler/p1010005.html#media
  8. Windolph in the snow

    Ill have to look for the bearing. I think I still have the old one. Ill let you know.
  9. Windolph in the snow

    My clutch stops are like Duncan as well it gives the clutch plenty of dissengagment
  10. Windolph in the snow

    Just got the top cover rebuild kit from service motors and installed it. the new detents and repaired shifter seem to make a world of difference. Ill have to take it for a test drive soon to make sure.
  11. Windolph in the snow

    Mine is down and waiting for transmission repair also. Not quite that bad (new detent balls and springs for the top cover) Here is a site I found helpful. I built up the shifter with weld and filed it back down. It fits a lot better now. Mine was grabbing two gears at a time if i wasn't careful. Here are a couple sites I found helpful you might have already found them though. http://www.speedextractors.com/web/index_files/t92.htm http://servicemotors.net/cat/Clutch.php
  12. Windolph in the snow

    Yes that's the choke cable. Ill have to look at my "old" original carburetor to see if it was on the other side. That carb is a replacement that i found so it is a little different.
  13. Windolph in the snow

    I had my governor apart on mine to replace an o-ring and its pretty simple. Do you have the manual with the parts diagram? I do if you need some pictures of the governor let me know .
  14. Windolph in the snow

    Sorry i didn't post these sooner. I believe that this is the original and correct throttle cable routing.
  15. Windolph in the snow

    Very nice shop!