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  1. 523Dxi w/power steering

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 523Dxi w/power steering

    Sorry, EdS, Brrly1 is correct, it has been paid for. I do have a rather nice 520H with 48" side discharge mower, 48" plow, and track Vac style vacuum I will sell for a reasonable price. Garage kept its entire life. One owner machine. Clean. Perfect seat. Starts right up. I do believe all gauges work. Front and rear lights work. Forward swept front axle. Engine purrs! Everything for 1650! Shows well as is but if I clean her up and make her perfect the price will go up.
  3. 523Dxi w/power steering

    Changed Status to Pending
  4. 523Dxi w/power steering

    Deposit received. Pending pick-up and final payment.
  5. 523Dxi w/power steering

    Good evening...the hours are 745- original. Please let me know if you need anything else.
  6. 523Dxi w/power steering

    What do you think about the price, guys? I was asked about the rear wheels- I can assure you the rear wheels are just as clean as the front wheels...
  7. 523Dxi w/power steering

    523Dxi riding mower. This tractor has a very strong 23hp, 3 cylinder diesel engine. Starts right up, no need to use the glow plugs! Runs strong, smooth, and clean! She doesn't burn a drop of oil. This comes standard with: power steering, tilt wheel, foot controls, real electric cruise control, working headlights and taillights, hydraulic lift (with down pressure), tilt and sliding seat, rear dual quick hitch, mid and front attach-a-matic hook ups, liquid cooling, hydrostatic drive, high and low range transmission, full dash with lights and gauges. This comes with a 48" side discharge mower deck (pics coming) as well as the mule drive, brand new Wheel Horse 75 lb wheel weights (plastic), brand new 2 link tire chains, brand new rubber Terra Grip tire chains, some extra filters, and a brand new oem 48" snow plow / dozer blade. Note: this snow plow is Brand New and has never touched the ground! You can angle it right from the seat. All paint is factory paint. This tractor is a very rare model being the diesel. The battery is strong, the tires are like new and all hold air with no leaks. There are NO drips or leaks anywhere on the machine. I have the original bill of sale, all the books, brochures, owners manuals and service manuals. If you don't haggle on price I will throw in an extra set of 50lb wheel weights (plastic) as well as another pair of 75lb cast iron rear wheel weights (very rare, too). This tractor was 9k new with the mower deck! All original and in mint condition. Mower deck is solid, I do believe it may need one set of spindle bearings. One set was replaced and has about 3 hours on them. Haven't used the deck in over a year. Extremely clean machine! Graphics are compliments of Terry. The seat is aftermarket and very close to the original design. I have the original seat. As you can see the sun was coming through the trees making some of the photos patchy. There are no dents on this tractor. There are some scratches here and there but the red paint is all original. The red on the underside is superb! With the exception of the seat and decals everything is stock. That diesel motor is unbelievably strong! I have plenty of photos I can email to serious parties.
  8. 60" XI Series Deck

    Please let me know if this falls through...thanks!
  9. 1966 honda cb160 dream

    50 if you can get it to the show
  10. Changed Status to Closed
  11. Wheel Horse 48" snow plow / dozer blade in exc cond!

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Wheel Horse 48" snow plow / dozer blade in exc cond!

  13. Wheel Horse 48" snow plow / dozer blade in exc cond!

    Any chance you can get to Smithburg, MD? It may be the best I can do next week.
  14. 1991 520h

    do you have the original engine for this unit? If so is it included in the sale? thanks