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  1. Thank you all for help, I didn't think this switch was right, you confirmed. I will get the right switch and wire it up, right now I am going around and cleaning gen, reg and coil terminals. Thanks, Kurt
  2. Hi, new to this forum and new to owning a vintage Wheel Horse. I have to get orientated with this site and this tractor, bear with me and I appreciate your help. I have a new to me 1045 ser no 21918. it is in rough rough shape. The wiring has been hacked up, a foot push button was hanging off the dash by one screw. No dash wires are connected to engine and most are missing. I used a battery to jump it and got the motor running, it even charges(high at 16v) and stays running without a battery. I even drained the water out of the transaxle and welded the rusted off shifter back together and gave it a go around the yard, 3 working forwards gears and a noisy reverse. So I got something to work with. I want to wire it back up but I am uncertain about why the push button was installed(maybe issues with ign switch). I have the wiring diagram and the ign switch has three terminals(as the diagram shows),one marked bat and two unmarked. according to diagram the B is on left(sitting on tractor), middle is S and right is I My first question, how is the ign switch supposed to work? My switch has a middle position that the key goes in and out, no terminals have continuity. If I turn switch left, B and S connect. if I turn switch right B S and I connect. the switch doesnt have a spring back position. Is this right? starter voltage is always applied to gen even after start up? and can someone explain how it should work or the key positions? forgive my ignorance toward starter/gen, I have been a Ford tech for 21 years, but I was born in 1971 a few years after this tractor. My next question, this switch supplies the current to the starter gen for start up? what kind of current can it handle? it had a small length of wire that looked original still attached to the B terminal that looked like 10 or 12 gauge. there is a lenth of wire attached to the start terminal of the starter/gen that is the size of a battery cable(i cant see this attaching to the ign switch, must have been for the modified push button). The wiring diagram doesnt tell wire gauges. she is rough and has big list of parts needed, fenders, tool box, gas tank, belt cover, park brake and cover and stuff I don't know is missing.